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Died That Night - Science/Magic - Chapter 162 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 162: Died That Night

Two days later–

Bloed, Regina, and Liu Ying arrived at the entrance of Diadel City accompanied by Tito, Leto, and Liu Liu (the three pets). They were ready to leave for the beastmen countries.

As soon as they arrived, they saw a group waiting for them there.

The leader of the group, Javelin, waved his hand when he saw Bloed.

"Hey, ready to go?" Javelin asked in curiosity when he saw the group traveling without luggage. Bloed pointed to the bracelet of black jewels in Regina's wrist, and Javelin immediately understood.

"Right, I forgot you are a rich guy. I guess it's normal if you have spatial equipment."

"… I'm sure there are richer people than me out there. Anyway, are we leaving like this? Without a caravan or something like that?"

"You will see." Javelin smiled mysteriously without explaining. "I'm sure you will be surprised when you see it."

Bloed was curious, but he did not insist. Anyway, he was going to know soon enough.

Before leaving, though, Bloed saw several acquittances nearby.

The first one that approached them was Madeline. She walked calmly towards Bloed's group and put on a soft smile.

"Mr. Bloed, Miss Liu Ying, Miss Regina, it was a pleasure to meet you. I wish you a good trip."

"Thank you, Miss Madeline. I hope you can finish your work soon." Bloed answered.

A bitter smile appeared on Madeline's face. "I doubt it. To be honest, there is a lot I need to do here. Just coordinating the retreat of Moonlight Glow and the repatriation of the beastmen will take months. Moreover, I can't just send the beastmen back to their countries and forget about them. I also need to coordinate their new jobs and places to stay so as to avoid unrest."

"You sure have it hard." Bloed smiled wryly. Liu Ying, beside him, nodded.

"Anyway, please give my regards to my king when you see him," Madeline said. "Also, keep an eye on my little brother. He usually looks reliable, but he tends to get swept with the flow easily."

"… You know your little brother is an A-Rank, right?" Liu Ying asked dumbfounded. Could it be that Madeline was an overprotective brocon?

Bloed quickly covered Liu Ying's mouth, afraid of she voicing out her thoughts. He then nodded to Madeline. "… Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him."

Madeline nodded with a smile and left.

After Madeline, Charise walked towards the group, followed by the usually silent and stoic Kallevang.

Charise stared at the group of three and put on a complicated smile.

"So you are laving, huh."

Bloed nodded. "There is nothing to do in this place anymore." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You are right. Then, what do you think of a farewell gift?"

"Farewell gift?"

Charise smiled mischievously and put her mouth on Bloed's ear.

"You are going to the beastmen countries, right? When you are there, try to get the recognition of the fox." Then, she breathed on Bloed's ear.

Bloed was slightly embarrassed, but he was more curious about Charise's words.

'The fox?' Bloed wanted to ask more. But before he could, Charise moved back and grinned while looking at Regina and Liu Ying with a playful look.

"Goodbye, Mr. Bloed, Miss Liu Ying, Miss Regina. See you soon~ I hope the goddess of fate guides your path."

Then, she turned around and left.

Behind her, Kallevang bowed slightly and left too.

When the pair of the church of fate was gone, Bloed felt Regina and Liu Ying's stern gazes on him.

"Master, what did that woman say?"

"Could it be, she too?"

"Please, stop imagining things." Bloed smiled wryly. He did not know if it was his imagination, but since the day he and Liu Ying kissed, he felt that Regina and Liu Ying had become much closer.

Of course, he was glad for that. However, he also felt that they had become much more open about their feelings… And more possessive too. It was as though the pair were taking turns to keep an eye on him.

Bloed was curious about what kind of agreement they reached that day; but no matter how much he asked, they keep silent about it.

After a sigh, Bloed told them Charise's words.

Liu Ying put on a dissatisfied expression almost instantly.

"That is the reason my father never liked the charlatans of the church of fate. They speak a lot but say nothing, and you can never understand what they are speaking about!"

"… I'm sure we will know what she means when the time comes." Bloed could only say so.

"Are you done with the farewells?" Javelin asked with a smile. "Then, it's time to depart. Illina, lead the way."


With the wolfkin girl leading the way, the group finally left Diadel City.

Unfortunately, they were stopped before they could walk for long.

This time, it was a middle-aged man accompanied by two people wearing hoods.

As soon as the group saw them, they tensed up, ready to start a battle at any moment.

"Don't worry, we don't have the intention to fight this time," Sebastian raised his hands to show he was not armed. He then looked at Bloed with a complicated look.

"Your highness, are you sure you don't want to return?"

"Still with that?" Bloed asked in a clearly irritated tone. "Mr. Sebastian, do you remember the words you told me the day you left me in the exiled lands?"


"You told me, 'Glenn Skysword died tonight'. You were right, Mr. Sebastian. Glenn Skysword died that night. From that day onwards, I have not been related to the Skysword royal family anymore."

"I see." Sebastian stared at Bloed fixedly before nodding. "I guess I'm unable to convince you then, your highness. However, I think there is something you need to know."

"Hurry up then. I already lost too much of my time with you."

"… The princess is still searching for you. In fact, she has gone to the exiled lands several times in the last five years. I think you can understand her motive…"

Bloed shivered. For an instant, the image of a cute black-haired little girl appeared on his mind.

His twin sister, his closest person before he was exiled. The little girl that always screamed 'big brother!' while bragging to him the results of her training.

The only person that never minded his lack of mana.

Bloed sighed. After a few seconds, he asked a question.

"… Eres, how is she?"

"… The little princess has turned into a beautiful woman, your highness. She is the pride of our nation."

"Is it so?" Bloed nodded. Then, his bright blue eyes returned to their previous indifference. "If she asks for me again, tell her I'm dead."

–Because Glenn Skysword exists no more.

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