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Wings - Science/Magic - Chapter 275 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 275: Wings

Longest chapter of Science/Magic ever...


At the same time–

"Dammit, you must be kidding me…" The average-looking demigod looked in front of him with a bitter expression.

Cold sweat was sliding down his back, and his clothes were a mess. Even although the demigod was not injured, it was obvious he was not having a good time.

He was not having it so bad, though. Beside him, a lionkin demigod was covered in injuries, holding a greatsword, and panting heavily while a human demigod held his abdomen to stop the bleeding caused by an injury he received before..

And the cause of that was the silver-haired girl standing in front of them.

With golden eyes filled with enough coldness to freeze the world, a beautiful thin sword in her right hand, a set of armor covering her body, and a beautiful flower hovering over her shoulder, the girl stood calmly on the air, staring at the three demigods icily and ready to kill them at any time.

Different from the three demigods, her body was completely spotless, without any trace of injury or tiredness. She seemed nothing like someone that was having a fierce and difficult battle.

But strangely, her expression seemed a bit out of sorts, as though she was worried about something.

Even during the battle, the silver-haired was more than once distracted as though worried about something. That gave the three demigods the opportunity to avoid her attacks or counterattack.

The fact that the three demigods were losing so badly even with these circumstances showed how powerful the girl was.

But suddenly, the silver-haired girl sighed in relief.

"Fortunately, nothing bad happened to master…" She touched her chest relieved before looking at the three demigods in front of her and frowning. "How troublesome… It looks like I can't go to see master until I finish with this bother."

The average-looking demigod smiled bitterly when he heard these words. Obviously, this girl did not seem to consider them important.

To her, they were nothing more than a bother.

However, it made him curious.

"Who are you? A demigod so powerful like you should not be unknown." The average-looking demigod asked.

"I don't have any reason to answer you," Regina replied calmly. "Not when you are going to die soon."

As soon as her words finished, the average-looking demigod felt an enormous feeling of danger.

Without hesitation, he jumped away, only to see the place where he was just a moment ago being cut by an energy blade.

He snorted and extended his hand, making his shadow to turn into a giant three-headed wolf that charged towards Regina. At the same time, the lionkin demigod and the human demigod attacked Regina from two different directions to seal her routes of escape.

But Regina did not plan to escape. Grunting, she slashed around her, creating an energy slash that cut the three-headed wolf into two and forced the other two demigods to defend.

Then, she kicked the air and launched herself towards the human demigod, swinging her sword down.

The human demigod paled. He hurriedly created a ring of fire that tried to repulse Regina, but it was easily broken by a pulse of energy that was released from Regina's body, leaving her face to face against the human demigod.

But suddenly, a strange creature appeared from the human demigod's shadow, opening its jaws and biting towards Regina.

At the same time, several different creatures appeared from her surroundings. Eagles, scorpions, snakes, chimeras, and all types of horrifying creatures used their claws, tails, pincers, and fangs to attack the silver-haired girl.

It was the average-looking man. He had hidden the creatures there beforehand to ambush Regina!

No many demigods would be able to escape this attack unscathed!

Unfortunately, it was useless against Regina. All of sudden, hundred of swords, axes, arrows, and spears made of energy appeared around Regina, flying towards the monsters and impaling them.

But making use of that opportunity, the human demigod managed to distance himself from Regina. Meanwhile, the lionkin demigod swung down his greatsword, bringing along a powerful pressure that wanted to crush the Valkyrie.

Facing that attack, Regina just swung her sword, slicing his attack into two.

But by then, the three demigods had distanced themselves from Regina once more, returning to the situation of the start.

Regina wrinkled her brows exasperated.

"How troublesome… They are like cockroaches." She clicked her tongue in displeasure.

It was not the first time this happened. In fact, it had already happened around twelve times before.

Since the start of the battle, Regina had been on the winning side. She had been using her abilities to suppress the three demigod enemies.

Unfortunately, defeating them was not so easy.

Mainly due to the average-looking man belonging to the Church of Slaughter.

His army of strange creatures had saved the other two demigods more than once.

These creatures would have not been a problem if Regina was fighting the average-looking demigod alone. She was confident she could have killed him long ago.

But with the other two demigods helping him, the situation turned into the current stalemate.

Although Regina had a complete advantage, she could at most suppress them. If she wanted to defeat them, she needed a lot more time or wait until they made a mistake.

"How troublesome," Regina clicked her tongue again.

However, Regina was not the only one troubled.

In fact, the three demigods she was fighting had it much worse than her.

After all, their perfect plan had been singlehandedly destroyed by the silver-haired girl in front of them.

They could not understand why the poison did not work on her, and neither they knew how she was so strong.

Her level of strength was something that only the strongest demigods should possess.

"Leon, why did you not tell us about this monster before!?" The human demigod growled in displeasure.

The lionkin demigod shook his head bitterly. "How was I going to guess she was so strong and she was immune to the poison? Dammit…"

"We can't continue like this. A single slip and one of us will die. By then, perhaps the three of us will meet our maker today." The average-looking man furrowed his brows.

"Should we retreat?" He human demigod looked at the average-looking man and asked. "It's obvious the plan failed."

The average-looking man frowned and did not reply immediately.

In fact, since the start, their main target was not killing the demigods here. Their target was getting the Heart of the Forest.

And while they were fighting here, two teams of the Church of Slaughter were searching for the heart.

If they retreated now, there was a big chance this terrifying girl will go after the two teams searching for the heart.

