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23.43% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 15: The schemes (I)

The schemes (I) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 15 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 15: The schemes (I)

"Young Miss?" Liling, the personal maid appointed to attend to Fu Yixiao's needs went inside a room with a black box in her arms. She put the box on a coffee table next to a pedestal vase, then walked toward the bed to wake her young miss except, she wasn't there. Looking at the neatly folded blanket, Liling felt disappointed at her incompetence. Folding was one of her works as a maid. Feeling guilty, she scanned the room searching the whereabouts of her young miss. Then, she saw her leaned against the silver railing of the balcony, watching the morning view.

Her luminous black hair swayed enjoying the melody of nature. She stood there admiring the garden view that was covered by a mystical fog shading the beauty of nature from the assault of the sun. Liling was mesmerized with the sight as she stood there drawing the image in her mind. She was startled when Fu Yixiao talked to her.

"Why are you standing there like a statue?" Fu Yixiao asked as she stretched her hands, taking a last glance toward the garden and walked into the room. Blushing, Liling looked at Fu Yixiao admiringly. Even her young miss yawning face looked so elegant. Liling giggled at her own infatuation toward her young miss, she felt that she was willing to follow her forever just to look at her beauty.

"Young Miss, breakfast is ready downstairs." She said bashfully. Fu Yixiao nodded as her eyes were admiring the arrangement of the flowers in the pedestal vase. She spotted a black box next to it. Curious, she laid the box on her lap, inspecting the content inside. "Miss, the box was given by Master Lu before he left the mansion," Liling explained. "I see." Fu Yixiao replied as she opened the lid revealing two items inside.

Liling watched her young miss puzzled expression as her hands held an item each. Her eyes were rolling side to side following her hands' movement whose flipping the two items upward, downward and sideways.

"Miss, this smartphone is the latest technology from GJ Tech. I heard that there were only five of this design. This is a limited item." Liling explained, unable to stand her young miss way of handling the two items. "Hmm." Fu Yixiao responded as she inspected each corner of the smartphone. "It's quite elegant. I love its color. So, what is this for?" She asked. "Errr, this... Young miss have you never used a smartphone before?" Liling felt that she had asked the wrong question, still, she asked away.

Fu Yixiao laughed, scratching her head. Then, with a poker-face, she said: "Well, a different smartphone has a different way of using, right?" It was really a gambled question for she had no clue on how to use it, somehow her memories just wouldn't help her. Beguiled, Liling nodded in understanding. It took her ten minutes to explain the function and usage of the smartphone. Fu Yixiao's eyes lit up as she listened to Liling's detailed manual of using the phone.

"Then, what about this?" She asked, waving a black card with anticipation. "Oh, that is a platinum credit card. Miss, do you know the limit of this card? There is no limit and the interest is not that high either. I heard that this is only available to a certain family in city Z mainly the four prominent families." Liling explained enthusiastically. However, when she looked at her young miss, she could only see a blank expression.

Fu Yixiao coughed, trying to remain calm. She had to admit that she had no idea what Liling was talking about. She wondered why there were no helpful memories from the previous Fu Yixiao regarding all the items she received today. "So, what is this credit card for?" She asked no longer feigning her expression. "Miss you can use this to buy things," Liling answered. Suspicion rose in her heart but she ignored it. She felt that her young miss' ignorance was only natural for she had lived at Tu Island for years, isolated from the rest of the world.

"So, it's basically like money?" Fu Yixiao asked, raising one of her eyebrows. Liling nodded. "I see. Hmm, I never use this item before for I have no reason too." She answered as if knowing the thoughts of her personal maid. Yet, It was all true, even the previous Fu Yixiao might not have the privilege to obtain any of these items, what's more, her who came from the past. Again, Liling nodded in understanding.

Fu Yixiao kept the credit card in the built-in vault inside her room, locking them up with codes. As for the phone, she thought it would be wise for her to bring it along wherever she went.

"Liling, please remind Tony to wait for me in the training room. I'll eat my breakfast first." Fu Yixiao instructed. She walked out of the room, heading to the dining hall downstairs. Reaching the dining hall, she saw both Lu Mei and Lu Jing were having breakfast together. Upon seeing her arrival, the two looked at each other, communicating secretly. Fu Yixiao smiled and sat on one of the chairs.

