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50% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 32: The calm after the storm (II)

The calm after the storm (II) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 32 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 32: The calm after the storm (II)

"Has grandma read the news?" Liling with her mouths curved downward nodded her head up and down. Her eyes were staring at Fu Yixiao who was reading the news on a bench with her legs crossed.

"Madame also asked for Young Miss to meet her in the working room," Liling relayed a message that she almost forgot if not for Fu Yixiao mentioning her grandma. "Alright." Fu Yixiao answered before taking a few deep breaths to release the endorphins that could calm her heart.

Six minutes walking, Fu Yixiao finally arrived at the working room. She knocked on the door before entering. Inside, two men in black suits were talking to her grandmother. When they saw her, they immediately bowed. Fu Yixiao also bowed in return.

"Xiao er, you are here!" Yun Xi rose from her seat and held her granddaughter's hand. She instructed the two men to leave before analyzing her granddaughter from head to toe.

"Grandma?" Fu Yixiao frowned, uneasy with the way she looked at her. "Hehe, I'm just worried that Dr. Mirinda has made a mistake in her assessment." Yun Xi giggled as she embraced her lovingly.

"Grandma, about the news?" Fu Yixiao somehow felt uncomfortable with the affection of her grandmother, therefore, she immediately started a conversation on the news. She liked her grandma but sometimes she felt suffocated with the love and affection given to her. As for the reason, she was clueless herself.

Yun Xi's face turned livid as she pressed her lips firmly together. "Xiao er do you know who was the sole inheritor the news had been referring to?" Yun Xi asked and glanced at her granddaughter. She tried to discern her expressions to know what she was thinking about.

"Grandma, I know that they are referring to me. " Fu Yixiao answered. The news had clearly stated 'a child that was separated from her parents when she was seven years old...' that child was none other than her. "However, I have no idea why me." She said with an almost smile on her face.

Yun Xi took a deep breath and explained "I had someone investigating the Fu Family and found out that they are also choosing a successor around this time. There is a tradition in Fu family in which the first child of the current CEO of the Fu Corporation will become the heir of the Fu inheritance. Your father is the current CEO and by right you are the heir." Yun Xi explained and a tight-lipped smile appeared on her face.

Fu Yixiao was almost laughing at her grandmother's explanation. The concept was too absurd in her mind.

"Xiao er, what are your thought?" Yun Xi asked. "Thought? Grandma, a month ago I was in a coma for a reason I didn't know. And then, I was told that I was chosen as the successor of this family and now the Fu also need me to be the heir. How absurd is that idea?" She expressed her disappointment. Her crinkled eyes defined her frustration at the moment. What nonsense is this? She thought.

Yun Xi didn't know how to refute her. However, she marveled over something she had mentioned and proceeded to ask, "Xiao er, do you remember any incidents or events that took place before you fell into a coma?"

Startled, Fu Yixiao shook her head side to side. She was also curious as to why there were no memories of incidents that caused her to be hospitalized. At first, she thought that it was due to the scheming mother of hers but she believed that there was a major event that happened before that. The problem was, none of it appeared in her mind. She somehow 'lost' the memories.

"Grandma, do you know what happened back then?" She asked.

Yun Xi coughed; somehow surprised by her question and this made Fu Yixiao looked at her in anticipation. "No. I don't." She quickly answered and composed herself.

"Xiao er, please return to your room and rest. Don't worry about the news. Grandma will investigate further and explained any new finding to you. For now, just enjoy your life here in the mansion before leaving to Z Royal School." She deviated the conversation and ushered her out of the room. Fu Yixiao wanted to say more but decided not to. It was obvious that her grandma was hiding something.



"Young Miss, it's already nine. You need to rest." Liling reminded her young miss who was looking at the moon from the gazebo in Lu's garden. After leaving the Madame's working room, her young miss seemed to be occupied in thoughts. She wanted to ask but Tony kept scolding her not to ask anything.

"Young Miss, I'll go and take a blanket for you," Liling said and about to turn when she saw a silhouette of a man approaching them. As the man got closer, her jaw dropped unable to utter a single word. Tony was also perplexed to see the approaching man. He wanted to inform his young miss but seeing the man shook his head, he remained on his spot. Afraid to move.

