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46.87% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 30: Revelations (III)

Revelations (III) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 30 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 30: Revelations (III)

Madam Chin swallowed the bitter taste in her throat. Her squinted eyes were staring at Fu Yixiao who was grimacing at the flickers of pain as she pushed herself up.

The reason why she took the risk to set up the whole plan was due to the repercussions it gave to the victim that entered the dark chamber. She heard that it took a long time for a victim to recover from their ordeal once they entered that place. Some had chosen to end their life due to their emotional tortures. She was hoping for any of these to happen to Fu Yixiao.

When she found out about her situation after coming out from the dark chamber she had spent her time happily counting the days until she left the mansion or fell into an extreme depression. Yet, tonight, she was swallowing back her happiness for Fu Yixiao had literally screwed her whole plan...

"Chin Meiyun! Explain yourself!" Elder Lu Yan who was getting edgy with the entire drama exploded. She pointed her fingers with her right hand on her waist. Her face was reddened in anger.

"I didn't do it! Xiao er, why are you treating aunty like this?" Madam Chin moved closer to Fu Yixiao, touching her shoulder with her right hand. " I know you hated me. But, it wasn't me who send you there, it was elder Lu Bai, remember?" She spoke as her hand pressed Fu Yixiao's shoulder with all her might.

In the eyes of others, she was simply touching her, however, Fu Yixiao could feel the strong force on her shoulder.

Acting like she was in total pain, she screamed in agony and flopped to the floor. Liling who was at her side immediately helped her and purposely touched her young miss shoulder only to hear her scream again.

"You! You! How heartless can you be? My young miss was already suffering and you still want to harm her?!" Liling had lost all reason to speak in courtesy as she was openly accusing the woman without calling her respectfully.

Madame Chin immediately pulled her hand and retreated. She couldn't believe that Fu Yixiao would dramatize the situation in such a way making her totally the villain with everything that she did.

"Liling, bring Xiao er to her room. Let her rest for the night!" Yun Xi held her granddaughter's arms and led her to Liling, instructing her to take good care of her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Honestly, Yun Xi just wanted her granddaughter to leave the room after witnessing how unstable her emotion was. She was afraid that the longer she stayed the worst it became.

"Grandma, please, I haven't apologized to sister Lu Mei." Fu Yixiao wasn't satisfied with the ending hence prepping her pitiful face before pleading. Seeing her about to disapprove, she plodded toward Lu Mei, afraid that her grandma would stop her.

She took her hand and said in a faint voice but enough for everyone to hear, "Sister Lu Mei, I'm really sorry for hurting you." tears fell on her cheek as she hugged her.

Then, she whispered in a bone-chilling voice, "Do you like my acting?" and released Lu Mei from her embrace. She wanted to laugh at the face she was making but held herself.

"Young Miss, you must rest now." Liling helped Fu Yixiao to stand on her feet. Fu Yixiao weakly held on her personal maid and walked out of the room with her head lowered.

Then, she heard a commotion behind. "You bitch! You bitch!...You lying bitch!" Fu Yixiao turned around and saw Lu Mei was running with her stilettos on both her hands, approaching her with bloodlust. She was shocked not because of her sudden burst of anger but on her stupid choice of weapon. Stilettos? Really?

"Sis!" Still, she shouted in fear. Acting in disbelieved that Lu mei would actually harm her. "Someone stop her!" Yun Xi screamed for she knew she couldn't make it in time to save her granddaughter. That was when Lu Mei weakly plummeted to the ground while holding her stomach. A man had blocked her from harming Fu Yixiao.

"Touch a hair of hers and I'll end you in seconds." Lu Mei looked at the man who was standing in front of her. Soon, beads of sweats appeared on her face. She had no idea why he would make an appearance in the Lu's gathering, however, the killing intent she felt made her peed her pant.

"Mas...ter Gui Jin, why are you here?" Someone in the crowd found the courage to ask however that person shivered the seconds Gui Jin stared at him.

