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Golem-Making Club (5) - Science/Magic - Chapter 332 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 332: Golem-Making Club (5)

[Machina Revolutio].

The two words came from an old language of the Human Confederation, and their meaning was 'Revolution of the Machines'.

Bloed thought that the name was pretty appropriate taking into account his goal. Plus, the name was also cool, so it was perfect.

Of course, only Regina understood the true meaning of the name, so Bloed had to explain it to the others.

After that, he asked Toby to tell him about the situation of the club.

But after he heard Toby's recount, he could not help but become speechless.

The situation of the Golem-Making Club was much worse than he thought!

Actually, he did not expect much after hearing Headmistress Wave's explanation about the club, but the true situation was much worse than his expectations.

This club, it was truly deserted.

Besides Toby, it only had another two members, but one of them just betrayed the club and the other had not appeared in one week.

As for Toby, he was just a C-Rank practitioner!

Bloed could not understand how a club ranked 86 ended in this pitiful state.

But when he heard Toby's explanation, he understood.

Apparently, the only reason this club reached this rank was thanks to its previous leader.

According to Toby, she was a very talented Golem maker and a powerful fighter. Her battle-style of controlling golems in battle made her famous through Academy City.

Unfortunately, she died during one mission outside the city.

Bloed thought it was a pity. He would have liked to meet someone like that.

Regrettably, it seemed it would be impossible.

"Actually, Mr. Bloed, I don't advice you to take over this club."

"Oh?" Bloed looked at Toby curiously.

"The truth is, this club has no hope. Plus, the war of clubs starts in one month. And in the current conditions, our club will be unable to keep its rank."

Bloed nodded in understanding.

The War of Clubs. It was an event that happened once every three months in Academy City.

The event started one month after the welcome ceremony and lasted a month. During that month, the different clubs could fight each other to get better placement in the rankings.

Moreover, the city would also release different missions that the clubs could complete to get a better ranking or a reward.

The problem was the duel between clubs. Weaker clubs could challenge stronger clubs at a duel with the goal of getting the rank of the stronger club.

If the weaker club won, then they would get the rank of the stronger club. The stronger club could not reject the challenge of the weaker club.

Fortunately, each club could be challenged only once each week, and each club could only challenge other clubs twice during the war. Due to that, the challenges had to be chosen carefully.

The problem was that the current situation of Bloed's club was very bad.

Most of the clubs in the top one hundred were strong clubs with several A-Rank practitioners holding the fort. The Golem-Making Club, on the other hand, only had a few C-Rank and B-Rank practitioners before Bloed arrived.

For other clubs, challenging the Golem-Making Club was the best opportunity to get a place in the top one hundred.

Bloed looked at Liu Ying and the others with a helpless look.

Even now, their situation was still bad. Bloed's group only had one A-Rank, Sara!

Of course, Bloed, Liu Ying, and Aya were as strong as normal A-Ranks, however, they were just three people.

Even if they got Princess Elwha's help, they would only amount to four B-Ranks as strong as A-Rank practitioners.

As for Regina, it was obvious Headmistress Evelyn would not allow her to participate.

'Well, let's not think about that right now. We still have one month to prepare for the war.'

With that thought, Bloed sent his worries to a corner of his mind.

Right now, he planned to focus on turning this [Golem-Making Club] into his ideal [Machina Revolutio].

"What is the plan then, Bloed?" Liu Ying could not help but ask.

"Of course, we need to reconstruct this place."

"Is that possible?" Harold asked with a stunned look when he heard about Bloed, Liu Ying, and Aya's exploits the previous day.

Yaru, the sub-leader of Flying Leaves, nodded with a stern look.

"I saw it with my own eyes. That young man is very strong. Even I'm not confident in defeating him."

Harold's expression turned dark.

He knew how strong his sub-leader was. He and the leader were two monsters outside common sense.

Although Yaru was just a B-Rank, the truth was that he had defeated several A-Ranks in Academy City already. His name was famous as a great genius with high hopes to become a demigod.

As for their leader, he was an A-Rank practitioner about to enter the top thirty of Academy City's strongest!

The two of them were the backbone of Flying Leaves. The reason their club was about to become one of the top one hundred was due to them.

But now, one of them, Yaru, was saying he was not confident in defeating Bloed, the new leader of the Golem-Making Club. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Sub-Leader, what are we going to do then?"

"You don't need to worry." Yaru's expression was calm. "Certainly, Bloed Norman is strong. But he is still just a B-Rank practitioner. Plus, he is a newcomer. He probably underestimates the strength of the top one hundred clubs.

"No matter how strong he and the two girls with him are, they are just three people. Unless they can get the support of several A-Ranks, their club is destined to fall from the top one hundred."

Harold fell silent and nodded.

He knew how strong the top clubs of Academy City were. Each one of these clubs was led by a powerful A-Rank and had several other A-Ranks in it.

No matter how strong Bloed was, he was just a B-Rank practitioner. Even if he could defeat normal A-Rank practitioners, people at the top of A-Rank would not be so easy to defeat.

Unfortunately, neither Harold nor Yaru knew Bloed's true strength.

In fact, only the leadership of the strongest clubs knew a bit about it.

They knew that in the beastmen countries, Bloed had used one saber slash to kill a group of eleven A-Rank and B-Rank practitioners.

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