"Ma...master," Liling whispered.

"Go and guard the area." Wu Zhaoyi who was wearing his usual black mask spoke in a faint voice. It faded as soon as the word left his lips but enough to reach Liling and Tony's ears. They immediately left and scouted the area.

"What are you thinking?" Fu Yixiao heard a familiar voice next to her and then a jacket was wrapped in her small body, giving her warmth amidst the cold of the night. She turned around and saw a masked man was staring at her. "Wu Zhaoyi?" She whispered his name, still confused with his sudden appearance. "Why are you here? How did you come here? What if..." She looked at him and then looked at her surrounding afraid that someone might have seen him coming.

Wu Zhaoyi who was leaning against the pillar chuckled when he saw her bewildered look. "It was easy to sneak in. Don't worry, nobody will find out." He assured. His eyes were locked onto her face trying to peek into her mind.

"You seemed confused over something." He stated as his eyes trailed her line of sight, looking at the full moon that brightened the whole area. There was a moment of silence before Fu Yixiao responded.

"Wu Zhaoyi, do you know who I am?" She asked however not really expecting him to answer. She glanced at the man who was standing two feet away from her and the thought of him afraid of women somehow crossed her mind. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"What?" Wu Zhaoyi glared at Fu Yixiao who was trying to hold her laughter. Caught in action, Fu Yixiao scowled at him refusing to lose in the staring contest. Defeated, Wu Zhaoyi shifted his eyes somewhere else.

"So, do you know who I am?" Fu Yixiao repeated her earlier question and this time she was expecting an answer. "I do." She heard him say. It wasn't a joke but more like he really knew about her.

Shocked, Fu Yixiao stood up but due to the prolonged inactivity, she staggered and almost fell on the ground. Thankfully, Wu Zhaoyi was quick in his action and helped to stabilize herself.

"Hehe, so you aren't scared of women." Fu Yixiao teased the man who was still holding her in his arm. Then, somehow she felt that he was blushing behind his mask. "Really? Are you blushing now?" Curious, she touched his mask and a hot wave ran across her veins, making herself blush.

"You!" Wu Zhaoyi who was rendered speechless immediately released his hand. The moment she touched his mask, a rush feeling welled in his chest, making him almost lost all his strength. Fu Yixiao, on the other hand, could no longer contain her laughter and soon filled the area with her belly laugh.

"Sorry." Fu Yixiao held her stomach as she tried to calm herself. "Was it really fun to tease someone older than you?" Wu Zhaoyi scolded the girl in front of her. "Older? How old are you? Thirty? Forty?" Fu Yixiao gave him a mocking look before she continued, "I bet you are only in your twenties." She took a guess and watch his expression. However, the damned mask was in the way making her unable to fathom what he was thinking. Worst, he didn't give any response in return. She pouted and repeatedly scolded him in her mind.

"Fu Yixiao," Fu Yixiao stared at Wu Zhaoyi who was looking at her. Somehow, there was a nostalgic feeling when she heard him called her name. She wanted to dwell more into it but he was already speaking, "One day the truth will be revealed. That's why for now, focus on getting to the top of the Royal Board. About the Fu Corporation, I believe they will not take action immediately. Even if they did, I believe Lu family had the power to suppress them." His voice was soft but clear.

Fu Yixiao tugged her bottom lip for she couldn't believe that the chaos rooted in her mind slowly dissipated as soon as he finished his sentences.

She walked toward Wu Zhaoyi who somehow nervous seeing her getting closer. Tiptoeing, she met his gaze and smiled. "Thanks, you had cleared my mind. You're absolutely right. I shouldn't worry about something I don't know. I should focus on my goals instead." She said this more as a reminder to herself.

She heaved a sigh of relief. Then, a wicked smile showed on her face, "Hehe... if the Fu wants to create trouble, I wouldn't mind taking over their wealth as well." She said cunningly. "Don't you think so?" She winked at Wu Zhaoyi who was already laughing at her devious idea.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

107 powerstones! That was crazy. Hehe...never thought this story deserved that much ps.

Thanks a lot!



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