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Saintess of Fate (1) - Science/Magic - Chapter 137 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 137: Saintess of Fate (1)

The next few days were relatively peacefully for Bloed.

Bloed and the girls spent most of the time in the house they rented in Diadel City. Bloed in his experiments, Liu Ying training, and Regina taking care of the cooking and everything else.

It must be said that Regina was very good when it came to housewife-like duties. From washing the clothes to preparing the bath, cooking, and cleaning the house. She truly seemed like the perfect wife.

Liu Ying, on the other hand, was not very good at anything related to housework. Perhaps it was related to her background as a princess, but most of the time she ended causing a mess.

Her cooking was barely passable, though. But Bloed still preferred if it was Regina who cooked. Regina's cooking was comparable to the best chefs, and even with the scarce ingredients in this word, she always managed to make exceptionally delectable dishes.

Changing the topic, Bloed had recently realized that he was very close to breaking through. He was so close that he could breakthrough at any moment.

Breaking through for ESPers relied on accumulating and growing their psychic energy, and the best way to accumulate psychic energy was using ESP abilities. Stronger ESP abilities would have a greater stimulus in one's calculation zone, making the growth of psychic energy much faster than normal.

The problem was that when A ESPer became stronger, his calculation zone also became more resilient, and the ESP ability needed to be stronger if it wanted to properly stimulate it.

For that reason, Bloed was supposed to face a very hard bottleneck at this level. In the end, [Enhanced Brain Capacity] was just a C-Grade ESP ability, and its potential was only until this level. Once he reached C-Grade, the stimulus [Enhanced Brain Capability] brought to his calculation zone was not enough to promote the growth of his psychic power.

If he was a normal ESPer, Bloed's only option would have been to rely on harsh training, upgrade his ESP ability, or finding other ways to stimulate his calculation zone if he wanted to advance. But each option was harder than the last.

Fortunately, Bloed had another ESP ability. A very strong one, by the way.

And even better, Bloed managed to find a way to use it.

Although Bloed's method of using [Molecular Disintegration] relied a lot on external factors, it was a fact that he was using an SSS-Grade ESP ability. Thus, his calculation zone was greatly stimulated, making the breakthrough to B-Grade several times easier than it should have been.

However, Bloed knew that such a method would not work forever.

Once he reached B-Rank, his current method of using [Molecular Disintegration] will not be enough to bring him to the A-Rank.

Now, though, Bloed did not need to think about that.

Instead, he decided to concentrate on breaking through B-Rank.

Actually, although Bloed felt he was close to breaking through the B-Rank, the truth was that he was not sure how long it was going to take. The only thing he knew was that it would not take more than one year. It could easily be tomorrow, but it could also be six or seven months later.

Bloed could only try his best and be patient. He planned to use the next few days to train while he waited for Javelin's reward and news about anything related to the Blight.

Contrary to his expectations, though, he received word from Javelin sooner than he expected.

Two days later, someone knocked on his door.

"… Illina?"

"Hello, Mr. Bloed."

The wolfkin girl bowed respectfully to Bloed. She then looked up with a serious expression.

"The captain sent me to tell you that your reward is already ready."

Bloed was startled before smiling. "Really? That is good. By the way, do you know what is he going to give us?"

Illina smiled wryly. "Unfortunately, I don't. Captain has kept the reward a secret, but from the looks of it, it's a very good one.

Bloed could not help but show an interesting expression. This was a reward for saving a prince, so he expected to receive something good.

He could only suppress his curiosity for now, though. Anyway, he would know it soon.

Bloed told Liu Ying and Regina about the news and asked if they wanted to come with him. As expected, both of them showed interest in it and nodded.

Before they left the house, though, Illina said something very strange. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"By the way, someone asked about you recently."


"You know what our business is, right?" Illina glanced at Bloed before continuing. "Well, someone asked for your details recently. He seemed very interested in your abilities."

Bloed frowned. Nobody would like to know that he was being investigated.

"What did you tell them?"

Illina shrugged. "Well, we couldn't refuse them or it would have looked suspicious. Thus, we sold to them just superficial information; information they would have been able to find in any other business like ours. Plus, we are telling you so you keep an eye on it."

Bloed nodded. Although he was not completely happy by the fact that Javelin and Illina sold his information to other people, he could understand their position. In fact, they had broken the ruled by telling him.

"… Do you know who is asking for that information?"

"Unfortunately, no." Illina shook her head. "They disguised themselves when they visited us. The captain later asked us to follow them, but we lost them quickly."

Bloed furrowed his brows. Quickly, he thought about who could be interested in his information.

Soon, a list of suspects appeared in his mind.

'… How troublesome.' With a sigh, Bloed decided to think about that later. The only thing he could do now was to keep an eye open in case something happens.

"Let's go to see your boss," Bloed said.

Illina nodded. The group then departed in the direction of Animal Paradise.

But before they could travel for long, they were stopped by a nun-like girl followed by a two-meters tall knight.

"Excuse me, are you Mr. Bloed?" The nun girl smiled gently and asked Bloed.

Bloed was surprised. But before he could ask anything, the girl spoke again.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Charise Amra. I'm the current Saintess of the Church of Fate."



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