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37.5% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 24: The dark chamber (VII)

The dark chamber (VII) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 24 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 24: The dark chamber (VII)

He had no idea that there would come a day when a young girl would grope him out of his free will. if she was a woman, then it would made sense, but obviously, she wasn't. He was angry yet amused at the same time. In the end, his sense of pride took over him as he swung the girl's body to his arms. "Don't ever do that again!" He whispered in her ears. He was thinking that she needed to be taught a lesson for the things she did could entice the dangerous nature of a man.

He tightened his hand engulfing her in his embrace. "Are you Wu Zhaoyi?" He heard her asked for the third time. "So what if I am?" He questioned her back. Then, he saw her expression changed, she was irritated.

"If you are Wu Zhaoyi, then lend me your strength. I heard from Bong and the rest that you have send Tony to guard me. I assume you knew me." He heard her. He heard her asking him for help. He tried to comprehend her request but failed. Was she that shameless? Or is it desperation? He wasn't sure.

"Beg me, then." He said, taking the easy way to verify his thought. "I only need you to protect me in the shadow. I believe your organization is not known to the other members of the Lu family. Protect me until I become the successor." He furrowed, amused that she wasn't really begging him and her voice, it was calm, not fitting for someone who was desperate.

"What is the gains?" He was testing her. She should know that such request bore great price, an empty word was insufficient. "Once I inherit the inheritance, I will support you financially and if you want your organization to be well-known, I'll help you." She replied. There was no hesitation when she gave him her bargaining chips.

Wu Zhaoyi chuckled and soon he was laughing. "You are merely a fifteen years old girl who doesn't' have the strength to go against those who oppressed you. Do you really expect me to trust your word? How about trying to release yourself from my grip. I might consider your offer." He teased her, annoyed that she was trying to talk terms with him, despite knowing how inconvenience her situation was at this moment.

"Really?" She asked, then she moved; soon a cold knife was on his neck. "You promised." Her raw, chilly voice rang in his ears. He stared at the knife in her hand and shocked flashed in his eyes. The knife she was holding was his. He touched his waist, it was empty.

When did she? Was it when she was touching him all over? Nah, he was sure that she wasn't holding anything back then. He was amused alright, he miscalculated her. However, this wasn't enough. She had underestimated him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He grabbed her hand, the one that was holding the knife, rolled her over and now her own hand was pointing the knife toward her neck. "You let down your guard." He said. A smile circulated on his bare face. Yet, the girl wasn't panicking instead, she was smiling.

"Too soon to tell." She replied as she kicked him in the place he wasn't expecting. He was strong but that was his weak point. In fact to all men, once their private was attacked, they lose a bit of their strength. He gained his momentum back, but she was now holding the upper hand as he saw her crouching while pointing a gun to his head. "This toy is pretty dangerous. I was lucky, didn't expect her to be able to use this weapon." She muttered, observing the gun in her hand.

"So, Wu Zhaoyi, you do know that once I pull the trigger, your head will blow away. At this moment, I'm rather curious about the effect of using this weapon. Gun, isn't it. The name?" Her melodious voice was enchantingly dangerous. Wu Zhaoyi stared at her in disbelief. Not only his knife but his gun was taken away as well? When did that happen?

"How?" Curiosity killed him, so might as well asked her. "Nah, too lazy to explain. So the offer?" He saw her lifting one of her brows. He stared at her and unexpectedly his mind was praising how cute she looked at the moment. He chuckled, "How about you put the weapon away, then only we talk." He proposed. "Can I trust you?" She asked, however she complied and distanced herself. He saw her sitting at the edge of the bed with her right hand still pointing the gun in his direction.

Sighing, he stood up and sat on the chair he sat on earlier. "So?" She asked again, impatient. "Sure, but remember, we will only protect you. Not assisting you to gain the throne." He made his offer clear. Besides, it would only prove her incompetence if she relied on them to gain the right as the successor.

He saw her smiling. And again, his mind was praising her. She was indeed a beauty! "Deal!" He heard her agreed. "So, can you return my weapons?" He asked only to see her staring at him like he was an idiot.

"You failed in protecting your weapons! Now that these are in my hand, the ownership is automatically mine." She reasoned, mocking him of his carelessness. "You..." He wanted to bicker but seeing her excitement as she held the weapon, he relented. "Suit yourself." He finally surrendered.

"Really? You are so kind. I can see that these are well made. Thanks!" His eyes bulged at her shamelessness. Just now she was clearly forcing him to give the weapon to her, now she was thanking him like he was giving them at his own free will.

"What?" He asked, voice slightly high. She was looking at his direction, her eyes contained a hundred unanswered questions. "What is your relationship with my grandpa? Why did you help him? Do you know me? Have we actually emm...met before?" She threw a series of questions as she stared at him, patiently waiting for answers.

"Sooner or later, you will know." He replied, giving her the taste of her own medicine. He was still puzzled at how his weapons ended up in her hands. Did she grope him to know whether he had weapons or not? If that was the case, then she was unexpectedly intelligent. Her every move was well planned and carefully executed. Damn it, he was really curious!

Fu Yixiao stared at the man who looks could kill. She was annoyed at his response. However, she didn't want to pry further. For one day all the answer would come to her. She was relieved that her plan had succeeded. Now, she was no longer alone, she had the Wyvern organization to support her in the dark.

She recalled the faces of all the people who had conspired against her, sending her to the dark chamber. For once, she was thankful. She had encountered a fortune that could send misfortunes on their way. I was lucky! She thought.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Happy Saturday!

Enjoy this chapter and tell me what you think.

Was it overly done? Lol.


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