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17.18% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 11: Fortune favors the bold (III)

Fortune favors the bold (III) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 11 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 11: Fortune favors the bold (III)

Fu Yixiao closed her eyes as she listened to the music played from the car stereo. It was a foreign language but somehow she could understand each word. The repetitive melody was embedded in her mind as she hummed along.

In the past, her favorite songs were mostly a rendition of Confucious poems. She loved to sing with while playing the guqin. Liu Heng and Xi Lao would always listen to her while enjoying their tea.

Liu Heng! Fu Yixiao pinched her lips when the man's name appeared in her mind. Her body trembled when a wave of excessive anger rose in her. She started to doubt her reincarnation because this new world really had no resemblance to her past life. Still, a part of her believed that it was something beyond and perhaps, only time could tell.

She finally returned to her calmed self and decided to buried her pain deep into the abyss of her heart. She had a bigger issue at hand for she needed to find out exactly what her role is in Fu Yixiao's life. Her tapping finger kept getting faster as her brain weaved turbulence of speculations.

Fu Yixiao was still figuring out her new life when the car stopped. "Xiao er, we've reached our destination. Let grandpa be the first to welcome you to Lu's mansion. Come on out!" Lu Ting said excitedly. He led her granddaughter towards the entrance of the châteauesque-style mansion and stopped in front of a crowd of people wearing black and white uniforms.

"These are the maids and butlers of this mansion. You can ask them for anything!" Lu Ting explained. Fu Yixiao nodded. The butlers and maids saw Fu Yixiao and they immediately welcome and greeted her. "Welcome home, Young Miss Fu!" Fu Yixiao was startled and spontaneously hold YunXi's hand. Yun Xi chuckled and whispered something to her. To which Fu Yixiao said: "I'm home." Once she said these two words all the butlers and maids cheered.

Ehhh... wasn't this an exaggeration! she thought.

"Young Miss Fu, let Liling escorts you to your room." A young girl with a baby-doll kind of look spoke. "Xiao er, follow Liling. She will show you, your room. I heard from your grandpa that he had prepared a lot for you. Go and check it out!" Yun Xi assured as she herself was led by a maid toward Lu Ting's chamber.

Fu Yixiao followed the cute maid to an elevator. Honestly, she was captivated with the exterior and interior decoration of the mansion. Every detail was thoroughly planned. This was even better than the imperial palace!

"Young miss, this is your room." Liling pushed a maroon pivot-door and it revealed the luxurious interior of the room. "Young miss, Liling will be your personal maid from now on. Ermm, there'll be another one but he wasn't in the mansion at this moment. If you have any instruction please don't hesitate to call for me." Liling explained as she nervously looked at her new young miss. She was really cute that Fu Yixiao almost wanted to hug her. Her puffy cheek was like a bun.

"Liling, I just want to rest and sleep for now." She said, showing her sleepy face. Liling giggled and nodded. "Please have a good rest, Miss." Liling courteously bowed and left the room. She didn't forget to close the door.

Fu Yixiao scanned the whole room. She could only think of two words 'big' and 'majestic'. They called it a room but it was basically a home inside the big mansion. There was a resting area that was fully equipped with the latest technology this world had to offer. She loved that there were also a few shelves full of books. She walked to her bed and threw her body on the mattress. The firm yet soft sensation was a lullaby by itself. She felt that if she slept on the mattress she would never wake up.

She looked at the transparent wall in front of her, examined it and found out that it was actually a door. She reached out to a remote on a table next to her bed. With one push, the door slid revealing a view of a wide range of scenic garden. Fu Yixiao walked to the balcony and sat on a chaise lounge couch. She enjoyed the view and for the first time ever after her transmigration, she felt blissful and fell asleep.

"Young miss. Please wake up." Ling Ling was shocked when she saw her young miss slept at one of the couches in the balcony. There was no blanket to cover her. She was worried that she'd fall sick hence decided to wake her up.

She saw her eyes opened and two pairs of velvety black eyes looked at her. They were so beautiful she almost wanted to bend over and took a closer look. "Liling, what time is it now?" Fu Yixiao's asked and slowly walked into her room. "Young miss, it is almost 5 pm. Liling is here to inform that Mr. lu wanted to see Young Miss." Liling explained. "Then, I'll take my bath first." Fu Yixiao said as she walked into the bathroom.

