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Chapter 63: Like

After Bloed and the others returned home...

Currently, Bloed was in the underground hot spring of the house they rented. Bloed decided to come here and relax after the diner in the city lord's mansion.

'… So nice.' Bloed heaved a sigh and rested his body in the hot water. To be honest, the hot spring was what he liked the most about this house. It was great.

'I wonder if I can construct one like this to take in our travels...' Bloed got that idea and thought about the materials he needed to build it. However, he soon shook his head and gave up.

The problem was that he did not have materials to make another space-type artifact. He used all of them to construct his laboratory, tent, warehouse, factory, and the other things he needed. And even if he had enough materials, there were more useful things he could use it on.

"So it looks like I will have to forget the idea of a bath for a while…" Bloed sighed in resignation. It was such a shame.

At that moment, he heard a soft noise coming from the door.

"Huh?" Bloed was startled. He hurriedly looked back and saw a beautiful woman entering the bath with a towel wrapped around her body.

"Master, can I come in?" Regina spoke softly. Her voice was the same ice-cold and indifferent voice of always, but for some reason, Bloed could feel a bit of shyness coming from it.

Bloed was stunned. His thoughts froze completely, and only Regina's pale skin remained in his mind.

When Regina felt Bloed's gaze, she blushed. Her golden eyes looked at the ground and her lips curved in a smile.


"S-Sorry." Bloed finally reacted and looked away in embarrassment. "W-What are you doing here?"

"I came to help master with his bath." Regina said and walked towards the hot spring. She did not care about Bloed's nervousness and submerged herself in the water, walking forward until she was behind Bloed.

To be honest, Regina's heart (or core) was beating very quickly. She watched Bloed's body timidly and her face turned red.

Regina took a deep breath and Gathered her courage. She raised her hand and put in on Bloed's back.

"Let me help you, master."

"… Sigh, go on." In the end, Bloed gave up with a sigh and relaxed his body.

Regina nodded. She put both hands on Bloed's back and started to wash it. She was very careful, moving her hands through Bloed's back with the greatest attention possible.

When she felt her toned muscles, her face turned hot.

The hot spring's atmosphere turned strange. Bloed tried to calm his beating heart and not to think about the girl behind him.

In truth, Bloed was not as dense as to not realize Regina's feelings for him. Well, he only noticed them recently, more exactly, after Liu Ying appeared.

In fact, before Liu Ying's appearance, Bloed only saw Regina as his friend, or perhaps as his sister. Back then, he thought that Regina's feelings for him were the same.

But when Liu Ying appeared, he noticed that Regina's feelings were slightly different than his.

Maybe due to the sense of threat that Regina felt from Liu Ying, Regina started to show her feelings more and more, to the point where Bloed had to be blind to not notice them.

But even if Bloed knew about her feelings, he was not ready to face them yet.

After all, he had not escaped the shadow of his first love yet.

Maybe sensing the thoughts in her master's mind, Regina stopped washing Bloed's back. Suddenly, she extended her hands and wrapped them around Bloed's chest.

Bloed stiffened. He felt Regina's heat against his skin and her breathing against his neck. Instantly, his lower body turned hot.

Bloed had a powerful urge to simply turn around and jump towards her, devouring the prey that threw herself to his arms.

Fortunately, Bloed's willpower was very firm.

Regina blushed. She put her chin on Bloed's shoulder and let out a sigh.

"… Master, do you like me?"

"Regina?" Bloed was dumbfounded by the sudden blow.

"… I like you, master. A lot. You once told me that love is when you feel happy about being close to the person you love, and sad when your love is sad. You care about the person you love, and that person is always in your thoughts."


"I feel like that, master." Regina whispered. "I feel happy being around you, and sad when you are depressed. But I also feel angry when you are talking to other girls… Is that also love? I wonder about it, I'm not sure…" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"That is jealously."

"Yeah, jealously… Do you like Liu Ying, master? She is a good girl… Maybe you prefer girls with a huge chest? Or you don't like me because I'm not human?"

Bloed did not know how to reply to that.

"Or maybe master wants a harem? I remember you liked to watch that kind of stories back in the spaceship."

"Cough… Cough… Regina…"

"Well, if master likes harems, I can accept it… I will be a bit sad and angry, but I can accept everything of master… But master, I hope you can love me too…"

A wry smile appeared on Bloed's face. Hearing Regina's heartfelt confession, he did not know how to react.

'A harem? God, that is so crazy…'

Well, he could not deny he was tempted, though.

Feeling the heat of Regina behind him, Bloed sighed.

"… Regina, I like you."


"But I don't know if it's the same kind of like you feel for me… To be honest, I don't think I'm ready for that kind of relationship now…"

"… Is it due to mother?"

Bloed fell silent.

A bitter smile appeared on Regina's face, but soon, her expression changed to one of resolve.

"I understand, master." She then stood up and walked in front of Bloed. Under Bloed's stupefied gaze, she leaned forward and kissed slightly his lips.

"Master, I will make you love me as you loved mother. No, even more than that. I will make you love me only me. Master only needs me, and I only need master." She then smiled brightly and blushed.

Bloed could not deny that he was utterly captivated by that smile. For an instant, he felt his heart beating violently.

"You sure are frightening, Regina…" He shook his head with a bitter smile. "I'm waiting for that day."

At that moment, a sound came from the courtyard.


Tito barked fiercely to communicate with its master. Bloed frowned and connected his eyes to Tito and Leto's systems, to detect whatever they detected.

After a few seconds, he sighed.

"It looks like our bath has come to an end…"

Regina wrinkled her brows. "I was not expecting they make a move so soon. As expected, there was something wrong."

Bloed nodded. He then sighed and stood up.

"Let's go, we need to show them that we are not easy prey."

It looks like they were not going to rest early tonight.


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