"This is the evidence that proved Chin Meiyun's crime. Alongside with the other perpetrator; her daughter Lu Mei, Lu Bei as well as elder Lu Bai. Here is a letter from Master Lu Ting regarding this issue. If you're wondering about how I received this letter, that was because the incident occurred before Master Lu Ting underwent his surgery. As for the rest of it, I let Madame Yun Xi handle this matter. However, I remember Master Lu Ting once said, the person who hurt a member of the family would be forever exiled." He said and passed the white envelope to Yun Xi who was rendered speechless.

She was with her husband the whole time but she had no idea when had he met Gui Jin.

She inspected the envelope and saw the seal that belongs only to the Master of the family. This was proved of the letter's authenticity. She wanted to ask a few more questions but saw him already leaving the room while carrying her granddaughter. Her lips curved and walk on the stage ready to purge the villains that made her granddaughter suffer.



"Release me this instant!" Fu Yixiao yelled after confirming that no one would see them. Gui Jin was startled at her sudden change of attitude. He was shocked that he actually released her from his arms. This caused Fu Yixiao to grunt in pain as her butt hit the hard floor.

She stood up and stared at him in irritation. This man had ruined her whole plan! "You are not sick?" Gui Jin asked somehow in a daze. "Sick your ass! Why did you come? You had ruined my entire plan." Fu Yixiao gave him the stare that wanted to swallow him whole or at least let him disappear from her sight.

Gui Jin observed the girl in front of her and a frown formed on his forehead. He couldn't believe that she wasn't in any danger like what he had initially thought. "You should at least thank me for helping you out." He said, sulking that his intention wasn't appreciated.

"Thank you? Do you know the satisfaction when you see the people that hurt you suffer at your own hand?" Fu Yixiao gave him no chance to reply as she strode away from the place, leaving him baffled at what happened.

"Fu Yixiao! I need to remind you that not all people around you are nice. You must remember this!" Gui Jin shouted. He saw her stopped in her track. Then, she looked at him with a creased on her beautiful face.

"What do you mean?" She asked. One of her feet was tapping the floor, arms crossed. Gui Jin sighed, he wondered why this girl always gave him the cold shoulder.

"I'm simply warning you, not everyone close to you is like what you think. You should be wary of your surrounding." He rephrased what he said only to see Fu Yixiao's icy stare directed to him.

"I hear you the first time. I'm asking you to elaborate." Gui Jin could almost imgine her pouting after hearing the disatisfaction in her voice. He chuckled at his own thought which added flame to Fu Yixiao's anger.

"Just be careful." He said and patted her head. "Heh!" He heard her smirked and soon he felt a sharp pain from the sudden twist of his hand. This girl! He scolded her in his mind. How come she always act violence? He thought as he tried to free himself from her clutch.

"Thanks for the reminder. There's one thing I need you to answer. How is my grandpa?" Fu Yixiao asked after releasing Gui Jin's arm. She couldn't tolerate him treating her like a kid. However, she felt that this man knew more secrets than her. Therefore, befriending him was an advantage. Except, she hated his frivolous manner.

"The surgery was a success." Gui Jin answered as he massaged his muscle. "Then how long will he be unconscious?" She heard her asked. "Huh? Who said that?" He replied then after realizing that he actually leaked some top secret, he clasped his mouth.

"Miss Fu, what you just heard is a top secret. Once leaked, your grandfather's life will be in danger." He said and walked away afraid that the longer he stayed, the more he would reveal.

Fu Yixiao gritted her teeth. She knew that this new life of hers was not easy, however, how difficult would it be, she had no idea.

Fu Yixiao o Fu Yixiao, what with this life of yours?

cloudgugu cloudgugu

And so, madam Chin's case is settled except in an unexpected way. Gui Jin made an appearance, revealing more mystery to be solved in the future.

I wasn't expecting that to happen too. Lol. I hope you'll continue reading, promise you the future had lots of drama with ermm more satisfying face slapping. Hehe...

Thanks for reading my growing audience. Thank you so much. I'm on cloud nine.


p/s: I'll post one chapter till Friday and two on the weekend.


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