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48.43% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 31: The calm after the storm (I)

The calm after the storm (I) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 31 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 31: The calm after the storm (I)

"It's time to end these counseling sessions. Isn't it, Dr. Mirinda?" Fu Yixiao sat on a brown-leathered sofa facing a woman in the mid of twenties who was reading a report on a piece of paper.

Dr. Mirinda listened to Fu Yixiao's request and sighed. Two weeks ago, a corporate from the Lu family had come to her office and sign up counseling sessions for a certain young miss.

She was expecting a spoiled, pampered young miss, however, contrary to her expectation she was different from the usual aristocrat that she had counseled before.

Based on their first meeting, she realized that Fu Yixiao was a strong individual that won't let others dictate her own path, grounded in her faith. She wasn't proud but a girl with confident humility; someone that can stay confident without getting arrogant.

She was surprised to know that Fu Yixiao was in a facade of being emotionally unstable and was even more shocked when she explained the reasons. She found it difficult to believe that in this modern world such predicament still occurs.

After a few days of interactions, she started to like her, and they naturally formed a closer relationship akin to a friend but more like a confidant.

She was willing to cover for her pretense by extending the counseling for two weeks to avoid suspicions from her relatives and today marked the last day of their meeting. They had agreed that it would be settled as a counselor-initiated termination to give more credibility to her recovery.

"Xiao er, there's one thing I always wanted to know." Dr. Mirinda said and passed a document for her to sign. "What is it?" Fu Yixiao took the piece of paper and put her signature at the bottom of the document.

"Aren't you afraid? Isn't it much better to live a normal life and do what you love?" Dr. Mirinda took a sip of tea and continued, "Being the inheritor does bring greats benefits but the road you're going to take would be difficult." She added.

Fu Yixiao lifted her eyebrows, she had heard this question countless time and her answer would remain the same. "I wouldn't say I hate how things are right now. It's scary but it makes me stronger. Besides..." She exhaled a sigh and a closed-lip smile appeared on her face, "This is a chance given to me. I have to meet the expectations." She said. There was a faraway look in her eyes, like a sailor staring out to the sea.

Dr. Mirinda couldn't comprehend the last part of what was said but known that she shouldn't pursue the matter. "I see. In that case, I will root for you. If you ever need my help, give me a call. Ahh, we should spend time together sometimes. Outside of this office. How about we go shopping this weekend?" Fu Yixiao chuckled when she listened to her proposal. "Sure." She confirmed.

Fu Yixiao didn't expect to meet someone who could understand her as well as Dr. Mirinda. Perhaps her career as a counselor made her able to understand Fu Yixiao more but it was comfortable talking and sharing things with her.

At first, she was adamant when her grandma insisted on the counseling sessions but at this moment, she was happy that she complied to her wish. It was only two weeks and Dr. Mirinda was way older than her but, what matters was the sense of comfort she felt from her.

Besides, her instinct told her that Dr. Mirinda was someone trustworthy. And she believed in her instinct for it was one of the strengths she was blessed to have.

"I'll handle your grandma. So, you can return to your normal self starting today." Dr. Mirinda explained and look at her meaningfully. "Thank you!" Fu Yixiao giggled for she understood the meaning of the look. After all, she really didn't need any counseling for she was perfectly fine. However, due to her acting, she had no other excuses but to follow her grandma's arrangement.

"See you at the weekend." She waved her hand and left the room. Dr. Mirinda waved back as she answered the intercom on her table.

Outside, Tony was already waiting. His cool, calm and collected manners making him the attraction of the female workers. Fu Yixiao knew that he wasn't comfortable with the attention and told him to wait in the car however, Tony insisted to tag along to ensure her safety.

"Young Miss, are we returning to the mansion?" Tony asked from the driver seat. "No, let's go to Z Royal School. Was it far?" She answered and threw a question afterward. Tony wasn't expecting such request but known that she must have her own plan.

"It is a four hours ride by car. But we can take the Lu private jet and reach there within an hour." Tony explained. "Hmm, then we'll go tomorrow. For now, let's return to the mansion." Fu Yixiao responded as she rolled the window down. A cool breeze touched the warmth of her cheek. She let the window open and rested her eyes, letting her thought wander.

She recalled the incident two weeks ago where Madame Chin and her husband, as well as Lu Mei, was forced to leave the mansion and Lu Mei was stripped from her role as one of the candidates.

The only thing that didn't happen was their banishment from the family mostly because Lu Buwei wasn't really involved in the whole scheming. However, they were no longer eligible to claim their portion from the Lu family. Means they were no longer supported by the Lu and had to survive on their own. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

She remembered them pleading and begging her to let them stay in the mansion but after the incident, they were already labelled as her enemies. Besides, having them stay meant to create more trouble for her and she hated that.

She thought a peaceful day had come with them gone but soon she found out that all the candidates would stay at the mansion to make the selection easier.

So far, the candidates were all nice to each other but she knew that soon it would change. Then, when the selection was postponed for two weeks due to her counseling sessions, she started to get malicious reactions from some of the candidates. Though no one dared to confront her openly.

Two days ago, the criteria to be the top three candidates were revealed. There were three missions; one was to attend the Z Royal School and scored the highest score in the Royal Entrance Examination; an examination held at the end of the year to determine their rank in the Royal Board. Ranking in the Royal Board gave them a high status in the academy which means receiving the best educational resources.

This was a valid mission because all the candidates were of the same age except Lu Xinya who was a year older. However, due to some circumstances, she was held a year back hence allowing for a fair assessment. Another two missions were confidential and the candidates would only know the test when they were being tested.

Fu Yixiao didn't care about the other tests but was more interested in the Z Royal School due to her interest in the pursuit of knowledge. She learned from Liling that the school was an elite boarding school eligible only to the four prominent families in City Z.

The facilities were one of the best in this world and the educators were chosen after a series of screening. However, the glory of Z Royal School was more on the product; the graduates. They held high positions in City Z and also the most influential people in their own respective field. This ignited the flame in Fu Yixiao's heart and that was the reason for her to visit the school early. She was curious.

"Young Miss, we are here." Tony looked at the side mirror and saw his young miss opened her eyes. He went out of the car to open the car's door; a gesture that he insisted on doing even though Fu Yixiao scolded him not to do it.

Fu Yixiao rolled her eyes when he realized Tony's aim and immediately walked out of the car. She noticed his sulking face and wanted to laugh at him, however, decided not to when the figure of Liling waiting at the entrance entered her line of sight.

'What is it now?' Fu Yixiao knew something must have happened for Liling to have a solemn expression on her face.

As soon as Liling saw her young miss, she rushed to her and gave her the tablet she was holding. Fu Yixiao looked at the screen and saw the headlines of today's news.


cloudgugu cloudgugu

Dear readers, thank you for your support of this story. To repay your kindness I will release three chapters on Saturday and Sunday.

Hope you'll continue reading my story!

Thank you for the comments, rating, votes, and review.



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