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20.31% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 13: Fortune favors the bold (V)

Fortune favors the bold (V) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 13 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 13: Fortune favors the bold (V)

The Lu's dining area was lavishly decorated in gold. The dining table was huge enough to allocate twenty people. On top of it, there were a variety of cuisines cooked by the top chef in the city. The Lus were seated on the dining chairs, however, no one was talking. Mr. Lu who sat on the chair designed for the Master of the mansion was having a deep frowned on her face. Yun Xi who sat on the chair next to him was whispering to Butler Bun who stood upright next to his husband.

"Have you informed Young Miss Fu?" Yun Xi asked. Butler Bun nodded. He was also worried. He had clearly informed the young miss to attend the dinner on time. However, ten minutes have passed and she was nowhere to be found. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Master Lu, where is Young Miss Fu? You told us that you'd introduced her tonight." A middle-aged man wearing a wrap glasses broke the silence. He was Lu Ting's cousin, Lu Bei.

"Yeah, I'm rather curious about what this girl looks like. Especially under the guidance of Madam Yun Xi. I believed she will be spectacular. She even dared to go against the rule." Another person spoke. It was flattery but one could sense the sarcastic remark hidden in it.

Yun Xi glared toward a woman with two big earrings dangling in her ears. "Madam Chin, is that mockery?" She asked. Since she had decided to return to the Lu residence and her relationship with Lu Ting had improved, she would never back away from other people's insults. She was always like that. Even before she ran away with her granddaughter to Tu island.

Madam Chin snorted. She disliked Yun Xi who suddenly appeared after missing for so long. She was a thorn in her eyes. She was about to refute when Lu Ting interrupted.

"Fu Yixiao is new to this residence and to the Lu's household rules. Therefore, let's not discuss this matter further." He said. His voice roared throughout the room. He was the master alright! That few remarks were enough to shut the rest of them.

Lu Mei, however, was different than the rest. She felt that his grandpa was always doting on her hence, she talked without any restraint. "Grandpa, I met Sister Fu when I went back from my stroll this evening, she was rude to Butler Bun! She actually pushed him to the ground twice." She said. Her face was telling everyone that she had no idea why Butler Bun was treated in such a way.

Butler Bun frowned when he heard Lu Mei's complained. He noticed that Master Lu was looking at him so he immediately clarified the issue. "Master Lu, Young Miss Fu wasn't one in fault. I stumbled and fell. Miss Fu was helping me but I lose my balance and hit my head on the ground. She didn't harm me." Besides, I am just a butler, who cares if I was hurt by one of the Lus. I am serving them not the other way round. Butler Bun retorted in his mind.

"Hahaha... so that's how it is. Well, let just forget this matter!" Lu Ting said. clearly didn't want the issue to be prolonged.

Lu Mei cursed in her mind when she realized that her grandfather was completely on Fu Yixiao's side. "Sure, grandpa." She said. Her calm expression was opposed to her clutching fist, she was determined to ruin Fu Yixiao for she knew that her position in the mansion is no longer stable.

Once again, silence circled the whole dining area, then a creaking sound broke the silence. Fu Yixiao entered the room in a composed manner. She wore a pink blush gown which accentuated her petite body. Liling pulled a chair next to Lu Mei and Fu Yixiao steadily sat on it. She was surprised to see Lu Mei, but she knew she was related to the family after finding out about her name from Butler Bun.

"Sister Fu! you're here. We have been waiting." Lu Mei said. Her eyes glowed, showing her happiness. "Miss Lu Mei. Nice to meet you again." Fu Yixiao smiled. She was surprised to see her excited look but noticed the different story expressed in her eyes. Nonetheless, Lu Mei was the last thing in her mind right now.

"Grandpa, grandma, everyone, Xiao er asked for your forgiveness for being late." She bowed, her face was showing guilty. She had been running her way through, trying to reach the dining room, but this mansion was like a field of vast land, making her late for dinner.

"Master Lu, it wasn't Young Miss fault. Liling failed to inform the time earlier." Liling quickly explained, covering for her Young Miss.

Fu Yixiao glared at her personal maid. She didn't want anyone to cover for her. If they decided to reprimand her, then, she would shoulder all the consequences. Liling noticed the unsatisfaction in her young miss' eyes but she was her personal maid, if something happened to her, she would not be able to sleep peacefully.

"Xiao er, grandpa understood. It was a tiring day after all. So many things had happened. Sit, sit." Lu Ting smiled and waved his hand indicating he wasn't mad. Fu Yixiao was relieved. She sat on her chair then remotely scanned the dining table and noticed there were many unfamiliar faces.

"Xiao er, let me introduce your uncles and aunts." Lu Ting continued as he briefly explained their name and relationship in the Lu family. Fu Yixiao nodded as she engraved their faces in her memories.

"Xioe er greets uncles and aunts. Forgive me for my tardiness earlier." She said and bowed courteously. She had noticed some of their disdain looks earlier however they were quick in hiding it. Still, it couldn't escape her eyes.

"Alright, now that everyone is here. Let's dine!" Lu Ting announced.

Fu Yixiao drank a glass of water to relieve her throat when she noticed that a man was staring at her with contempt. She glanced and realized that it was Lu Jing. She rose her drink and her lips curved as she mimicked the word 'cheers'. Lu Jing must really hate her for him to look at her in such a way. Fu Yixiao felt overwhelmed. It was only her first day and she already made an enemy. She sighed and continued enjoying her food.

The dinner lasted for an hour when Lu Ting instructed everyone; including the maids and the butlers to gather in the principal room. Fu Yixiao sat on a contemporary round chair next to a fireplace, calmly watching the crowd. They were whispering to each other, guessing the matter their Master would announce. When they saw Lu Ting walked in, they went quiet.

"Is everyone here?" Lu Ting asked. Butler Bun stepped forward and answered. "Yes, Master! All the maids and butlers are here." Lu Ting nodded, satisfied with Butler Bun's efficient work. He then cleared his throat and begin his evening speech.

"Good evening, I assembled all of you tonight to explain an event that will be held two weeks later." He paused looking at everyone's expressions. Then, he continued.

"The Lu family was one of the most prominent families in the city. To maintain this status, our ancestors had created a system to select the next successor." Fu Yixiao who lazily sat on her chair, changed her posture as she bent forward. Her hands were supporting her chin. She had a feeling that her grandfather was about to explain something that might be related to the Successor Selection.

"It is called the Successor Selection. In which, three successors will compete for the position as the Master of the Lu Family and also the President of Lu Corporation."

"As for the details of this selection. It will be explained to all the candidates the day after the banquet. For now, I want everyone to focus on preparing for this event. This will be the platform to announce our three candidates. Who they are; will only be revealed during the banquet. I have assigned Butler Bun to be the coordinator and I want everyone to cooperate with him. He will explain the details to everyone tomorrow morning. That's all. Dismiss!" Lu Ting finished his speech with a wave of his hand. The maids and butlers bowed and walked out of the room in an orderly manner.

Fu Yixiao took a deep breath. Her guess was spot on. Her grandfather was indeed talking about the Successor Selection. Previously, he said that she was the chosen successor but it seemed that it wasn't really the case. No matter what, she was intrigued by this new reversal. Fu Yixiao, your life is getting interesting! She whispered and went back to her lazy demeanor, enjoying the warmth the fireplace had to offer.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Thanks for reading! :)

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