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Alive again I

"What do you have to say for yourself sister?"

Tine Alvarado looked down at the small girl whose body was covered with scars. The small girl looked at her hands trembling while all eyes were on her. She didn't understand why this was happening to her nor didn't understand how this all happened.

"It's not my fault."

Her name was Laura and at the age of seventeen, she was falsely accused of trying to kill her sister who was the fiancee of the second prince of the empire.

"H-how can you say such lies? The maids in the estate clearly saw what had happened."

Tine hugged her father who stood beside her and in the counts' eyes, he was at lost for words. The child that he adopted from the orphanage tried to kill his one and only blooded daughter.

Laura desperately looked at her father's eyes, who clearly looked lost and disappointed. She didn't know what to do since she never did try to kill her own sister. In reverse, it was Tine who actually wanted to kill her.

"It's not true your honor. I, Laura Alvarado never once wanted to kill my sister!"

"That's a lie! you were just jealous that I was loved by everyone in the society. Don't you remember what you did to me? You're a demon! no one in this world has black hair and purple eyes. Maybe you're really a demon!"

Tine wipped a tear as she clenched onto her father's blazer. On the other side, the small girl was at shock for words. She knew that the children of her age called her demon as her hair was black as a black spirit and her eyes were purple which was rare to be seen.

"What did I do to you? Answer me!"


The judge shouted and Laura was taken aback as she wanted to say more however her mouth was forming nonsense as she was really lost and scared. She didn't want to die yet, after all, she was still young.

Laura's eyes looked around asking for help and her one and only friend which was her maid who was clearly shaking and crying as she also knew that her miss would never do such thing and that's because Laura was a gentle person.

She never once had gotten angry about how the maids inside the estate treated her coldly and the only person who truly cared for her was her maid Mary.

"Y-your honor may I say something?"

Mary raised her hand and stood up while the judge gave her a cold look making her startled and scared.

"M-my young miss would never treat someone like that. In fact, she's the nicest and gentle person I've met in this world. She never raised her voice despite the treatment she had to receive inside the estate and never had she once complained about the life she lived. She's just a girl who's about to start her own life and have her own family soon. Please consider this."

"I cannot consider this as you have no proof with your statement and so it shall be invalid."

Laura's eyes quivered and for the last time, she gave Mary a smile to thank her for standing up by her side.

This all felt unfair for Laura as she had no one to stand by her side. She felt hopeless yet still, she didn't want to die.

"I never want to do such a thing to Tine. I don't have a reason to do so."

"But you just did. I was in a coma for a week after you pushed me down the stairs."

"Like what I have told you I didn't do it!"

"Your honor, may I come down and tell my sister something?"

"Just for a while."

Tine walked towards her and kneeled down onto one knee. She gave Laura the happiest evil smile and whispered to her ear.

"You're done for already and if I were you just give up. You don't stand against me."

A fire burned inside Laura's chest and clearly Tine added more oil into it making bigger. She couldn't handle it further anymore and felt hopeless.

'No one in this world is by my side. No one.'

Laura looked down the floor feeling helpless and for the first time she had clearly given up in living. In the beginning, the world that she lived in was already unfair and only the people who have power in society will be successful.

For the last time, Laura continued opposing that she didn't try to kill her sister and in fact that everything was just a lie. No one aside from Mary believed her and it was just all unfair to her. She thought to herself what have I ever done to you?

"It's really not me."

Inside her mind, she was full of anger and sadness. No one in this world knew who she was and she thought to her that if she was given one more chance to live she would change that and expose her evil sister's doing.

But clearly she was too late.

The judge stood up and cleared his throat and gave Laura a sharp look. Laura got startled as she already knew what her fate would be.

And it was death.

"Laura Alvarado the jury has decided to execute you as you have attempted to murder your own sister who is the fiancee of the second prince. And hereby you are found guilty and the court shall be adjourned."

The judge hit his gravel thrice and the other nobles dispersed. The soldiers who stood beside Laura forcefully grabbed her arm and dragged her away from the court. She looked at her sister who gave her a small smile and from there Laura knew that everything was planned by her.

Tine was extremely happy that she finally had gotten rid of the sister who she was jealous of. She thought now that everyone would look at her only as she was one of the bells of the society. As for an act, she happily hugged her father who still seemed lost.

While hugging her father she looked at Laura's direction who was clearly giving her a glare and was full of resentment.

The two soldiers who stood beside Laura dragged her to the cell and pushed her to the floor violently.

"That's what you get for trying to kill your sister."

Laughed the soldier who locked the iron bar. The two soldiers continued laughing as they walked away from her.

Laura crawled to the corner and hugged her knees as she felt cold and hopeless. She cried out loud thinking what she did to deserve this. She cried and cried until she fell asleep on the cold hard floor.


Her eyes fluttered as she felt the sun flashing onto her face. Once she had fully woken up everything around her was familiar. She jumped out of bed thinking it was impossible that she had gone back into time.

Laura hurriedly got out of her room and noisily walked down the stairs making sister Abby scold her as the other kids in the orphanage were still sleeping.

As soon as she heard sister Abby's voice she immediately gave her a hug as for her it has been two years since she had last seen her.

"Why are you crying?" asked sister Abby who comforter the small girl.

"I'm just happy to see you again."

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