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45.31% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 29: Revelations (II)

Revelations (II) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 29 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 29: Revelations (II)

"Shameless! Evil! This woman is rotten to the core!" Liling was fuming in anger. Her chest puffed, however, while eating a bun, her stuffed cheek was a contrast to her anger state.

Shaking his head, Tony urged her to finish eating, "Eat your bun!" He said, elevating his eyebrows in amusement. Liling scowled but continued chewing her food.

"Young Miss, what are you thinking?" Tony poured another drink to Fu Yixiao's empty glass. He watched her winced and at times she scrunched up her face.

Watching her ever-changing expression, Tony was wondering what she was thinking. He admired her young miss but the more he was with her, the more mysterious she was to him.

Her fragility led others to underestimate her capabilities yet, she was like the mountain, unmoving despite the schemes and misdeeds others did to her. Even the dark chamber incident seemed to have no effect on her. He was curious about what she had encountered in the dark chamber.

Even more, how did she get acquainted with his Master?

"Tch... Madam Chin is really a good actor." Fu Yixiao sipped on the orange juice and turned her chair around, facing her two most trusted person. After confirming that the two were sent by the Wyvern HQ, she knew she could trust them.

"Tony, Liling." She called their name while staring at the now empty cup. "Yes, Miss." The two stand upright, fixing their attire and ready to salute her. Fu Yixiao chuckled, she was entertained with their behaviors.

"What I'm going to explain next is our ultimate weapon of giving back." She started her speech. Then, she explained her whole plan. Tony and Liling were in astonishment upon hearing their young miss detailed plan. They couldn't help but shiver in excitement and wanted to get in action asap.

"I will depend on you two!" Fu Yixiao winked at the duo. She laughed when she listened to them giggling in excitement.



Principal Room

Lu Community gathering


"Madame Yun Xi, I am willing to accept any punishment but I beg you to save my daughter Lu Mei. I'm afraid, that people will hurt her when I'm not around." Madam Chin continued faking her innocent.

Yun Xi clenched her fist, trying to control her anger. How low would you go Chin Meiyun! She screamed in her mind.

"Silence!" Yun Xi stared at the rumbling crowd. "No one is to speak!" She exclaimed. However someone would never listen, a woman and her daughter. Their sobbing got louder and louder. Lu Buwei was comforting his wife and daughter as he glared at Lu Bei, killing him with his look.

That was when a shrieking sound came from the door; someone had entered the room. The crowd instantly stared at the newcomer and was shocked to see the sickly state she was in.

Each step she took made her wobbled. Thankfully, a maid was supporting her. The moment the maid let go of her hand, the young girl almost fell on the floor, making the crowd gasped in fear of her falling. They immediately retreated, giving her space to walk.

When she passed by the crowd, they could see her pale face and dry lips. Seeing her walking forward, they started to question her identity. Then, they saw her bowed in front of Madame Yun Xi and the elders.

"Fu Yixiao greets grandma and the elders!" Her frail voice tugged everyone's heart. They could feel the pain she was trying to surpass. However, they were also shocked upon knowing her identity. She was the sixth candidate; Fu Yixiao!

The people were now looking at each other, trying to connect the dots. And as if gaining an insight, they yelped. She was the victim of the dark chamber!

"Xiao er, you are awake? Why are you here?" Yun Xi wanted to rush to her granddaughter's side but she saw her shaking her head, forbidding her to come.

Yun Xi looked at the maid supporting her granddaughter, "Liling, I have told you to let her rest on the bed as soon as she wakes up!" She gave her a questioning look, demanding an explanation.

"Madame...Liling did so!" Liling said and tears flooded her cheek. She let her tears roll and added on, "Young miss...she..she said she was afraid to miss an event of the Lu Family." Liling sobs were getting louder. She held onto her young miss who was comforting her.

"Grandma, Xiao er beg for forgiveness for coming late!" Fu Yixiao fell on her knee, her face was scared. She turned around facing the crowd and ready to ask for their forgiveness when her eyes caught the sight of Madam Chin and Lu Mei.

Then, she screamed. "Young Miss! Calm down!" Liling tried to calm her young miss who was screaming in fear.

Yun Xi had rushed down from the stage and hugged her granddaughter.

"Xiao er! Xiao er! what happened?? Please, grandma is here. Shh, don't cry.."

She was scared to see her sudden reaction. Was this the cause of an overnight stay at the dark chamber? She stared at Madam Chin who was watching at them in guilty. However, she knew in the heart of this woman, she was celebrating.

"Madam Chin...please forgive Xiao er! Lu Mei forgive me! I would never be late again. Pleaseee..." Her frail voice was soft but almost everyone could listen to her begging.

Then, she freed herself from Yun Xi's embrace and crawled toward the kneeling Madam Chin. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Madam Chin, Xiao er did as you instructed. Xiao er had entered the dark chamber... Please, forgive Xiao er for hurting big sis. Xiao er didn't mean too. Forgive me!" She stumbled. Her weak hand supported her body, squeezing all her energy to crawl forward.

The crowd was holding their breath, some were in tears. They watched the girl stumbled and forcefully dragged her body to face Madam Chin and Lu Mei. Begging them for forgiveness.

What had happened to make her going to such extent to ask for forgiveness? And what kind of place is the dark chamber? Were the rumors all true? If it was, then, they have every reason to hate the mother and daughter pair.

"Young Miss!" Liling ran to Fu Yixiao who was basically kowtowing to Madam Chin and Lu Mei. "Young Miss, please no more. Madam Chin, Young Miss Lu Mei, please forgive my young miss. She was really scared. You two had sent her there. You should be responsible. Please, Liling begs you..."

Once again, the whole room was in for another shock. Liling had made the claim that the mother-daughter pair was the real perpetrator. The elders were also in confusion with the sudden turned of event.

No one was talking as everyone was trying to digest what they had heard. And then once again, the door screeched indicating the arrival of someone.

Tony entered the room with Ah Bo and Ah Bi following behind. They were startled when they saw the number of people inside, however, they composed themselves for they remembered their purpose for coming to this room.

Tony's eyes were searching the room looking for someone and his eyes finally rested on her young miss who was on her knees. He ran to his side, questioning Liling about what had happened. Liling sobbed as she explained the whole situation to Tony.

"Tony, what are you doing here?" Yun Xi asked as soon as she saw Tony. She stared at the two men behind him.

"Madame Yun Xi, I brought these two men to apologize to young miss. They were the one who escorted her to the dark chamber." Tony explained, his face was grimed the moment he mentioned the dark chamber.

"So what?" Elder Lu Yan asked from the stage. She was overwhelmed with the whole drama unfolding in front of her.

"I..." Tony scratched his head, seemed unwilling to explain. Yet, seeing her young miss state, he braved himself to say.

"The moment young miss awakened, she kept on screaming for forgiveness. I felt devastated not knowing what to do. Hence, I searched for Ah Bo and Ah Bi to investigate what had happened in the chamber. I found out that the place didn't suit for a living person. It was..." Tony could no longer speak as tears welled up on the corner of his eyes.

Ah Bo and Ah Bi were scared and immediately kneeled. Then, in unison, they admitted their involvement and asked for forgiveness, "Madame Yun Xi, elders! We are only following orders from Madam Chin. Please, forgive us!"

And their revelation set the crowd on fire.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Guys! first face slapping. I wonder if it was done well. Unfortunately, I haven't KILL madam Chin yet. Sooner...yes, sooner!

Thanks for reading.

Love and hugsssss!


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