Enjoying her food, Fu Yixiao didn't notice the arrival of a certain man, approaching the dining table. She felt something was off when she saw both Lu Mei and Lu Jing left their chair in a hurry. Her eyes caught them bowing and greeting someone. However, due to her hunger, she felt that she couldn't stand and leave her seat. She needed energy!

Both Lu Mei and Lu Jing were really shocked by the man's entrance and immediately greeted him. However, when they saw that Fu Yixiao was busily chewing her food, they became enraged. "Sister Fu, are you trying to embarrass us. Stand up now!" Lu Mei whispered to Fu Yixiao's ears, saliva flew as she was speaking in a hurry. Fu Yixiao was startled with the sudden stimulus in her right ear and her hand automatically pushed Lu mei's head away.

"You!" Lu Mei touched her face, gritting her teeth in anger. If not for the presence of the man, she might have already slapped Fu Yixiao.

"Sorry, my right ear is quite sensitive. That was all reflexive." Fu Yixiao explained. Then, she noticed that the empty chair in front of her was pulled by someone. She lifted her face, curious of who he was, however, the sight made her wanted to vomit all the food she had eaten.

Gui Jin!

"Master Gui, may I know the reason for you to be here?" Lu Mei asked with an alluring voice. Fu Yixiao frowned when she heard her way of talking. She inferred that Lu Mei must be interested in Gui Jin for her to talk so seductively.

Lu Mei noticed that Gui Jin's stare was directed toward Fu Yixiao and she instantly thought that he was angry with Fu Yixiao's attitude. She wanted to leap in joy as she imagined the torture Fu Yixiao would go through if she was reported to the Lu's master and elders. She was about to speak when Gui Jin looked at her, clearly irritated. Then, she noticed the amusing look he had when he looked at Fu Yixiao. She bitted her bottom lip.

"Miss Fu, how have you been? Do you miss me?" Gui Jin asked as a mischievous smile appeared on his face. He watched Fu Yixiao swallowed the food calmly, totally ignoring him. He chuckled, amused by her nonchalant attitude.

Fu Yixiao felt full, stood up and was about to leave the table when she heard Lu Mei yelled at her.

"Sister Fu, it is very rude of you to leave when Master Gui is here!" Irritated, she turned around, "Then, the two of you can entertain him all you want." She said. Honestly, if it was another person she would definitely respect him or her however, since the man was Gui Jin, ignoring him was the only option she had. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Miss Fu, our Lu family doesn't welcome such a rude person like you. Master Gu is the most respected guest in this mansion. You are definitely the first one to be daring enough to ignore him." Lu Jing scowled, a look of disdain appeared in his face.

Fu Yixiao shook her head feeling helpless. She had no idea why the two were arguing with her over the fact that she ignored Gui Jin. They totally had no idea the conflict she had with him and yet, they were yelling and shouting at her. "Miss Lu Mei, Young Master Lu, instead of wasting your breath on me, why don't the two of you entertain our guest here. " She said and left the room.

When she reached the door, a muscular hand blocked her way. She knew who he was and bent forward to avoid the hand. However, she was pulled into an embrace causing her face to redden as she could feel the man's breath brushed against her hair. "Let me go." She said trying to free herself. "Hmmm, why should I?" Gui Jin replied as he tighten his embrace. "Master Gui, please get your hand off me!" Seeing the enraged girl in his embrace, Gui Jin smiled and said, "No, I refuse."

Infuriated, Fu Yixiao stomped Gui Jin's right foot with her own. Gui Jin loosened his grip as he felt pain on his right foot but it wasn't enough for him to lose in the battle of strength. Fu Yixiao could feel her heartbeat racing uncontrollably, she was really angry. Focusing all her strength in her hand, she elbowed his ribs making him groaned in pain. This time around, Fu Yixiao managed to free herself. Kicking the man's leg, she ran.

Gui Jin laughed when he saw Fu Yixiao ran away. He touched his ribs and couldn't help but be amused with her strength. Every time he met her, there were always something that piqued his curiosity as well as his interest. Making him wanted to tease her even more even though, he knew she would hate him. Sighing, Gui Jin left the dining room, leaving Lu Mei and Lu Jing who was still trying to figure out what they had just witnessed.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

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