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78.12% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 50: An abandoned hut

An abandoned hut - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 50 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 50: An abandoned hut

'I'm here!' Fu Yixiao leaped over a stool to rejoice her arrival. In front of her was a rundown hut with light shimmering through its wall. She paused, positioning herself behind a huge tree. She observed the hut a little longer trying to find clues that would define her next step.

The hut looked abandoned with part of the walls crumbled allowing someone to see the inside easily. Stealthily, Fu Yixiao moved toward the east side of the hut where there was a huge hole on the wall. That would be a good peeping place, she believed.

Moving from within the trees, she reached the void and crouched down before carefully examining the space inside the hut. Empty! A frowned formed on her face as she recalled the content of the letter. It clearly stated that she must reach the hut at midnight sharp. Fu Yixiao believed she wasn't late. So, why is it empty? She knew that the letter wasn't a prank. But, what if she was wrong?

She waited for a little longer. Thirty minutes passed and the cold darkness was still as a rock. Fu Yixiao decided to leave when she heard voices coming from the opposite of where she was standing. She immediately sprawled on the ground, limiting visibility. Her ears were sharp, listening to every word uttered by the incoming people.

"Fu Kuan, are you sure she'll come?"

A woman! Fu Yixiao was sure of her hearing. She wasn't mistaken that the first voice belonged to a woman. Who is it? She was curious. There was no one fitting in her mind right now. She remained on the ground waiting for their next conversation.

"Aunt, I'm sure she'll come!" That voice belonged to Fu Kuan to which Fu Yixiao already knew. Then, the same voice was talking non-stop making her annoyed. Plus, there was nothing worthy to listen to. However, she diligently waited with dirt covered her front.

"Aunt, I plan to finish her during the tournament. Why are you making a move now?" Fu Kuan's voice seemed a bit frustrated.

Fu Yixiao heard the woman squawked and her voice of disdain seeped to her ears.

"I cannot wait for long. I need to get rid of her now," The woman spoke. At that moment, Fu Yixiao had already freed herself from her earlier position. She found a good spot that allowed her to see everything that was happening inside the hut.

The tiny house was indeed an abandoned place, the inside was worse than the outside with things spread all over the floor. Fu Yixiao spotted a few rusty cooking tools and a molded bed at one of the corners. Fu Yixiao wondered if she was still inside the school ground or was it a stranded land, where hunters built houses for temporary shelter. She believed it was the later.

She focused her eyes on the two figures inside; a woman and a man. Fu Kuan was leaning against the bone of the wall, his eyes were looking at a woman whose back was facing Fu Yixiao. Unable to see the woman's face, Fu Yixiao made-do of what she saw and convinced that the woman wasn't someone from the school.

"She isn't here!" The woman was angry. "Fu Kuan, I want that bitch here!"A yelled followed suit. Fu Kuan who was still relaxed with his back on the wall scowled in annoyance. He ignored her.

Fu Yixiao who still couldn't recognize the woman silently crouched down and moved from the pole she was at to the one next to the entrance. That was the perfect position to see the woman's face. The only problem was that her movement was interrupted by a sudden noise from within the darkness. She remained still and slowly squatted with her butt almost touching the earth.

She focused and let the silence helped to pinpoint the location of the noises earlier. 'Damn!' She cursed when she realized that she would be found out if she stayed on the same spot a moment longer. The movement was coming directly behind her. She was now next to the entrance but still three steps away from the place where she could take a good look at the woman's face.

'Should I stay? Run? Fight?' Her brain was fast and so was her reflex. She once again kissed the earth but with her front facing the invisible sky. Her petite body was easily hidden under the wild bushes outside the hut. Thankfully, the area was the least visible which help to cover for her.

From her hiding spot, she saw two men rushed toward the hut. Amateur! She thought after seeing their unrestrained moved. Then, a man stumbled exactly next to her. She froze. If the man tilted his head to his left, he would definitely saw her. She stayed still like a dead person not daring to breathe. Yet, the amateur pair failed to discern her and proceed to the hut.

Soon, she heard the woman's voice again. This time before getting up, she cleared her mind which helped to heighten all her senses. After ensuring that it was safe to move, she slowly got up and approached the spot she was aiming earlier.

"Where is she?" The woman asked. The pair who just entered the hut scratched their head and slowly shook the head. Their faces were stiff and none dared to lock eyes with the woman whose presence was like a hell to them.

"Stupid, what did I pay you for!? Was she in her dorm?" The woman asked again. Fu Kuan who was listening by the side yawned. He was bored listening to the woman's voice. He wondered why he agreed to cooperate with her in the first place. She was an annoying woman; one that only knew how to complain and bragged. Alas, soon, he'll find his assessment wrong!

"She wasn't there," One of the men reported in a shaky voice. It was clear that he was frightened by the woman's interrogation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Then, where the fuck is she? Useless!" The woman was enraged. Her face was contorted in such a weird way making her looked like a living corpse that came to live to torture them. Her fingers scrammed inside her purse and soon she took out a knife. Without warning, she stabbed the knife to the man shoulder. Twisted it before pulling them out.

Fu Kuan who thought of how boring and cliche the woman was, was completely shocked. His eyes were staring at the gore sight in front of him. Not believing what he just saw. Unfortunately, that scene had planted a seed of fear in his mind which ultimately became his fatal weakness when approached by danger.

As for the man who became the victim of the woman's torturous punishment, a slight grimace was on his face but that was it. He didn't move an inch; neither his feet nor his hand. His face was calmed after a few silents of breath. One would wonder how many tortures had he gone through to remain still as he was at the moment.

Fu Yixiao who was watching through the tiny hole on the wall was quite shocked after seeing what had happened. She flinched at the man's attitude. Yet, her reaction wasn't like Fu Kuan. Somehow, she found the scenes familiar, like a dejavu. She wondered if it was her past or the past life of the previous Fu Yixiao.

She looked a bit higher and finally saw the woman's face. The first thought that came to her mind was to laugh. Yes, she almost did especially after knowing who she was.

'Nice meeting you again,' She whispered.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Oh my god, I was nervous the whole time I wrote this. I'm afraid that she would be found out by the enemies.

Who was the woman? Can you guys take a guess?

She is someone we all knew...the best clue is 'Fu Kuan'. Hmm, or maybe not. Haha...

Thanks for reading! I enjoy reading your comments and reviews. Please leave me with some. Hehe... and votes too *wink*wink*

No worries, this isn't a cliffhanger. Next chapter coming up!

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