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Sudden Change (1) - Science/Magic - Chapter 72 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 72: Sudden Change (1)

'This is…' The shadow was surprised. He hurriedly leaned his head aside to avoid the wolf's attack.

At the same time, he retracted the hand attacking Bloed to defend against the wolf.

But at that instant, Leto's body turned into metallic sand. The metallic sand wrapped around the B-Rank's arm, restricting his movements for an instant!

And in that instant, Bloed's gun was aimed at him.

*Bam Bam!*

With two shots, the head of the B-Rank bursts open.

The scene silenced the forest. Both the black-dressed men and Gerald's group could not help but pause their movements.

But Bloed was not done yet..

Now that Leto had shown its power, he was not going to hold back.

"Leto, do it!"


With an intimidating sound, Leto nodded.

Instantly, its entire body turned into metallic sand. The metallic sand surged like a wave, crashing against the black-dressed men!

At the same time, one of the black jewels on Regina's wrist lit up and let out even more metallic sand. In one second, Leto's entire body had been released towards the black-dressed men.

The black-dressed men panicked. They tried to attack the metallic sand, but even more metallic sand rushed towards them, entangling their limbs.

And when their limbs were caught by the sand...

*Bam bam!* *Swish!* *Boom!*

Bloed, Regina, and Liu Ying started to harvest lives.

Heads burst open, necks were pierced, and bodies were crushed.

In less than one second, the three of them killed almost ten men.

"Stop!" An enraged roar came from the forest. Almost instantly, four new black shadows joined the fight.

They rushed towards the trio and attacked at full strength.

At the same time, one of the black shadows created a magic circle in the air.

Bloed turned serious. Just one glance was enough for him to realize the strength of the newcomers.

Four B-Rank, and one of them was a mage.

'Finally serious, huh.' Bloed's eyes narrowed. But instead of stopping, he used his mind to give a new order to Leto.

[Kill them!]

The next second, the metallic sand turned into spikes.

With a sick sound, tens of black-dressed men were skewered by the spikes.

The gory scene made the people around pale. Erika even covered her mouth with her hand, forcing herself to not vomit.

The B-Rank black-dressed men, on the other hand, turned red of rage.

"Damn beast!" One of the B-Rank bellowed in fury. He unleashed a powerful punch that destroyed a part of Leto's body.

One second later, the B-Rank mage finished his spell. A ball of fire flew towards Bloed's group of three.

Bloed's expression turned solemn. With a thought, Leto's body transformed once more, turning into a metallic barrier that stopped the fireball!


A powerful explosion resounded in the forest. Bloed felt the shockwave passing through of his body, and at the same time, half of the barrier created by Leto was destroyed.

The black-dressed men smirked in delight. Seeing the beast that killed their companions injured like this was very satisfying.

One second later, though, their expressions froze.

Miraculously, Leto's scattered body due to the explosion moved by itself, slowly forming a wolf again.

This time, thanks to the metallic sand Regina had let out, it was even bigger than before.

Leto took form behind Bloed and looked at the group of four B-Rank with a savage look.


The mage spoke in a hoarse voice. It was their first time seeing a creature reform itself after being almost completely destroyed.

Moreover, that same creature had just killed many of their companions a few seconds before. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Bloed patted Leto's neck and smiled at the four B-Rank. He also paid attention to the group attacking Gerald through his perception.

For a few seconds, the four B-Rank did not know how to proceed.

One second later, though, one of them spoke.

"You all, what are you waiting for!? Attack them!"


The remaining black-dressed man did not hesitate. The twelve of them that had still been attacking Gerald's group charged towards Bloed and the girls.

At the same time, the four B-Rank's practitioners attacked too!

Four B-Rank and twelve C-Rank and D-Rank practitioners. For an instant, even Bloed felt a bit flattered by that line-up.

However, his brain remained calm.

"Liu Ying, take care of the small fry!"


"Regina, Leto, it's time to work! Be careful of the mage!"



The group then moved. Liu Ying charged towards the remaining black-dressed men while Bloed, Regina, and Leto charged towards A B-Rank each.

As for the fourth black-dressed man, the mage, Bloed could not do anything about him for now.

He could only try to kill his current enemy as quickly as possible.

However, he soon discovered that it was harder than he thought. Bloed wielded his saber in a hand and an energy gun in the other, but his B-Rank enemy managed to avoid all his attacks. He paid special attention to Bloed's saber, making sure of keeping it always in his sight.

However, that was not the main problem. The main problem was the mage. He constantly unleashed spells towards Bloed, Regina, Liu Ying, and Leto. The three of them were forced to place part of their attention on the mage, making their fights with their respective enemies even harder.

Moreover, Leto had been hit a few times. The only reason it had not been destroyed yet was due to its ability to reform its body again. But even like that, Bloed knew that many of the nanobots making up its body had been destroyed.

Although nobody could notice the difference yet, soon the enemies would notice that Leto was becoming smaller.

Bloed thought about using his trump card, but it was not time yet. Moreover, he still had not found the reason behind this attack.

But he soon noticed something strange.

Most of the black-dressed man's attacks were aimed at his right arm, the arm holding his saber.

At the same time, when the mage attacked him, his attacks were aimed at his arm too.

Bloed furrowed his brows. 'Could it be…?'

Meanwhile, Erika, who was observing the battle from afar, could not help but look at Gerald in rage.

"Brother, what are you waiting for!? They will die to this rate!"

Gerald frowned. To be honest, he was having a headache now.

No matter how he looked at things, the fact that the enemies were attacking only Bloed's group was clearly suspicious. It would be strange if Bloed did not notice something strange.

Even if he could use the excuse that they wanted to avenge their men, nobody here was an idiot. Death warriors did not care about comradeship.

However, now that they had lost so many men, they could not afford to fail.

So, he shot a glace to Harold. "Mr. Harold, help them!"

Harold understood his meaning. He signaled something to Arnold, the C-Rank archer, with his gaze.

Seeing that, Arnold smiled. He took an arrow and put it in his bow.

He then aimed his bow and got ready to shot.

... To shot towards Bloed.

But at that moment, Regina's expression changed.

"Master, careful!"

Instantly, her speed became twice so fast. She grabbed Bloed by his arm and pulled him away!

Every person in the forest was startled. Regina's sudden action confused them

An instant later, though, they understood.

The ground trembled.

Then, a giant shadow surged out of the ground, swallowing everything in its path.

... Including the B-Rank man currently fighting Bloed.



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