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Second Youngest Son (Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Fanfiction) Second Youngest Son (Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Fanfiction) original

Second Youngest Son (Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Fanfiction)

Author: Mr_Moringstar

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 : Ceremony

The Runcandel family know for it's generations of genius swordsman.

A Swordsmanship family that ruled over half of the world .And today is the day when the youngest Runcandels are going to have the ceremony. 

The ceremony to find what sword two of youngest twins in family who are 1 year old .

Two kids Jin Runcandel, Mangus Runcandel.

One who is reincarnated from future another who shouldn't even exist.

The baby who was called Magnus was very confused by what is happening here .

He used to be a man who used to live in the modern world but he doesn't remember much about his life . At that moment he was very confused.

'What is happening here?? '

'Where am I??'

He heard a voice

"It's ok young master Jin , young master Mangus, you are going to do just fine in the ceremony "

A maid said in a nice tone as she was carrying the two babies and placed them before a line of swords .

"Go on young masters you can do it "

The maid encouraged both of them to touch one of the swords .

'What is going on here ??' Magnus

Suddenly a screen appeared in front him that could own seen by him .

[Quest : The Ceremony

The Runcandel family takes the ceremony very seriously. You have to take it seriously too

.Condition: Touch one of the sword of the sword garden.

Reward: Status screen , ??? ]

'Haa what is this ?? My name is Magnus now , but why don't I remember my previous name ?? what happened to me ?? ' Magnus

Magnus turned around to see many people around him and he could see many teenagers , looking at him with different kinds of expressions but he felt a strong presence looking at him as he turned to that direction he saw two people , a man with white hair who looked scary and a black haired woman who had no emotions both looked like his mother and father .

'OK I guess I am in a new world as a kid '

Magnus turned back towards the garden of swords and saw his twin going towards a sword in the middle of the garden.

'I should go now '

Magnus started to crawl towards the sword that his twin brother was heading too and followed him to the sword in the middle .

His brother who looked dumb until now looked like he could understand everything and looked at Magnus a little shocked but Magnus didn't notice that and moved towards the sword and touched it at the same time .

As the audience started to cheer.

"Wow!! Both the young master touched the founder swords !!!"

"This is great !!!"

"What is going to happen!!!"

"This is a miracle !!"

Many of the audience cheered for both of them .

Magnus was confused by this he could feel like someone wanted him to die as he felt his spine shake .

'What hell was that ?!!'

Magnus turned towards the direction he felt it from he saw that most of the teenagers who were standing beside him looked like they will kill him .

'Wow what's with that , aren't they my siblings or something ' Magnus

But soon he was distracted by the sudden notification.

[Quest completed !!

Rewards : Status screen , Contract of Star dragon God King Veldanava.]


Name : Magnus Runcandel


The Contractor of Star Dragon : You Are the Contractor of the Star Dragon God King Veldanava who has the authority over the space , stars and the cosmos, as his Contractor you have the power of the Star dragon God King .

*Immunity to all kinds of Curses

*Immunity to all causalities and effects

*Immunity to view of outer beings

*Control over stars , space and cosmos

*Respect from all dragons and dragon born

A Runcandel : The bloodline holder of Runcandel, you have time the talent for Swordsmanship and magic. It increases the talent and growth of Swordsmanship and magic.Genius: Your are a genius in the field of anything you can learn anything easily. It increases the talent and growth by 10 times .

HP: 100%

MP: 100%

Star power: 100%

Stamina: 100%

Swordsmanship Realm : 0 Star

Magic Realm : 0 Star

Star Power Realm : 0 Star


Power of Stars (lv 0) : The Authority granted by the Star dragon God. Which can control the power of stars which can increase the physical strength, Magical power , Aura and every element . ]


'I don't understand most of it but , it is for the good, I think , may be I should just live a new life here ??.....Sigh I will think about it later . '

Magnus was confused but luckily he didn't have to think about it for a long time As the maid picked up both him and his brother. And praising both of them for what they did.

Magnus was confused .

'Man this is going to be a hell of a problem'

Mangus was caught between the death stares of his siblings , questioning stares of his parents, and confused look of his twin brother , as everyone was praising them.

Magnus was taken away by his maids into his room

------Near Chiron Runcandel

"What is with that look Patriarch ?"

The black haired who was Magnus's mother asked Chiron Runcandel the patriarch

."'s just both the youngest are.....very interesting , take both of them to the Storm castle . I hope they will be interesting in the future " Chiron

"Maybe They will grow up for greatness .... "

"Well that is what happens to a Runcandel, no one can escape it " Chiron

Both of them turned towards the twins looking at them .

-----Near the siblings

"Both the twins caught the founders sword haa this is interesting haha"

One of the sibling said .

"Who knows what happens, let's see "

Another siblings Said with a creepy smile.

"Don't touch them any of you , and don't try to involve them in your succession war "

A white haired women said with no emotions in her face as she when away from there

."Tch she thinks she is better then us!! we will see "

One of siblings said angrily as they when away from there.

One of the siblings was looking at the both of them in a cunning way with a creepy smile and went away from there like they were planning something sinister.

Magnus who didn't know any of this was now searching the system. He didn't know that someone was plotting against him and that his future is going to filled difficulty. 

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