"Young miss, allows Liling to help you!" Liling said excitedly. "Come!" Fu Yixiao approved. It wasn't something unusual as in her past life, it was normal for a servant to help to prepare her bath. Incredibly, what Fu Yixiao thought as a mere bathroom, turned out to be a walk-in closet. She was mesmerized by the display of clothes, shoes, heels, handbags, and other accessories. A series of information loaded into her brain as she tried to recognize each item carefully. Fu Yixiao took almost an hour to refresh herself. She finally stepped out of her room at 6 pm.

"Hah, here she is!" Lu Ting who was enjoying a glass of wine with her wife stood up and led Fu Yixiao to sit between him and his wife. It was an awkward situation that Fu Yixiao had to bear with. "Xiao er, do you like your room? If there's anything you want to change, just inform Liling. She'll fixed it." Lu Ting explained. Fu Yixiao nodded, the strong smell of wine tingled her nose. She didn't like the smell.

"Xiao er, since this is your first time here, I have instructed Butler Bun to give you a tour of the mansion." Then, Lu Ting pulled a man standing behind her as he introduced him to Fu Yixiao. Butler Bun was a young man with a round face. His small eyes and round nose gave him a funny appearance.

"Butler Bun pays respect to Young miss Fu." The man courteously bowed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Fu Yixiao's eyes lit up, she stood up and pinched Butler Bun's cheek. Her action startled the butler as he responsively stepped back. "Grandpa, he is too funny!" She exclaimed as she stared at the butler with amusement. "Young...young miss." Butler Bun was shocked. "Hehe, butler Bun. Led the way!" Fu Yixiao said and then she walked toward the entrance. "Young...young miss please wait!" Butler Bun chased after her. Lu Ting and Yun Xi looked at each other, then, a burst of harmonious laughter reverberated in the expansive room.

"Butler Bun, don't be nervous. You are to my liking, so be at ease." Fu Yixiao said and patted the butler's back. However, she put too much force which caused butler Bun to lose his balance. He fell. "Butler Bun, are you okay? I'm sorry." Fu Yixiao hurriedly helped the butler to stand. She kept on apologizing for she was really sorry. She realized that she hadn't adjusted to the physical prowess of the previous Fu Yixiao, causing her to either show lack of strength or exerting too much of power.

"Young miss, please don't apologize. I am perfectly fine." Butler Bun stood up. However, once again Fu Yixiao pulled him with of course her uncontrolled strength and the butler once again met his doomed as he stumbled backward. His head hit the ground. "Butler Bun, I'm really sorry. do you feel?" Scratching her head, Fu Yixiao crouched and poked the butler's hand.

"Young miss, I see the stars!" Butler Bun said as tears formed in his eyes. He felt that the newly arrived Young Miss was really something. Fu Yixiao laughed. She was really sorry but his response was just too funny. "Butler Bun, please help yourself up. I'm afraid, I might hurt you again." Fu Yixiao looked at the butler apologetically. Butler Bun slowly stood up. He tidied his attire and strolled forward.

Enjoying the wind that brushed against her cheek, Fu Yixiao couldn't help but be amazed at the view along her way. She was enjoying a statue when she heard someone approaching from behind.

"Oh well, isn't it Butler Bun and huh, who is this?" A girl around the same age as Fu Yixiao walked toward them. She was pretty but the display of wealth in her body took half of her natural beauty away. The girl stopped and stared at Fu Yixiao with judging eyes. "Miss Lu Mei." Butler Bun greeted. "This is Young Miss Fu." He politely introduced. Lu Mei's eyes twitched upon hearing Fu Yixiao's name. There was a bit of mockery in her eyes but she hid it with fakery smile.

Fu Yixiao bent her body slightly, showing respect. She smiled and extended her hand for a handshake. However, the girl wasn't a fan of friendly encounters as she ignored Fu Yixiao. "Oh!" She said and walked passed them, she intentionally brushed her shoulder with Fu Yixiao. "Be a good girl, Miss Fu." She whispered and walked away. Fu Yixiao was stunned. She trailed Lu Mei's with gazed, a chilling air surround her. Butler Bun who was standing nearby felt the instant dropped of temperature however, he wasn't aware that the source was from the fifteen years old girl, standing next to him.

"Miss Lu Mei!" Fu Yixiao shouted the girl's name as she turned around. Lu Mei who walked with her hip swayed exaggeratedly, looked back. She wore a condemning look. "What?" She asked. "Nice to meet you. See you in the future!" Fu Yixiao said and smiled. Then, she walked away leaving the stupified girl. Lu Mei gritted her teeth, she could feel the ridiculing looked Fu Yixiao had earlier. She smirked, her mind was already scheming against her.

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