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62.61% Science/Magic / Chapter 268: Red Hair and Amber Eyes

Red Hair and Amber Eyes - Science/Magic - Chapter 268 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 268: Red Hair and Amber Eyes


A beam of fire flew from the center of the island, hitting the flying wolf!

Bloed's disintegration barrier activated immediately, standing in front of the beam of fire and stopping it from reaching Bloed's group.

However, the amount of energy inside the beam of fire was too great. It was not something that Bloed's B-Grade psychic energy could compare to.

Before long, Bloed felt that his disintegration barrier was unable to endure anymore. Then, it broke! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Fortunately, the barrier managed to win enough time for Leto to evade the beam.

"W-What was that!?" Elwha asked astonished. However, Bloed could not afford to answer her.

Because at that moment, another beam of fire was flying towards them!

Bloed once more forced his disintegration barrier to stand in front of the beam of fire, but it had not managed to recover from the previous blow. This time, it was broken even faster.

And although Leto once more managed to avoid the beam of fire, it was obvious the situation was becoming increasingly dangerous.

"Dammit, do you think you are the only one that can attack!?" Cursing in low voice, Bloed materialized his sniper rifle on his hand and aimed towards the place where the beams of fire were coming from.

A disfigured dragon-like monster was standing there, looking at Bloed's group with a fierce expression.

Bloed did not hesitate and pressed the trigger. This time, though, instead of firing a plasma bullet, he used the sniper rifle as a medium for his powerful ESP ability.

[Molecular Disintegration]!

As soon as Bloed pressed the trigger, the monster felt the danger and tried to evade the attack.

However, it was too late.

Before it could move away, half of its body was turned into dust.

With a cry of pain, the monster collapsed on the ground, dead.

And with that monster dead, there was nothing that could stop Bloed's group from reaching the core.

"There it is!" Elwha cried out, pointing to a purple crystal floating in the middle of the island. "Mr. Bloed, I need to touch it!"

"Understood! Leto, full-speed forward!"


Barking, the flying wolf dived towards the core!

But at that moment, a change happened to the core.

Inside it, a human figure took shape, quickly getting out of the purple crystal and looking straight towards Bloed's group.

"He is…!" Elwha was surprised.

"The guy of the church of slaughter," Bloed said with a serious tone.

Yes, he was Ulises, the young man that betrayed the Sun Kingdom and sided with the Church of Slaughter.

Currently, his skin had turned dark, his eyes had turned red, and his body had taken several demonic features. However, it was unmistakably him.

But before long, Bloed quickly noticed something strange.

"Wait a moment. His expression…"

"… It's blank." Aya frowned and said.

Yes, his expression was blank, as though he was just a puppet without his own will.

However, Bloed did not ponder about it for long.

Regardless of what happened to him, Bloed's goal would not change. To reach the core and end this soul world.

And just a young man was not going to stop him.

Calling upon his ESP ability, Bloed extended his hand towards the young man.


And [Molecular Disintegration] was activated!

But then, the young man opened his mouth.



A powerful roar escaped from his lips, shaking the soul world.

At the same time, an enormous amount of psychic energy rushed out of the purples crystal behind the young man, turning into a wave that clashed against [Molecular Disintegration]!

An expression of surprise appeared on Bloed and the others' faces.

"I understand! He fused with the Heart of the Forest!" Elwha cried out. "That is the reason the Heart of the Forest gained awareness!" Bloed understood immediately. In other words, he was not fighting against the young man. Instead, he was fighting against the purple crystal itself.

Moreover, while Bloed was fighting against it, he also had to take care of the nightmares flying towards them from behind.

"I'll take care of them!" Aya said immediately "Bloed! You focus on the core!"

"Thanks, Aya. Miss Elwha, help her!"

"I know! Make sure to hurry up! We will be unable to stop them for long!"

Bloed nodded. He then focused on the young man in front of him one more and let loose his abilities.

With a thought, all his psychic energy surged out. For an instant, a feeling of unlimited power filled Bloed!

Then, he used all that psychic energy to attack the young man in front of him!

"Be erased!"

Following Bloed's voice, his psychic energy turned into a powerful disintegrative power that charged towards the young man.

At the same time, the purple stone behind the young man lit up. Several times more psychic energy than Bloed thought possible was released, creating a giant wave that surged towards Bloed's attack.

The amount of psychic energy was so great that it seemed to have become tangible!

But Bloed did not panic. With just a glance, he had managed to see through the weakness of the purple crystal.

Despite its enormous reserves of psychic energy, it had zero experience when it came to controlling it.

It was like a child wielding a giant hammer, while Bloed was like a trained adult wielding a small dagger skillfully.

Thus, while the psychic energy from the purple crystal was fighting against his ESP ability, he stomped the ground, launching his body towards the young man!

Then, he cladded his hand on disintegrative phychic energy, clenching it into a fist and punching towards the young man.


The young man howled. He released an enormous amount of psychic energy that created a wall designed to block Bloed's attack. But Bloed did not care. He expanded the range of his disintegrative energy, creating a drill-like shape that pierced the wall of psychic energy.

Then, he went through it and reached the young man.

"Get lost!"

With a shout, Bloed punch flew towards the puppet-like young man.

But then, his expression changed.

Because a girl appeared in front of the young man, blocking Bloed's attack in his stead.

Bloed's face turned pale. He hurriedly ceased his control over his psychic energy, making it dissipate and stopping his attack.

But in the process, he also lost control of the disintegrative energy combating against the purple crystal's psychic energy.

And his body was left undefended.

The girl looked at him with blank eyes. No expression could be seen on her face, as though she was nothing more than a lifeless puppet following orders.

Then, she clenched her fist and gathered mana on it.

Red hair, amber eyes, and a horn in the middle of her forehead.

Without mentioning a word, the girl, Liu Ying, punched Bloed's abdomen.

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