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68.75% Second Chance - To Live Again / Chapter 44: Z Royal School (IV)

Z Royal School (IV) - Second Chance - To Live Again - Chapter 44 by cloudgugu full book limited free

Chapter 44: Z Royal School (IV)

Gossips and rumors about the last ranking class were flying thick and fast within the assembly hall.

In an online platform called the Royal Buzz, the discussion was spreading like a wildfire. Threads and hashtags about the last ranking class were the hottest and most searched topics.

Every few minutes, a new thread would be created due to the overflow of comments in the previous thread.

Okay, that was an exaggeration but yes, Fu Yixiao and her other classmates were already known as the fastest to get infamous within a day.

"Look at this," Han Yu showed his phone screen to Xu Kai who then passed it to Fu Yixiao. On the screen was the hot discussion about them.

[This is the first time someone from the last ranking class dared to go against us!]

[Nah, I believe they wouldn't last long.]

[The Royal Elites should do something to these weaklings. They are an eyesore.]

[Agreed, especially the girl wearing a white dress. Anyone know who she is?]

[I hate her. She is barbaric. Poor Lenny almost pissed her pant off.]

[F*ck off! I didn't.]

"What to do? This semester will be my disaster," Han Yu's depressed voice affected Xu Kai and Lu Xinya who was now staring at Fu Yixiao.

Seeing her expression, they doubted that she was worried at all.

And yes, she wasn't worried. She wasn't distracted by the news!

After returning Han Yu's phone, she continued to listen to the principal's speech with a tranquil expression on her face.

Han Yu and Xu Kai were exchanging looks to communicate the current issues. Xu Kai wagged his head indicating that he was clueless of what to do with their current situation.

Today's case was the first in history where a student from the last ranking class was braved enough to confront one of the mainstream students.

On the stage, Miss Miranda who was watching from afar sighed with relief to see the quarrel subsided. She wanted to interfere but there was a rule that prohibited teachers from getting involved in the personal fight of the students. The only exception was when a challenge letter was issued and the students demanded a teacher to become the judge.

Personally, she felt that the school had purposely implemented this rule to give leeway for students to do what they wanted. It was truly a pity that the school that once soared to the sky like a phoenix was now like a kitten hiding under the cover.

Once again, Miss Miranda sighed as she felt the burden that was accumulated on top of his body increased by tenfold.

She looked around after hearing the applause reverberated in the assembly hall and realized that the assembly had come to an end. Students started to hustle and were leaving the hall in glee. She looked at the location where her students were at and were shocked after seeing that the chairs were all empty with no sign of them. She hurriedly left the hall and headed toward the dormitory.


"We are all staying in the same dormitory?" Fu Yixiao was tongue-tied after knowing that the whole class was assigned to live together under one roof. This was the first time she encountered such a thing where gender was disregarded and forced to live together in the same house.

Lu Xinya was astounded with the news as well. Her jaws dropped the moment she heard Han Yu explained about the boarding system of Z Royal School.

"It'll be fine," Xu Kai soothed their mind. He knew what they were worried about but he wanted them to see the dormitory itself before making a judgment.

"How will it be fine? You're basically telling us that girls and boys are staying together!" Lu Xinya had lost her calm. Her face was grimed and black clouds seemed to appear above her head. "Xiao meimei, please talk some sense to these guys," she pleaded while holding Fu Yixiao's right arm.

"Sister Lu Xinya, probably they are right" Fu Yixiao lifted her eyebrow with her eyes staring at the big courtyard five meters from where they were standing. The view almost resembled the Fu Residence she was living at in her past life. On a closer look, there was indeed a resemblance. The garden's landscape was similar to the one in her courtyard!

"Wow, we are really lucky this semester. We scored the best dormitory! Do you know this one is a rendition of the famous Fu residence during Han Dynasty?" Han Yu clapped his hand unable to control the happiness he felt inside.

"This is indeed beautiful and huge!" Lu Xinya claimed excitedly. Her eyes that were full of objections earlier was now replaced with wonderment. She wouldn't mind staying with whomever in this kind of dormitory.

