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64.06% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 41: Z Royal School (I)

Z Royal School (I) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 41 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 41: Z Royal School (I)

Fu Yixiao slowly and reluctantly uncovered her face. She blinked, closed her eyes, and blinked again adjusting her eyes to the light inside the plane. A blanket that was covering her body slipped to the floor. She bent down and stared at the blanket wondering if she had put it on herself or someone else did.

"You've woken up." An unfamiliar voice entered her ears. She looked around and met the eyes of a man wearing glasses. He had a serious look on his slightly pale countenance. In his hand was a thick book. The kind of book that people would rarely read. She recognized him as one of the pre-selection candidates, Xu Kai.

"Young Master Xu?" She asked with a furrow on her face. The moment she entered the plane she didn't greet anyone and went straight to an available bed with the help of an attendant. Satisfying her need to sleep was more important than socializing with the other candidates. Besides, most of the candidates were acting hostile toward her and that was the reason why she felt no obligation to talk with them. Therefore, seeing Xu Kai sitting next to her was quite a surprise.

"Young Miss Fu, call me Xu Kai. The title isn't suitable for me." Xu Kai said then concentrated on the book in his hand. It was true, the title of Young Master was strange to him. Despite being born in Lu's family, a prestigious family in City Z, he never felt the luxury of being the son of an aristocrat. This was because their family was never treated fairly. The marriage of his parents was never approved by the elders due to his father's poor family background. Before Master Lu Ting took over the leadership of the Lu's Family, he had no chance of becoming a candidate for the inheritance.

"Thanks, Xu Kai." Living two lives, Fu Yixiao could guess what sort of life Xu Kai had gone through. It was easy to tell from the way he talked which void of the pride that the richest usually had. His appearance also told her that he wasn't that well-off even though he was also part of the Lu's family. Still, this was also a blessing in disguise for the cold-treatment and unfairness that he had gone through had shaped him into a humble and hardworking guy.

"You better get ready. We are almost there." Xu Kai reminded her and kept his book inside his black bag. Fu Yixiao heard him and peeked outside the window pane. She crossed her arms after seeing the lustrous mountain with no sight of buildings. Xu Kai noticed her confusion and explained, "The mountains act like a barrier that separates the city and the school. Beyond this mountain is the Z Royal School,"

"Have you been to the school?" Fu Yixiao asked before she bit on a piece of chocolate served on the table next to her. The bitter taste lingered in her tongue made her reached for the sweet drinks prepared on the shelves nearby.

The past few days, she had planned to visit the school but there were many things that needed immediate attention forcing her to suspend her plan. In the end, she never had the chance to do so.

"Most of the candidates including me are students there," Xu Kai searched in his bag and took out a small card; one that confirmed his identity as one of the Z Royal school students. He passed the card to Fu Yixiao and let her examine the card properly whilst he told her that except for Lu Xinya and her, everyone had enrolled in the boarding school since they were eight years old. Of course, he was able to enter due to the help of Master Lu Ting who made it compulsory for all the Lu's younger generation to study at Z Royal School.

"Then, have you taken the examination before?" She asked. From her research, she learned that the examination was eligible to be taken at any time as long as the individual had accumulated enough credit. That and another way was to wait until the age of fifteen. Of course, like two sides of the coin, the first choice allowed someone to finish school early and entered one of the prestigious universities in the city but also the most difficult course to take for it required the exam taker to gain recognition from the teachers and the higher-ups. Moreover, covering the topic in the test wasn't an easy feat. The person must be a genius to be able to do so. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I tried but even after years, my credit is still insufficient. So far there are only two people who succeeded in the exam in such a way. The master of the Gui family and another one but I forgot his name." Xu Kai ruffled his hair trying to think of the other name but he couldn't.

"Young Miss Fu, this criteria of selection will be a challenge for you since you are mostly homeschooled before." Xu Kai expressed his concerned. He wasn't belittling homeschooling but there was a big gap between a formal school and the other. The process of learning, as well as the experienced accumulated through formal school, were a huge difference between the two. Except if she was under the guidance of an expert teacher. Then, there was a possibility of her to succeed.

"Thank you for the concern. But, it's still too early to say or make a conclusion. I believe as long as there is still time left, there is a chance for me to succeed. I may surpass you and the others," Xu Kai was startled at her answer. It wasn't overly proud nor too confident but it made him think that she might really be able to strive through the challenge.

"Hmm, Young Miss Fu is right. Now I remember that one of the two who took the REE was also homeschooled. So, there is no say in this matter." He pondered before nodding confidently.

"Are you referring to Gui Jin?" Fu Yixiao asked as a line appeared between her brows. Xu Kai stared at her in trepidation, worried that someone may have heard her improper way of addressing the young master of Gui's Family.

"You should address him properly Young Miss Fu. If the other candidates heard you just now, they would definitely spread the news throughout the school inviting harassers your way. And no, I'm referring to the other person," Xu Kai reprimanded her. His voice was faint afraid that someone might hear them.

"Sorry, my mistake," Fu Yixiao admitted. She was a bit surprised to know that such predicament would happen simply by saying someone else's name. She started to doubt that she would be able to do what she wanted at the school without the scrutiny of others.

Then, an inflight announcement reminding all passengers to be prepared for the landing echoed in the aircraft. Fu Yixiao's eyes twinkled in elation as she looked outside the window. What greeted her was the perfect balance of modern architecture and a natural, nineteenth-century panorama earning her gasped of admiration. As the landing process reached its peak, she noticed that there were other aircraft landing on the other sides of their plane.

"Young Miss Fu, it is the starts of a new semester." Fu Yixiao smiled toward Xu Kai, thankful for his explanation. No wonder there were few others that came with them. She noticed that the other candidates had exited the plane. She took the handbag Liling had chosen for her and followed Xu Kai who was halfway through, almost reaching the exit.

Outside, she saw her name was displayed on a big LED screen. There was another name alongside her; Xu Kai, Lu Xinya, and Han Yu.

"Young Miss Fu, it seems that we are in the same class." Xu Kai walked to her side and together with him was Lu Xinya.

"Xiao meimei. I'm glad we are in the same class." Lu Xinya gave a joyful smile as she held Fu Yixiao's hand. "Likewise." Fu Yixiao earnestly smiled because she felt guilty at the way she treated her the other day. Even though there was still a mystery to why she lost the memories of her, she realized that befriending her may clear some of the questions she had in mind.

cloudgugu cloudgugu


Hehe, thank you for picking up this book. And thanks for the votes. I'm touchy2. Hugs!!!

Many of you are asking who the ML is...jengjeng...yes Wu Zhaoyi is the ML but he has a long way to go. Considering Fu Yixiao's age. Heheee...and Gui Jin is the best contender. There might come a day where he managed to persuade me to make him the ML. ?


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