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Beasts’ Attack (2) - Science/Magic - Chapter 34 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 34: Beasts’ Attack (2)

Bloed and Regina's combat style could only be described with a word, precise.

Especially Bloed. His ESPer ability and his eyes allowed him to calculate the best method to attack in a thousandth of a second. Moreover, his eyes were constantly perceiving information about his surroundings and his enemies, in other words, the longer the battle, the more advantageous it was for him.

His saber was another plus. [Molecular Disintegration] was a very overpowered ability almost impossible to stop. At the same level, and even one level higher, it was virtually unstoppable.

Maybe a person with a very special talent could stop it, but none of the monsters attacking had that capability.

Regina was even more of a monster. She was literally a combat machine. Even without Bloed's ESP ability, his AI-like brain plus his SS-Grade Psychic abilities made it incredibly easy for her to kill any monster. Even if she suppressed her abilities to C-Grade, a mouse could not hope to defeat a cat, no matter how small the cat is.

Liu Ying was also incredible in her own way, but she fell short compared to monsters like Bloed and Regina that could kill one monster each second. She was a bit weaker.

Of course, Liu Ying's battle experience was much lower than the technological pair, plus she was unable to show the greatest potential of her bloodline yet, so it was normal if she was weaker.

The combat against the beasts intensified. Despite Bloed, Regina, and Liu Ying's attempts to repel the horde, the number of monsters attacking them was increasing exponentially.

"Master, at this rate we will be overwhelmed!" Regina warned.

"… We just need to endure a bit more. Leto will escape the encirclement soon!"

Regina nodded. "Okay, but be careful, master."

Bloed smiled confidently.

Liu Ying let out a relieved sigh when she heard they were about to escape. She was starting to be overwhelmed by the constants attacks.

But now that hope was in sight, she decided to make sure of surviving until then. Her amber eyes shone powerfully, and the mana inside her surged out powerfully.

The mastermind behind the attack seemed to realize the group's goal. It ordered the monsters to attack Leto, but the monsters' bites and claws could not hurt it. Even when a monster was able to damage Leto, the damage would be repaired almost instantly.

The monsters quickly realized that normal attacks were ineffective. So, they opted for using their own bodies to stop the wolf's advance regardless of their lives.

When Bloed felt Leto slowing down, he wrinkled his brows.

In the next second, he gave an order coldly.

"Leto, battle mode!"

This time, Leto finally made a sound.


A terrifying growl escaped of its throat. An armor of metallic thorns took shape around Leto. The thorns started to vibrate at high speeds, generating a cutting force that tore the monsters nearby into pieces.

At the same time, Leto opened its mouth.



–A ray of energy cut through the desert, turning into ashes all the monsters in its way.

"It could do something like that!?" Liu Ying let out a cry of surprise.

"The plasma ray has very high energy consumption, so I don't like to use it, but yeah, it can." Bloed replied with a smirk.

Liu Ying opened her mouth in an 'O' shape. She looked at Bloed without hiding her admiration. She truly could not imagine that someone so young could create such a powerful construct.

In fact, even although she had seen stronger golems, none could be compared to Leto. All the golems she knew about were limited to physical attacks and could not shot magic or change shape so freely.

Leto's plasma breath and destructive armor improved the group's situation greatly. Although some monsters still managed to pass Leto's defenses and attack the group, they were easy kills for the trio.

Furthermore, they were already very close to escaping the encirclement. Bloed could already see the end of the monsters.

But when he thought they would be able to escape without complications, a lion-like monster appeared behind them.

The lion looked at Leto and growled. It then kicked the ground and jumped.

In one second, it appeared above the group.

Then, it hit Leto's head.


Leto's head exploded into countless metallic pieces.

"Master!" Regina jumped and hugged Bloed. The next second, the shockwaves of the impact turned Leto into metallic sand.

Regina, Bloed, and Liu Ying flew through the air with astonished expressions. They looked at the proud lion with expressions of fear.

The Lion did not wait for them to fall to the ground. Almost instantly, it jumped towards Bloed and Regina and opened its mouth.

Regina reacted quickly. She activated her anti-gravity device and evaded the attack easily. She then landed in the ground and looked at the lion with narrowed eyes.

The lion looked at the pair in surprise. It was wondering how its prey managed to avoid its attack.

Instantly, wariness appeared on its face.

"A-Grade!" Bloed shouted gravely.

"… How troublesome." Regina observed the monster carefully. Feeling the mana waves coming from it, she furrowed her brows.

However, it was not enough to release her true strength.

Bloed tensed up and got ready to fight. At the same time, he called out to his other companion.

"Liu Ying, are you alright?"

"… I'm alright." Liu Ying answered with a grave expression. Although the fall caused her some scratches, her powerful body mitigated most of the damage. However, she was not relaxed, she could feel the strength of the monster in front of them, and it was much, much higher of the other monsters.

It was the stronger monster she had met in the exiled lands.

And with their mean of transport destroyed, they were unable to escape the encirclement.

"… Sorry, guys, you were involved in this due to me. Even Leto was destroyed." Liu Ying bit her lips and apologized.

However, Bloed just smiled.

"What are you saying? Leto was not destroyed."


Before she could understand Bloed's meaning, a storm of metallic sand formed around them and took shape behind Bloed.

In seconds, it took the shape of a wolf.

But although it seemed that Leto recovered completely, looking closely, you could notice that its size had reduced by a few centimeters.

"Master, at the current rate, we will be unable to escape the encirclement." Regina furrowed her brows.

Bloed nodded. "… It looks like we can only use it. Liu Ying, get ready. At my signal, jump onto Leto."


Bloed smiled and looked at the lion. The lion was moving slowly around them and waiting for the other beasts to surround them completely. It had become wary after Regina evaded its attack. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Anyway, with it here, the prey could not escape.

However, it underestimated Bloed, and it underestimated Leto.

When the lion was finally about to attack, Bloed smiled.


None of them hesitated. Bloed, Regina, and Liu Ying jumped onto the metallic wolf's back.

The lion realized they were planning to escape and tried to attack, but at that moment, Bloed threw something in the air.

"Boom…" He whispered.

And a strong blinding light and deafening roar struck the surrounding monsters.

The monsters, including the lion, received the complete impact of the stun grenade. For a second, none of them was able to move.

Even Liu Ying was affected, losing her sight and hearing momentarily. She closed her eyes and held her ears in pain. Fortunately, Bloed grabbed her hand or her would have fallen from Leto's back.

When she opened the eyes again, Liu Ying once more realized that she underestimated the Bloed, and she underestimated wolf.

… It was flying in the sky.


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