Xu Kai smiled to see the excitement coming from the two and at the same time was also curious about Fu Yixiao's opinion. "Fu Yixiao, what do you think?" he asked only to see her staring forward pensively. Her mind seemed to be preoccupied with something pernicious. What he didn't know was that; in Fu Yixiao's mind, the last memories of the residence was playing on repeat, determine to torture her.

"Xiao meimei, what happened?" Fu Yixiao was startled with the sudden call of her name. She drew a fake smile on her face and smoothed her hair to hide her turbulent mind. There was no way she would tell them about what she was thinking. But, how was it plausible for something in the past to be perfectly depicted in this world?

"This is our dormitory?" She pretended to ask and walked toward the archway. Yes, this is the same as the one in my past life, she thought.

"There is no mistake here. Look, there is our name written here," Xu Kai pointed toward a black plaque nailed next to the door. Fu Yixiao studied the plaque and indeed their names were cursively written on it.

"For the dormitory to look this expensive, how rich is this school?" It wasn't a question but more like a compliment.

"Hmm, but it's weird for us to stay in one of the best dormitories," Han Yu sat on a wooden stool. "Isn't it?" he asked while looking at Fu Yixiao who was also looking in his way. The way she was looking at him felt like she was reminiscing something.

"Fu Yixiao, are you okay? You seemed lost," Han Yu asked out of concerned. Once again, Fu Yixiao covered up with a fake smile on her face.

"Thank god, I found you guys!"

A breathless voice came from the entrance. All eyes were looking at the person who entered the dormitory. Miss Miranda who was panting heavily came into sight.

"Miss Miranda, you are here!" Han Yu ran and attended their teacher to sit on one of the wooden stool in the garden. The rest had also occupied the other sits available. They recalled that Miss Miranda had promised to see them in the dormitory at the hall earlier, hence, they were all waiting for her to talk.

"I bring news. Good and bad. Which one do you want to hear?" Miss Miranda had recovered from the exhaustion she felt earlier and finally began the session in a serious mode.

"Fire away," Fu Yixiao replied. Good or bad, both would be revealed so there was no use to decide which they should hear first.

"I'll start with the good one. Congrats for staying in this dormitory. As some of you may have known, what you learn here isn't similar to the public schools available in the city. Here, you are trained to be a leader or an incomparable figure that people will look up to in the future. That's why for you to be assigned to live in this dormitory is a blessing. This is one of the dormitories that are fully equipped with all sorts of function rooms that will help you to earn credit faster."

Miss Miranda paused for a breather.

"As for why you are here you should ask student Fu Yixiao. She should know about it,"

"Miss Miranda, I don't." Fu Yixiao countered. How is she to know? She knew about the syllabus for there are many information about it on the internet but nothing could be found about the dormitories.

"You really don't know?" Miss Miranda asked and was replied with a shook of her head.

"I heard from the dean of students that you knew the reason." A wrinkle formed on Miss Miranda forehead and gradually deepened for nothing fathomable came up in her mind.

"Nevermind. Sooner we'll know. What is the bad news?" Fu Yixiao asked. Once again, dizziness robbed her consciousness. Sleep deprivation was indeed scary, she really needed rest. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"The bad news is you are now on the red list," Upon hearing that Xu Kai and Han Yu gasped in fear.

"What's wrong with the two of you?" Lu Xinya asked. She felt uneasy after seeing their reaction.

"The elites had issued a challenge. You have a week to prepare. I'm not sure about the topic but knowing them, surely, they'll choose the difficult one. Tomorrow, they'll send someone to explain the detail to you all," Miss Miranda pursed her lips before exhaling an innumerable breath of burden.

Fu Yixiao knew that such things meant trouble especially looking at Xu Kai and Han Yu's desperate plea of exemption.

"The challenge isn't for all of you. It is a face-off with one of the elites and the representative from your class is Fu Yixiao,"

"Me?" Fu Yixiao who almost fell into wonderland was sobered in an instant.

cloudgugu cloudgugu

Enjoy today's chapter!

I feel like my story is going off-track. Gahhh...



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