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84.37% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 54: The foreshadows

The foreshadows - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 54 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 54: The foreshadows

Fu Yixiao had little consciousness in her for she was consumed with an uncontrollable desire to kill the woman who was laying on the floor. She wanted to retract her hands which showered by the cold sensation emanated by the guns but couldn't.

It was when she listened to Lu Yiantao's explanation of the truth regarding herself that adrenaline started to rush to her system; pumping and beating to escape. When Lu Yiantao ridiculed her real parents, a fire-seed grew in her belly and transformed to an inferno that she couldn't manage.

Every violated word spewed by Lu Yiantao was like gasoline that fueled the fire burning inside her. The moment when Wu Zhaoyi and Gui Jin wanted to help her, she could hear the hissing sound of the burning rage; screeching a demanded released in the form of unwanted violence. She almost, almost fired the guns straight to their heart. Thankfully, the desire to maim Lu Yiantao was stronger than the feeling of harming the men.

'What is this feeling?' that was the thought of her little consciousness left. For the first time ever, she felt an abrupt surge of intense fear in her stomach. be it in the past or present she was always able to control her emotions. Of course, she wasn't the master of her feelings but regulating her emotions was easy to her. Yet at this moment, she knew she wouldn't hesitate to kill the woman.

'No!' A strong objection echoed in her mind but similarly, the strong bloodlust transformed as leverage to pull the trigger. There was no hesitation as both her index fingers released the trigger. She had succumbed herself to the devil. She wanted to close her eyes but no matter what, she failed to stop herself from watching the two bullets flew toward Lu Yiantao's head.

She waited.

Yet, the bell of death never chimed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Then, a new feeling rose inside her.

The unpleasant coldness she felt earlier turned to a warm feeling that comforted her soul. Her surrounding transformed into a slow movie and finally halted. Everything was frozen except her.

She looked around and saw Wu Zhaoyi and Gui Jin with worried expressions on their faces. Fu Kuan was still sitting on the floor with his eyes widely opened. Kristy and an unknown man next to her was looking directly at her with their palms covering their mouth.

These people were all stupefied with her action.

Fu Yixiao stared at the people inside the room for a while longer. Finally, her eyes rested on Lu Yiantao who was laying on the floor. She stared at the woman who awakened the self she never knew she had.

Then, Lu Xinya's words describing her as 'killing machine' echoed in her mind. She feared that what she said might be the truth.

She reached out to the two bullets hovering in the air and the moment her palms touched them, tears rolled down her cheek for explicit memories flooded her brain. She collapsed on the floor, her mind was in chaos trying to find the bottom of what she was experiencing right now.

That was when she saw a shadow on the tattered floor. A shadow that she thought was a mere dream in the past. She looked up and finally, she saw the true form of the silhouette she once saw behind the curtain in her bedroom at the Lu mansion.

"We meet again," The shadow spoke.

"You are..." Fu Yixiao tried to speak but the word choked in her throat unable to go through.

"I am you and you are me," Fu Yixiao blinked unable to comprehend the words she heard.

"I've released the seal that binds your memories but as to how I pulled you to this world, you'll find the answer at Tu Island,"

"You, are you really dead?" Fu Yixiao asked in confusion. This was the most ridiculous thing that happened after her transmigration.

"I'm dead in this world but I'm alive in another,"

"Fu Ya, remember this. The four big families aren't the enemies. They are the platform for you to toughen yourself when facing this world number one villain. I'm sorry that I make you go through all this but I have no other choice. If it was me, I'm already dead a long time ago,"

Fu Yixiao stared at the shadow that resembled her in bewilderment. She saw the sadness that emerged on her face. Her eyes were staring at her with interminable guilt.

"Who is the number one villain you mentioned?" She asked as her eyes warmed up to her.

"You know him. All of my memories are already yours," again, there was a trace of guilt in her voice.

"Fu Ya, no, you are now Fu Yixiao. Listen, my time is up and this probably the last time I'm able to help you. I can't travel two worlds in the same year,"

"I know, deep inside you was the longing of revenge toward your fiancee. But, forget about your past because if you don't he'll come to hunt you again," Fu Yixiao stared at the shadow after listening to 'her' stern warning. She wondered what 'she' meant but no matter how much much she tried to justify 'her' words, nothing affirmative came to her mind.

Then, she saw a slight distortion in 'her' shadow. She blinked for her mind was still trying to process the information she received earlier.

"Fu Yixiao, why did you bring me to this world?" She asked after realizing that 'her' time was almost up. She knew this probably the final chance she had with 'her'.

The whole situation was too absurd for her to believe but the more she thought about it, everything seemed to make sense. Especially, about her transmigration and the sudden hate she received from people that supposedly closed to her.

"Sorry, I couldn't find anyone else. I read about you once and thought that you would be able to help me. I'm no longer Fu Yixiao, you are Fu Yixiao. This is the identity that belongs to you now. Remember, don't trust anyone but yourself. Ahh, no, you can trust them," Fu Yixiao saw 'her' eyes lingered on Wu Zhaoyi and Gui Jin. Then, slowly 'her' shadow dissipated to nothingness. All she could see was the empty air.

She breathed in and out, stabilizing her emotions as well as arranging the series of thoughts she had. Stacks of memories once again crashed to her mind, playing in the loop with high density inside her brain. She felt her body weakened and exhaustion took over her. But, the specific memories she had earlier pulled her to a terrifying dream.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Hi guys,

This is it, an explanation to some of the mysteries on why Fu Ya was brought to the new world. And a foreshadowing of the danger she would face in the future.

I know you had a guess on who the shadow was. Yep, honestly, I wasn't expecting this story to become so complicated like this. The conflict was following the initial plan but how it'll be portrayed was never planned. It just happened. Heh, what can I expect from this brain of mine? hehe.

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