And when that happened, the two teams would not have the ability to resist.

The average-looking man could not allow that.

The problem was that none of the team had reported they had gotten the heart even although according to their plans the heart should be in their hands already.

He did not know if it was because they had not found it or if something else happened, but whatever the reason, it was a fact they had not accomplished their god's goal yet.

And until then, he needed to continue fighting here.

"I have an idea." At that moment, the lionkin demigod spoke up. "If we can't defeat her directly, we can use other methods then." He then looked in the direction of the incapacitated demigods.

The average-looking man's eyes lit up immediately. "That is a good idea. Leon, you do it. Michael and I will distract the girl."

"Got it!"

Just at the moment when they finished talking, Regina moved again.

A giant sword of energy appeared in the sky, cutting towards the three of them with impunity!

The three demigods hurriedly avoided the attack, but then, the sword transformed into a whip sword that slithered towards the lionkin general.

"Not so easy!"

A monster materialized at that moment. The giant gorilla-like monster appeared from the lionkin demigod's shadow and stopped the whip sword with its body!

And although it was cut into two at the next instant, it managed to allow the lionkin general to avoid that attack.

Regina frowned. She was planning to attack the lionkin general again, but suddenly, an army of monsters appeared around her.

The monsters charged towards her like a tide, filling completely the sky and using their overwhelming numbers to attack her!

And at the same time, several giant birds of fire appeared around her, trying to burn her body into cinders.

The combined attack of the average-looking man and the human demigod was so powerful than any other demigod would have been killed.

But instead, Regina just snorted.

And suddenly, the remaining flower over her shoulder lit up.

Energy surged around her body, turning into countless electrics snakes that filled the flower.

Then, the flower bloomed, taking the shape of a pair of wings!

Lightning-filled wings, making Regina seem like an angel of punishment!

At the same time, several orbs of energy appeared around the wings, circling it as small children following her mother.

Then, Regina opened her mouth.

"Get lost!"

And tens of beams of energy were fired from the orbs, bombarding the monsters and burning them into cinders!

The terrifying power of the beams of energy stunned the two demigods. They stared at Regina's wings with expressions of disbelief.

They were so beautiful... and so deadly.

For the first time, Regina had shown her complete Valkyrie armament.

[Krigrustning]. A three-piece set consisting of armor, a sword, and a pair of wings.

And now, its power was directed to the two demigods.

In front of such overwhelming power, their attacks were quickly overwhelmed. Then, Regina kicked the air, appearing in front of the human demigod once more.

Pale-faced, the human demigod instinctively released his strongest spells to try to escape Regina's attacks.

At the same time, the average-looking man shouted hurriedly, creating tens of shadow monsters that charged towards Regina!

However, the orbs around Regina's wing reacted immediately, firing tens of powerful beams of energy that ripped the monsters apart.

Simultaneously, Regina's sword cut through the human demigod's spells, severing them into two and going straight towards his neck.

But suddenly–

"Stop!" The lionkin demigod bellowed in fury, with his sword against Eve's neck.

Regina's energy sword stopped abruptly one centimeter away from the human demigod's neck.

"If you move, she dies!" The lionkin general said with a crazy tone of voice.

"Despicable!" Aya's father growled in fury. However, the lionkin general ignored him. He just looked at Regina, waiting for her answer.

But to his surprise–

"Is it so?" Regina looked at the lionkin general indifferently.

Then, her hand moved.

And the head of the human demigod flew.

"You can kill her for all I care."

Regina's chilling voice sent shivers to all the people nearby.

The lionkin general and the average-looking man shivered. Even Aya's father was looking at Regina as though he could not believe her words.

In the next second, the lionkin general's face turned red in fury.

"Then watch her die!"

And swung his greatsword towards Eve.

But then–

"You are so cold, Miss Regina." Eve's emotionless voice resounded in the battlefield as she stared at Regina with what seemed to be a pout.

And for some reason, the lionkin general's movements were completely frozen, and his face was pale in fear.

"Impo… Sible…"

Eve looked at him and shook her head. "It was just poison. I recovered from that a long while ago. The only reason I had not attacked yet was to wait for the perfect opportunity to deal a decisive blow. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if the three of you escape when you realize I recovered."

The lionkin demigod's face turned ashen white.

However, Eve did not pay him more attention. Instead, she looked at Regina with a small pout.

"And you, Miss Regina… I thought we were friends."

Regina just shrugged. Not bothering to reply.

In the end, Regina only cared about Bloed. The life and death of everybody else were inconsequential.

Perhaps only Liu Ying was different, and it was only due to the demon's position in her master's heart.

And now, she needed to kill one last person to go to see her master.

Sensing Regina's gaze on him, the average-looking man smiled bitterly.

"It looks like this operation was a complete failure." He said while looking at Regina and Eve.

Even fighting one of them was impossible for him, not to mention fighting against the two.

"Give up. Stop resisting." Eve said expressionlessly. "Otherwise, I will make you suffer a lot of pain."

The average-looking man chuckled softly before shaking his head. Then, he looked at Regina and smiled.

"Remember, my name is Victor. I have the feeling we will meet again."

Regina's expression changed. She hurriedly created a giant energy sword and swung it towards the average-looking man.

But before the sword reached him, a monster appeared from the man's shadow.

And swallowed him.

When the sword descended, it cut the monster into two, killing it instantly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

However, the man was already gone, and no trace of him could be found.

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