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Devourers Again - Science/Magic - Chapter 387 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 387: Devourers Again

"Stop them! Don't let them kill the others!" Bloed shouted. At the same time, he unsheathed his saber and rushed towards one of the abominations.

Looking at the eyes full of killing intent of the abominations, he knew that they did not plan to rescue their companions.

They were going to kill them.

Just before, he had seen a glimpse of these people's methods. They had not hesitated to self-destruct and commit suicide when they realized that they did not have a chance to escape.

Bloed had the feeling that they knew some kind of secret that they could not allow anyone else to know. That was the reason why they did not hesitate to kill themselves when they were in danger of being caught.

Moreover, the secret was big enough that two powerful demigods risked themselves to appear just to stop Headmistress Wave and Eve from catching them.

Thus, now that three of them had managed to break free and find an opportunity to escape, he knew that they were not going to allow Academy City to get the secrets that they were holding.

Even if they had to kill their other five companions to achieve that.

And just as Bloed thought, the three abominations did not try to rescue their companions.

Instead, their disgusting tentacles rushed towards the five caught people, using the sharp tips of their appendices to stab their hearts!

However, their actions did not go unnoticed.

Following Bloed's shout, several people noticed what was happening.

Many of them panicked, but others, realizing the situation, stepped forward to stop the abominations.

Including Bloed's group.

"Where do you think you are going!?" Liu Ying used her demigod boots to teleport in front of one of the abominations, raising her fists and attacking its tentacles mercilessly.

Liu Ying remembered the terror of that thing when they met it in Diadel Duchy, so she did not hesitate to go all out.

Her aspect was revealed, taking the shape of a black knight that clenched his fist and unleashed a blow together with Liu Ying. At the same time, the demon girl used the technique that Regina taught her to attack the abomination.

[Silent Touch]!

All the mana in her fist was transformed into kinetic energy that hit the tentacles of one of the abominations before they could touch her and absorb her mana!

And then-



Liu Ying's punch blew apart one of the tentacles. At the same time, it stopped the abomination in its tracks, allowing Bloed to arrive.

"Well done!" Bloed said. At the same time, his saber slashed towards another tentacled, severing it completely! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In an instant, two of the abomination's tentacles had been severed.

However, Bloed and Liu Ying's expressions were serious.

They had fought against one of these things in Diadel Duchy, so they were clear about its capabilities. Cutting two of its tentacles was far from enough to kill it.

In fact, the only reason why they managed to cut two of its tentacles so easily was that they caught the creature off guard. Now that it realized that its ability to absorb energy was useless, the fight was going to turn much harder.

The abomination screeched in pain, and the eyes of the man that was once a human looked at Bloed and Liu Ying with an expression of hatred.

Then, an enormous amount of mana comparable to the peak of A-Rank burst out of its body.

But when Bloed and Liu Ying thought that it was going to attack them, the creature did something unexpected.

Without hesitation, the creature turned around and ran off!

When it saw that it could not get rid of its companions easily, it decided to escape!

"Don't let it escape!" Bloed shouted and rushed towards it. But right at that moment, he and Liu Ying heard a familiar grunt of pain nearby.

Looking in that direction, they saw Aya kneeling on the ground as she used her two daggers to stop a tentacle of one of the creatures.

However, another tentacle was coming towards her from her right!

'Aya!' Bloed turned pale in fright and changed directions without thinking.

But Liu Ying was even faster than him. She did not hesitate to use the ability of her boots again and teleported in front of Aya.

Then, using [Silent Touch], she struck both of the tentacles attacking Aya with her fists.

The power of Liu Ying's fists destroyed the two tentacles immediately. At the same time, Bloed rushed towards the creature and used his saber to hack it.

The abomination screamed in pain. It glared at Bloed angrily and used a tentacle to block his saber.

But soon, it discovered that its tentacle was unable to stop Bloed's saber.

It hurriedly jumped back, barely saving its neck as one of its tentacles fell on the ground.

Then, it glared at Bloed with a frigid gaze.

It could not understand how Bloed's saber managed to hurt it. Normally, its tentacle should have absorbed the energy in Bloed's attack.

It was the same with Liu Ying's fist. It did not understand why the girl's attacks managed to hurt it.

However, it did not have the leisure to think about it now.

When it saw that it could not kill Bloed, Liu Ying, and Aya quickly, it did not hesitate to run away as well.

Right then, they heard a shriek of pain belonging to the last abomination.

When they looked in its direction, they saw Eres, Bloed's sister, using her sword to cut several of the creature's tentacles.

At the same time, Isabella, who had arrived here a while ago, and some members of [Genius Society], were using spells to suppress the creature's movements and aid Eres.

The creature thrashed in pain. It tried to attack Eres again using its tentacles, however, the black-haired girl, known as [Alterna's Loftiest Flame], raised her sword indifferently, swinging it down and cutting another of the creature's tentacles.

However, the creature did not panic.

While Eres was cutting one of its tentacles, it used its other tentacles to absorb the mana of Isabella's spells.

Then, it unleashed a powerful attack and broke through the encirclement, rushing away as well.

Eres and Isabella's expressions turned grave.

"Chase it!"

Isabella ordered and chased after the abomination. The members of [Genius Society] followed after her.

Eres, however, did not follow them. She just frowned before putting her sword back inside her storage device and turning around towards Bloed.

"Brother, are you alright?"

Bloed nodded.

"I am. However…"

He then looked towards the surroundings with a complicated expression.

The three creatures had escaped. Moreover, they managed to kill two of their five companions and released another.

In other words, of the initial eight people that were caught, only two remained.

Bloed heaved a sigh and shook his head.

'Damn, this is bad…'

But at that moment, he felt someone pulling his shirt.

Looking down, he saw a familiar cat girl looking towards him with a serious expression.

"… Bloed, I can follow their scents."

Bloed was startled. But then, he noticed Aya's state.

Her face was pale, and her body was weak after the abomination absorbed a lot of her mana. However, her eyes were filled with determination.

"Are you alright?" Bloed asked.

"… I am... Are we going to chase after them?"

Bloed frowned and looked at his surroundings.

Only two of the eight people remained. One of them was under Headmistress Wave's seals, and the other was surrounded by people of Academy City who were guarding him in case that someone tried something funny.

In other words, there was nothing much that Bloed could do here. These two people could not be taken away unless a demigod appeared.

But if a demigod appeared, then Bloed's strength would be useless.

In the end, Bloed took a deep breath and put on a determined expression.

"Let's follow them."

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