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89.06% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 57: Memories (III)

Memories (III) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 57 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 57: Memories (III)

Three days.

That was the possible numbers to tell how long she spent on the hill, observing and analyzing the whole situation. There was a few personnel coming in and out from the main entrance and from time to time, she saw helicopters hovering on the southeast area.

She was thinking of a way in but came up with nothing.

Fu Yixiao bit her bottom lips, feeling disappointed with the zero methods in. The main entrance could only be opened with an access card which she had none. The secured, concrete fence's height was something she couldn't climb with her short body. The only way was to reach the southeast area but that would attract more people and that might cost her life.

She pondered over the last option when she saw a boy tried to enter from the main entrance. He was so clumsy that after taking out his access card, it fell on the ground. His reaction was too slow that he started searching for it a few seconds later.

Fu Yixiao took the opportunity to sneakily moved towards the boy. When she was behind him, she cupped his mouth and strangled him to faint before dragging him out from the area. The access card that was hidden among the grass was also taken away along with the boy.

In a secluded area on top of the hill, Fu Yixiao waited for the boy to wake up. She had calculated her move earlier and knew that the boy wouldn't be dead with the force she used on him. Still, waiting was a torturous task. In the end, Fu Yixiao spent the whole time observing the boy's features.

Soon, she came to a conclusion - The boy would grow up to be a handsome man.

Her lips curled upward knowing that she was praising the boy's look. That was when his eyelashes fluttered before opening to reveal his raven eyes.

Fu Yixiao was ready.

"Make a noise and this will kill you," Her voice was softly spoken but it was charmed with the killing intent she had. The boy blinks and to her amusement, he smiled before blocking the gun with his palm.

"I'm not your enemies," The boys said. His voice was low.

Fu Yixiao frowned and was dismayed with the way the boy spoke to her. He was too casual as if talking to someone he knew really well. She tried to find clues from his eyes but the endless blackness made her felt dizzy.

"Bring me inside," she instructed not letting go of the gun in her hand. Her head nodded slightly toward the buildings below the hill,

"I will but first, you need to follow me elsewhere," the boy negotiated which made Fu Yixiao angry. She had no time to waste on other things. All she cared for was to find the answers on why she was stranded on some strange wilderness with dangers everywhere to kill her.

"Fu Yixiao, if you believe in yourself then you need to believe in me. I will explain everything once we reach the place," the boy was serious. However, Fu Yixiao was in shock after listening to her name mentioned by the boy.

"You know me?" she asked absentmindedly. The boy nodded. "Yes, so trust me!" he insisted.

"Why should I?"

Hearing her question the boy almost twitched but his words were calm, "I know you are looking for answers and the place where I want us to go was the perfect way to look for answers. If you enter the building now, you'll only kill yourself," he convinced.

Fu Yixiao pondered for a while. She weighed every possible option inside her brain and finally decided to follow the boy. Besides, if he tried to harm her, all she needed to do was ending his life.

She followed the boy closely from behind and was quite surprised to see his agility. Fu Yixiao could tell that the boy was as good as her. Maybe, even better. She clenched her fist for she felt that the boy purposely behaved clumsily at the entrance to lure her.

"We're almost there," it was only a whisper but Fu Yixiao could hear every word. She remained silent not bothering to answer. The boy took a glance at her and spoke, "You are really her," the boy muttered. Fu Yixiao wanted to respond but then she saw the boy jumped repeatedly circling a big rock before running to the left side of where he was acting incomprehensibly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Then, Fu Yixiao saw the huge rock moved. It caused the ground to shake. Under the rock was a way to the underground. It was almost like the cave she was hiding at before but was bigger and advance in comparison. Besides, the one in front of her eyes wasn't on the map.

"Come in!" The boy shouted. He was already inside. Fu Yixiao hesitated for she knew once she entered the cave, the entrance would be shut and she had no idea how to get out. Besides, she knew that people inside were waiting for them. That was because the mechanism to move the rock could only be triggered from inside. The boy jumping around was probably mean to tell the other party that he was already there.

"You can trust your gun. Kill me if I lied to you," The boy persuaded. He looked a little bit disappointed that Fu Yixiao didn't trust him.

"Alright," Fu Yixiao gave in and entered the cave. As soon as she stepped inside, the entrance was shut exactly like what she had initially thought.

"Why bring me here? Who do you want me to see?" Fu Yixiao asked. She regretted not asking those questions earlier.

"Someone you know very well," The boy answered vaguely and upon hearing his answer, Fu Yixiao decided not to ask any more question. She was annoyed with the way he replied to her questions.

After five minutes of walking, they reached the heart of the cave and waiting for them was an old woman and a girl who was diligently reading a book. Her face was unclear for the book covered it all.

Still, Fu Yixiao found the girl very familiar.

"Granny Wu, meimei, I'm here!" The boy alerted the two females inside the cave.

The old woman called Granny Wu lifted up her face and immediately ran toward Fu Yixiao. She held her arms and kissed them repeatedly.

"Little girl, you must have gone through a lot," Granny Wu said empathically before checking for injuries on Fu Yixiao's bodies. She saw the wound on her right shoulder, one that Fu Yixiao had sacrificed to beat her last chaser.

"Why is there a wound on your left shoulder? You shouldn't be wounded!" the old woman was shocked.

The girl whose head was down seemed to be surprised as the book fell from her grasp. She lifted her face and stared towards Fu Yixiao who was looking at Granny Wu in confusion.

If Fu Yixiao was also staring at the girl's direction, then, she would be shocked to see the face that looked exactly like her.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Take a guess? Who is the boy?


Warning: What waiting ahead was a very fantastical explanation. One that requires your mind to believe it. And if you can't, trust me, in this novel you have too.

Hehehe...*author laughing mischievously*

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