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100% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 64: Memories (X)

Memories (X) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 64 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 64: Memories (X)

"Granny Wu, am I the main entity?" Fu Yixiao spoke once she noticed the guard left the room after locking the door from the outside.

She rolled her wrist to lessen the pain from the man's grip while dragging her here.

Granny Wu who looked older than before was startled at her question. Even Wu Zhaoyi who was lying on the floor perked up once he heard her asking.

"The chances are high for it to be you. Main entity actually means that the person is suitable to be the vassal of other soul. So, to say you're it is a bit-" Granny Wu sighed then she shook her head.

"Forget about all these. It's impossible now." she said with sadness gathered on her face. Fu Yixiao

inched closer to Granny Wu. Somehow, she wanted to comfort her.

"Try it on me. My life doesn't worth much. Sooner or later, Han Xiangzhi will use me as sacrifice. So, use me," she held Granny Wu's wrinkled hand while eyes staring directly at hers.

"But it only works once you're-"

"Dead?" Fu Yixiao continued, noticing that it was harder for Granny Wu to say the word. Granny Wu could only nod.

"Wu Zhaoyi, kill me! Then, whoever it is that'll take my body will revenge the three of us," Fu Yixiao said determinedly.

Wu Zhaoyi was speechless unsure of how to respond. He stared at Granny Wu asking for some assistance.

"You can't force death but thank you," Granny Wu hugged Fu Yixiao, touched by her sincerity.

"Really, is there no other way?" Fu Yixiao teary eyes were probing deep inside Granny Wu's mind making the old woman choked in tears. Even Wu Zhaoyi felt a warm feeling spread to his body before gathered right at his chest. He coughed not sure of the feeling he felt at the moment.

"There is but it needs an equivalent change from a third party and at this moment no one could make such offer," Granny Wu stroke the girl's hair. Fu Yixiao loved the feeling and a warm smiled decorated her face.

"Fu Yixiao, I was reincarnated with the will to reincarnate my own daughter, Fu Ya. When she was your age, she was really cute like you. That boy over there was her playmate, one that was also reincarnated to give meaningful life to her. Alas, things changed and here we are, failing and waiting to be killed by the two inhumane people,"

she regretted knowing that if she noticed the other Fu Yixiao's feeling earlier, her betrayal could be prevented.

"Granny, it was my mistake," Wu Zhaoyi cconsoled the old woman for he knew exactly what was on her mind. He too still trying to digest everything that had happenned earlier.

"The other Fu Yixiao, will she die?" Fu Yixiao asked for that was what she heard them said while they were held captives on the ground earlier.

"Once we return to her world, she'll die because she broke the promise one that stated she cannot interfere with the life of other Fu Yixiaos. But, now that she planned to replace you, she just avoided the inevitable," Granny Wu explained.

She remembered the first time she met the other Fu Yixiao. She was so sweet and kind even though most times, she was a timid person. Recalling the hers that she saw on the ground made her clenched her fist in anger for she wished that she could do something to avoid such situation to occur. Yet, there was nothing she could do.

No one was speaking after that for everyone was consumed in their own thinking. Gradually, they felt their eyes getting heavier. Tiredness had overwhelmed them and sleep was the perfect remedy they wanted to get even though they knew that anytime, someone would open the door and dragged them to their death. Fu Yixiao yawned as her eyes were looking at the oil lamp that almost fading out in the corner of the room.

That was when she felt like being thrown out of a plane. The whole room was shaking, waking up Wu Zhaoyi and Granny Wu who was about to fall asleep.

"This-" Granny Wu was fully alerted by the sudden movement. The floor was like a wave, causing them to lose their center of gravity.

"Earthquake!" Fu Yixiao realized what it was and shouted. That was when they heard a siren calling her name. At the same time, the ceiling on top of them fell tragically, revealing the dark sky.

Thankfully, none of them were hit.

"Meimei!" Fu Yixiao was startled by the familiar voice. She heard a rumbling noise from above and realized a helicopter was hovering on the air, a stair was thrown from inside the helicopter.

"You three, climbed up before they came!" Yun Xi's head popped up from the passenger's seat. Lu Xinya also nervously waiting for them to do so.

"Faster!" she screamed.

Fu Yixiao was still shocked but knew that she needed to act fast. She demanded Granny Wu and Wu Zhaoyi to climb first. Once they were inside the helicopter, she began her climb while the people inside watched her anxiously. No one dared to urge her to climb faster for they knew she was already doing so.

"They are leaving!"

Fu Yixiao knew the enemies had entered the room and were trying hard to stop her..

"Shoot her!"

"Xiao meimei, faster!"

"Xiao er!"

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Yet, the moment her right feet touched the floor of the helicopter, she felt two bullets strike her chest making her grip weakened. Her body involuntarily fell backward.

'I'm falling,' she really thought she would fall but then a voice entered her consciousness.

"Stay awake!" she heard him yelled inside her consciousness. She wanted to yell back but the warmth radiated from his palm made her forgot everything for she only wanted to savor the moment.

"Fu Yixiao, I'm sorry!"

A voice once again entered her fading consciousness and the moment it faded away, Granny Wu's face appeared on her mind. She remembered something which made her to recall the last strength she had on her.

"Gra..nny Wu, do it!" she tried hard to speak hoping that it reached the person she was referring to.

"Grandma Yun, Lu Xinya and Wu Zhaoyi's memories - their memories of me - that would be an equivalent change-and...if that is no-not enough, seal her memo-ries-let her suffe-r a little," Fu Yixiao chuckled.

The people who were looking at her could not bear the sight of her vomiting blood as she spoke. Tears flooded their face, voices were no longer heard because somewhere deep within their heart, they knew she was giving her last will.

"Tell her to get my revenge," her weakened voice ended and her last breath did too.

The tears that ran down their cheeks seemed to freeze in time. They stared at the smiling Fu Yixiao, not believing that she was gone.

"Whatever it is, give it to her!" Yun Xi couldn't understand Fu Yixiao's last will but knew that it was something important to her. Lu Xinya nodded frantically to support her grandma. She believed that by accomplishing her sister last will would give peace to her soul.

Granny Wu sighed and touched her neck. The moment her fingers were in contact with her skin, a pendant appeared. It was glistening in red color which soon glowed almost blinding the people's eyes. She traced the beautifully crafted pendant, an item that she inherited from her grandmother.

A quarter passed by and Wu Zhoayi could see Granny Wu shallowed her saliva.

"Granny?" he asked. Granny Wu shook her head for just now it was revealed to her that memories were not enough to make an equivalent offer. She closed her eyes and the moment she opened them again, one could see the resolution she had made.

'Memories isn't enough but my life is,' that lingered on her mind for a while before she closed her eyes again.

'Fu Ya, your revenge and hers. Remember these well,' she whispered as her body slowly dissipated to the air. Leaving the onboard people who seemed to had forgotten about her existence.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Memories series is finally ending!

What are your thoughts on this series? share them in the comments below.


ps: I'm afraid that there'll be a slow update again for it take hours to drive to town. I'm still in my hometown. *Sob*

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