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Machine Revolutio Tower (1) - Science/Magic - Chapter 333 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 333: Machine Revolutio Tower (1)

While Bloed and the others were in the headquarters of their new club, Sara and Gina were inside another club in the city.

Currently, they were standing in the main hall of the club, facing the club leader as several other members looked at them with complicated expressions.

The leader of the club, a human called Oscar, sighed softly.

"Sara, Gina, do you truly have to leave?"

Sara nodded without hesitation.

"I told you it when we agreed to join this club. We would leave once the person we are waiting for arrives in the city. He is already here, so we will go with him."

"I know that, but… Can't you wait until after the war of clubs ends at least? Without your help, our chances of keeping our place in the top one hundred will be much lower."

Sara frowned and hesitated slightly. However, she shook her head in the end.

"I'm sorry, Oscar. We are grateful for your kindness, and that is the reason we tried to help the club as much as we could while we were here. However, we need to leave right now. No matter what you say, we will not change our decision."

Oscar sighed softly.

At that moment, one of the people observing the situation, a twenty-something girl, could not help but step forward.

"How can you be so ungrateful!? We allowed you to stay with us when you had nowhere to live! We even feed you for free, and now you want to leave!?"


"What is it, leader? How can you allow something like this!?"

"Enough, Susan!"

The girl called Susan shut up with a reluctant expression, however, she continued glaring at Sara and Gina with rage and resentment.

However, the two sisters received her glare indifferently.

"We planned to pay for our food and stay since the start, but you refused," Sara said indifferently. "Even so, we don't mind paying for it now. Gina, please."

"Yes, sister." The honey-haired girl nodded and took out a small bag from her waist. You could hear the sound of coins clinking inside.

Oscar smiled wryly when he saw that.

"It's not necessary, Sara. Susan is just angry, don't take her words to heart."

"… Okay. However, we will not change our decision."

Oscar nodded with a bitter smile.

"I understand. Before leaving, though, can you tell me where are you going? I want to know where I can find you if I need to."

Sara furrowed her brows. But before she could answer, her honey-haired little sister replied first.

"We are going with our fiancée."

Oscar's expression stiffened immediately.

Sara wrinkled her brows. She glared at her smirking sister with an exasperated look, but in the end, she did not deny it.

Anyway, this way Oscar would stop being so bothersome.

Oscar stared at Sara and Gina with a stiff look. He clenched his fist tightly, doing his best to keep his calm.

In the end, he forced himself to spat out two words.

"… I see."

"We are leaving then. Thank you for allowing us to stay here, Oscar. I wish you luck in the War of Clubs."

"... Thanks."

Without paying attention to Oscar's complicated expression, Gina and Sara turned around and left.

When they exited the club, Gina giggled softly.

"Sister, you should have seen his face when I mentioned the word fiancée. He seemed as though he wanted to die."

Sara looked at her sister with a helpless look.

"You, little devil… Sigh, what am I going to do with you?"

"Hmph! He thought we could not see he had intentions towards you! Dream on! We will only marry our hero!"

"What marry? Can you please stop with these crazy ideas?"

"… Sister, you are an idiot! Why are you so slow!? We have to take the initiative, initiative! Push our hero down and do the deed. Hmph, that cat thinks I can't see her intentions! We need to take the third position before she does!"

Sara was speechless. This little sister of hers, how could she propose something like this?

Where did she leave her virtue and decency?

As expected, she had to be careful with her little sister.

She did not want to end in the bed of her lord after a crazy idea of Gina.

"What are you doing!?" Toby looked towards the building of the Golem-Making Club with a look of despair.

The reason?

Currently, several strange golems were destroying it completely!

"Stop stop stop! Why!? don't destroy it! Hey, what are you doing!?"

"Calm down, man." Bloed looked at Toby with a speechless look. "It's just a building."

"A building!? That is the headquarters of the club! How do you dare to destroy it!?"

"Well, I need to destroy it to create a new one." Bloed shrugged.

Toby looked at Bloed with widened eyes.

This was, this was…

He could barely tolerate Bloed changing the name of the club, but how could he tolerate the destruction of the club!?

It was his home! A place with many of his memories!

However, Bloed did not care about him.

Well, he somehow understood how Toby felt. He probably would feel the same if someone destroyed Camilla's spaceship.

However, destroying the club was something he needed to do.

Although the facilities of the Golem-Making Club were good, they were neither appropriate nor enough for what he had in mind.

Of course, he made sure to salvage the things he found useful, but the building needed to be destroyed.

As for the ones in charge of the destruction, they were four construction (and demolition) machines he built recently. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

These machines were pretty simple. They were commanded by a low-level AI and their movements were rather slow. If they had to be ranked according to the strength of this world, they were barely D-Rank golems.

However, they were specialized in destroying and building things.

As soon as they had enough materials and a blueprint, they could build practically anything.

With these machines, the new building would be ready in fifteen days!

"Unfortunately, I don't have the facilities of the spaceship here, or I would have been able to build twenty of these easily. Like that, the work would have been much faster."

"Faster than this?" Liu Ying raised an eyebrow when she saw a two-meters tall machine destroying the walls of the building as though they were made of paper.

"Much faster and with more functions. These machines can barely destroy and build the floor and walls. I will have to take care of the rest personally."

Liu Ying smiled wryly.

Actually, this was already very amazing.

After all, although some people in this world used golems to help with construction work, they were mostly used to carry rocks or things like that.

They could not compare to the work of Bloed's golems.

"… As expected of Bloed." Aya said without hiding her admiration.

As for Prince Calisto, his eyes were shining as though he was seeing a shiny toy.

Bloed shook his head softly and fixed his gaze on the golems taking down the building.

With this, he had taken the first step towards his dream.


Fifteen days later, a brand-new building had appeared on Academy City.


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