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32.81% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 21: The dark chamber (IV)

The dark chamber (IV) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 21 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 21: The dark chamber (IV)

"Stop! Yes, zoom in, please." CM adhered to everything that was instructed to him by the beauty next to her. There were times, he saw her fidgety fingers wanted to take over the whole process. Intimidated, he performed to his full potential.

On the screen, there were three people sitting together, the sound of wine glasses colliding filled the whole room followed by a burst of hysterical laughter from a woman, wearing a pair of black pearl drop earring.

"Mei er, have you told Lu Jing to handle the situation with the kitchen maids?" Madam Chin asked, savoring another shot of wine. There was a smile with malicious glee on her slightly swollen face highlighted due to her style of make-up. She put too much white powder but lacked shading and concealment.

"Mama, all settled. But today's event was a very close call. I even risked my hand!" Lu Mei's whined as she held her injured hand. "Mei er, if it wasn't for your quick thinking, our plan would have failed. My daughter is really smart!" Gleeful laughter left the girl's mouth when she heard her mother's compliment. "Indeed!" Lu Bei who was listening also praised his niece's quick action. Lu Mei's giggled as she shyly leaned on her mother's shoulder.

"Uncle Bei, isn't it dangerous to involve Elder Lu Bai in this? What if grandpa find out?" Lu Mei asked, straightening her wrinkled dress. She took a sip of the wine given by her mother, the intense flavor made her eyes bulged, causing the two adults shrieked with laughter.

"Hehe, soon you'll find out my dear. Don't worry about being find out. Even if he does, there's not much he can do." Lu Bei winked and let his laughter filled the room. Lu Mei pouted, unsatisfied with the explanation. She felt that since she was involved, she was eligible to know all the ins and outs. Frustratingly, that wasn't the case.

"Mei er, knowing too much would do you no good. However, rest assured, the Fu girl will not stay long in this mansion," Madam Chin comforted her daughter who devoured another glass of wine, sulking. She patted her head, trying to ease her mind. Then, she stared at Lu Bei who was drunk. "Lu Bei, have you contacted them yet?" She asked. Lu Bei grinned as he said assuredly, "They already knew."


"Ahhh! Why?" A shrill of scream left the two men's mouth when the screen froze of inaction. Their unsatisfied looks were directed toward CM with all sorts of beatings flashed in their eyes. "Not me!" CM whispered. His eyes rolled toward Fu Yixiao who was in a contemplative mood with her eyes shut, somehow defenseless. Taking this opportunity was Lan as he leaned closer to observe the girl's features, trying to find hints that could reveal her true nature.

Fu Yixiao was alarmed when she felt that someone was thoroughly inspecting her. She opened her eyes and stared at the man who was an inch away from her face. Perhaps, due to the shock of exposure, the man staggered and crashed onto Bong who was staring at him in incredulity.

"Bro, you okay?" Bong asked, his concerned eyes swept his whole countenance, he could feel a subtle hint of fear in those eyes, making him brimmed with curiosity. Lan nodded as he breathed, releasing the loads creeping to his consciousness. He was scared. From the moment his gaze met the velvety black eyes of hers, his whole world spun out of control, she was, without a doubt, dangerous!

Fu Yixiao had no idea that her casual look had made Lan's perception toward her transmuted to fear. All she did was staring at him, questioning his uninvited probing.

"Miss Fu, will that be enough as evidence?" CM asked, crushing the silence that started to grope their heart. "Hmmm, yes and no. It isn't enough to crush them. There's more to this than meets the eye. " She declined.

She knew now that there was a darker secret hidden in the Lu family. The crook wasn't thinking of her as an enemy but simply a chess piece that needed to be eliminated. That's why as soon as she entered the mansion, she was targetted by everyone. Fu Yixiao sighed, her heart became uneasy. The road she had taken was a dangerous one. She was in a desperate need of power!

Then, it hit her. She wasn't sure if the Wyvern was known to the majority of the Lu Family, but if she could borrow its power, she would suffer less. However, she had no idea of what this organization is all about. What prowess did it possess? Does it have the ability to back her up? If only she could meet their leader...

Fu Yixiao's eyes brighten as she held Bong's hand, her eyes curled to a smile, making the man fell into a turmoil of emotions.

"May I know your relationship with Tony?" She asked, her voice was sweet. She was like those teenagers, full of life spirit. Once again, the shift in her character caused a furor among the men. Bong was a bit jumpy, obviously happy with how things had turned out. He was fond of Fu Yixiao, the short interaction they had made him looked at her as his younger sister. One that needed to be doted on.

"Wait, before we talk further, can I call you Xiao er? since you are only fifteen, I should be your big brother." Bong's eyes lit up, hoping that she'd accepted his request. Fu Yixiao smiled, agreeing to his request. "Me too, let me be your big brother!" CM fitted in, refusing to be left behind. "Sure!" Fu Yixiao agreed. Then, the two men stared at Lan who sat on the sofa, feeling detached. They took it that he was only shy hence assuring Fu Yixiao that he wouldn't mind being her big brother as well.

Fu Yixiao almost choked at their carefree attitude, she started to doubt herself if it was good to associate with these group of spontaneous people.

"Xiao er, whatever big bro will say after this, you must remember that no one should know about this. Can you promise that?" Bong lifted one of his fingers requesting her to do a pinky promise as an oath. "Sure brother Bong!" Fu Yixiao said as she did what was requested. "Bong!" Lan intercepted, his eyes warned him not to for he still couldn't trust her.

"It's alright. I trust her!" CM announced as he massaged Lan's shoulder, relieving the tension he was feeling. "Xiao er, since you are curious, I need to tell you one of the codes we practice. Those who betray will be eliminated!" CM explained, emphasizing on the last sentence. Fu Yixiao's eyes sparked, she felt like she had been transferred to her past life. Back then, that was an oath she had shared with her companion. Loyalty was crucial in order to survive in the land of betrayal yet at times it can be a double-edged sword! Killing you unprepared.

Seeing her elated face, CM was satisfied and gave a meaningful look toward the man next to him. "Suit yourself!" Lan finally surrendered.

"Xiao er thanked brother Lan for your acceptance!" Fu Yixiao clasped her fist and bowed, a habit from her past life. Lan who was caught off guard with her sudden act of gratitude felt that he was standing in front a noble from ancient history. "Sure." He replied, finally allowing a smile to emerge on his inflexible front. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Xiao er, Tony was assigned a task to protect you under our Master's order. We are not clear of the reason why, but it had to do with the power conflict in the Lu family. There's a lot that we are not sure of but I'm sure you'll know about it in the future." Bong explained. He stared at her, watching her unchanging expression. He wondered if she had guessed everything, knowing her intelligence, she probably did.

"Brother Bong, may I know who is your leader?" Fu Yixiao asked. The trio looked at each other, a bit perplexed in answering the question. At the same time, they wondered if the girl were not worried about the Lu power conflict for she hadn't responded to the revelation provided by Bong earlier.

"Errr, it's a bit awkward to talk about our master. He is a bit peculiar." Bong scratched his head, unsure of what to say. Fu Yixiao frowned. She could feel the panic in Bong's voice. "Xiao er, you don't want to see him. No, no, you should never see him or meet him." CM shook his head, then he continued, "He's a dangerous man!" He whispered.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Enjoy the chapter!

I'm thankful for each and everyone of you who read my book. If there's anything that you are not satisfied with, please comments below. Also, I would love to know your thoughts on this chapter.

You can also vote, review and rate this chapter. Hehe, all in all, I'm blessed to have readers. LOL.


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