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74.27% Science/Magic / Chapter 309: A Crazy Game (1)

A Crazy Game (1) - Science/Magic - Chapter 309 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 309: A Crazy Game (1)



Before the game started, the headmistress gave the students fifteen minutes to find a place where to hide or make their preparations.

Bloed, Regina, Liu Ying, and Aya, did not hesitate to run off the plaza. There was no way they were going to remain there for one second more when all the students around them were looking at them as though they were gold coins.

Unfortunately, as soon as they left the plaza, they realized that a huge crowd was following after them.

In the end, Bloed and the others could only continue running while they tried to shake them off.

"That woman is crazy! How are supposed to survive until the end of the game like this!? This game is impossible!"

"Master, did we offend that woman in any way? I got the feeling she was targeting us."

Liu Ying and Regina spoke up at almost the same time.

Bloed smiled wryly and shook his head.

"I don't know if she is crazy, but I'm almost completely sure she was targeting us. I don't know the reason, though."

"She is bullying us! Bloed, we can't allow it!" Liu Ying said with gritted teeth. She seemed pretty angry due to the unfair game that was forced on them.

However, Bloed agreed with her.

"You are right. We won't allow being forced to follow these unreasonable rules. Come on, follow me."

The girls were startled, but they followed Bloed without questioning him.

To their surprise, Bloed led them to a normal house nearby.

But after being startled, they realized his intention.

He was planning to give up the game!

After all, one of the rules said that you could not hide inside a building or house during the game or you would be disqualified.

Bloed planned to make use of this loophole to leave the game.

As for the reward the headmistress promised, she did not even say what it was. Why should he force himself to go through all that trouble for an unknown reward?

However, when they were about to enter the house, someone suddenly appeared in front of them, blocking their way.

It was a golden-haired fox girl with golden eyes and an expressionless look.

"… I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to do that."

"Miss Eve?" Bloed and the others were surprised. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In the next second, Regina took a step forward with an ice-cold look.

"Fox, what is the meaning of this!?"

"Nothing. I'm just stopping them from giving up the game."

When Bloed heard that, a bad feeling hit him.

Could it be…

"… Miss Eve, the reason the headmistress is targeting us… is it due to you?"

Eve tilted her head expressionlessly before nodding. "... Perhaps."

"And this game… Was it your doing too?"

"No." Eve shook her head softly. "... But I think it should be interesting to watch how you escape the chase of thousands of students... Plus, if you succeed, you will earn the appreciation of the headmistress. It's a good thing... Don't you think so?"

'The last time I earned the appreciation of a powerful demigod, I ended facing a plot of the Church of Slaughter involving several demigods!'

Bloed wanted to retort that, but in the end, he forced himself to calm down.

"... I don't really want to participate in this kind of silly game.."

"Is it so?" Eve tilted her head. "Well... How about it? If you win, I'll give you a kiss."

Bloed was stunned.

Almost instantly, he felt two very sharp gazes on him.

He was sure that if he dared to accept, he would have to face two angry girlfriends.

With his back covered in a cold sweat, he gnashed his teeth.

"I'm not interested in it!"

"... Really? That is a relief." Eve held her chest as though relieved.

Bloed was speechless. Why in the hell did you propose that in the first place then?

"Anyway, can you let us pass?" He said with an exasperated look. "I'm not planning to follow this absurd game."

"I'm sorry." Eve shook her head expressionlessly. "You should try another place."

Bloed's lips twitched.

He was sure that Eve would stop him again if he did that.

Looking at the girls, he realized they were as speechless as him.

Bloed let out a tired sigh.

"... Miss Eve, no matter what you do, I'm not planning to follow this game. This is pointless."

"... Really?" Eve put on a pensive expression and then her eyes lit up. "How about this?"

All of sudden, she disappeared and reappeared beside Aya, whispering something in her ear.

Not even Bloed's stronger than normal managed to pick up her words.

But immediately after that, Aya's eyes opened wide. She glanced at Bloed and blushed deeply before nodding at Eve.

"… O-Okay."

Bloed got a bad feeling about that.

But before he could do something, Eve disappeared again, reappearing beside Liu Ying this time.

And just like with Aya, she whispered something in her ear.

Liu Ying's eyes glowed. She looked at Eve and grinned happily.

"It's a deal."


After saying that, Eve returned to her orginal location.

"It's done."

Bloed did not know whether to laugh or to cry. He could get a rough idea of what happened just by looking at Aya and Liu Ying's expressions.

"Girls, please…"

"I'm sorry, Bloed. She made me an offer I can't reject. As my boyfriend, you will not abandon me, right?"

"… B-Bloed, I-I want to participate as well."

Seeing Liu Ying's smirk and Aya's embarrassed expression, Bloed knew he had already lost this battle.

In the end, he could only heave a long sigh and grumbled.

"I guess I will participate as well then."

"Perfect." Eve nodded expressionlessly, but Bloed could swear he saw a sly smile appear for an instant.

"Miss Regina. You stay with me. Don't worry, this game is very safe. And if something wrong happens, you can appear at any time."

Regina frowned. She did not bother to hide her displeasure towards Eve.

But when she saw Bloed nod, she sighed and agreed.

"Very well. Master, be careful."

"I know."

After that, Regina and Eve rose in the sky and disappeared, leaving Bloed, Liu Ying, and Aya behind.

Bloed then looked at his demon girlfriend and at his catgirl friend and put on a curious expression.

"... What did Eve offer you to make you agree to this crazy game?"

"It's a secret~"

"S-Sorry, I-I can't tell you either..."

Bloed shook his head bitterly.

Well, judging by their reactions, he already had an idea.

Quickly, though, he stopped thinking about that.

"… I guess I should think in a way to clear the game first, huh." Bloed said as he looked at the tens of students looking at them from the distance.

Of the fifteen minutes the headmistress gave before starting the game, only two remained.

"Do you have a plan?" Liu Ying asked.

"I do," Bloed said and activated his storage device, taking his metallic wolf out.

At the same time, two metallic balls appeared on his hands.

When Liu Ying saw them, she instantly understood Bloed's plan.

"That a good idea!" She grinned with an excited expression. "Let's show to these idiots how hard it is to catch us!"

Two minutes later, the game started.

Instantly, tens of students rushed towards Bloed and the girl's location. They were like a crazy tide trying to catch them.

But before they could reach them, they heard a voice.

"Liu Ying, Aya, you should close your eyes and cover your ears!"

And two metallic balls were thrown in front of them.

The next second–


With a deafening sound and a blinding light, the two balls exploded, stunning and dazzling the tens of students rushing towards Bloed and the girls.

When the students finally recovered, Bloed and the girls were no longer there.

Instead, a metallic wolf was flying in the sky.

At the same time, at the end of the crowd rushing towards Bloed.

"Sister, sister. That was our hero!"

"Yeah... It was him?" Sarah said with a dumbfounded look.

Her surprise was normal, though. Even though her sister had already told her that Bloed was in the city, she did not expect to see him in the current circumstances.

"I told you, he had arrived!" Gina said with an excited smile. She then seemed to think about something and her eyes lit up. "I know, sister. We will help him!"


"Hmph hmph, all those bullies want to catch our hero! We will not allow it! Come on, sister, follow me! I think I know where to find him!"

"Hey, wait! Gina, wait!"

"Hurry up, sister! I want to meet our hero already!"

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