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Chapter 31: An unexpected situation

After his little intimate session with Yui inside the washroom, Kazuma rushed out straight towards Izumi's room after making sure that there weren't any signs on him which would get him caught.

Going inside Kazuma acted completely normal, and Izumi didn't suspect the slightest thing.

Even when later on her mother came inside the room and said she was going to supervise them, so that they wouldn't do anything naughty, making her feel embarrassed.

Izumi failed to notice how Yui was continuously throwing flirtatious glances towards Kazuma. Or how Kazuma was discretely glaring towards her telling her to cut it out.

Completing the most tensed study session of his life, Kazuma understood that being involved with Yui would definitely get him caught sooner or later.

By the time the combined studies were completed, it was almost six thirty in the evening, due to which Kazuma decided that he needed to leave soon.

Leaving the house after he received a shy and loving kiss on the cheek from Izumi, under the constant hungry look from Yui, Kazuma moved towards the train station after he messaged his mother that he'd be home soon.

Unfortunately, before he could even get to the train station someone covered his mouth and pulled him inside a small and dark alley not too far from Izumi's house.

Once he saw the person who kidnapped him, Kazuma pushed her hand away and said, "What are you doing?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I wasn't able to get my fill because Izumi was at home. So I came for round two."

Before Kazuma could even say that there wouldn't be a round two, not now anyway. Another unexpected person came and joined them.

"Ara ara... What do we have here?"

"Oh no! Someone saw you with me! Now you can no longer be in a relationship with Izumi! But don't worry Kazuma. I'm here! I'll take care of you! I.. "

"Stop with the melodrama Yui!"

Stopping Yui since he couldn't listen to her voice which sounded very excited as if her plan worked out, he turned towards Midori.

"What are you doing here Midori?"

"Me? I was actually on my way home, when I came across you and this slut."

"Hey! Who are you calling a slut?!"

Acting as if she was offended when her face had a rosy glow on it, Yui said, "I'm his new girlfriend."

"Yeah right."

As Midori rolled her eyes at what she hoped to be an obvious lie, Kazuma said, "No you're not."

"I am your girlfriend's mother, which means I'm your girlfriend as well, right?"


"Absolutely not."

Facing rejection from both sides, Yui finally pointed at Midori.

"At least I'm his girlfriend's mother, who are you?!"

"I'm his ne...."

Stopping midway since she couldn't as well say neighbour, because that would mean they didn't have any special relationship at all, Midori brought up all her courage and declared, "I'm Master Kazuma's slave!"

Hearing her both Kazuma's and Yui's mouths dropped wide, while Yui said, "I didn't know you were that kind of a man Kazuma."

"What kind?"

"The kind that degrades women and makes them act as his slaves for their own satisfaction. I like it! In fact, I want the same thing!"


"I want you to treat me as your slave as well! Fuck me like an animal, humiliate me in front of my daughter, ravish me in public, and finally train me like a slut. Ahhh... Just thinking about it is making my juices flow."

Once again stunned at how Yui was behaving, Kazuma felt like the situation had already gotten out of his hands.

Not only had Midori publicly told someone else about their relationship, but even Yui who looked like she was still enjoying her last orgasm said some words which he never expected her to.

"How dare you try and copy my relationship with Kazuma you bitch! Aren't you afraid that your husband would find out."

"Oh please, cunt. Stop acting like a virtuous wife. I can see the ring on your finger you know."

"Well, at least I'm not the horny pig that's seducing her daughter's boyfriend."

"Big words coming from a...."

"Okay stop!"

Unable to take the two women insulting each other anymore, because their voices were growing louder by the second and would soon attract other people, Kazuma decided to call a truce and escape as soon as possible.

"Midori, this is neither the right time or place for a proper conversation some other time. And Yui, you.... We can talk another time as well. Bye."

Holding Kazuma back by both Yui and Midori catching one hand of his, they looked determined to not let him go until they got what they wanted.

"Is there something else you want?"

Not answering his question both the women sneered, and Yui said, "Did you think you could leave so easily?"

"Just tell me what you want Yui."

"Give me your phone number."

"That's it?"

"You want me to ask for more?"

"Nope. You want my phone number, here it is..."

As Kazuma have her his phone number despite feeling a little doubt that something wasn't right, Midori, on the other hand, didn't ask him for anything.

"I don't want anything special from you, I just wanted to remind you."

"Remind me what?"

"That I'm the perfect slave you trained."

With Midori seductively whispering those words beside his ear, and he remembered all the time he spent with her, Kazuma's dick began turning hard.


Having sent Yui away after giving her his number, and getting on the train with Midori who was going home as well. Kazuma walked briskly since Sakura messaged him that dinner would get cold if he didn't come home soon.

Unfortunately, before he could enter his home, his phone gave the message notification.

Unlocking the phone Felix opened the message he got from Yui which made his dick instantly turn hard.

What he received was a picture of Yui naked on her bed with the words 'Fuck this' written on her belly, and an arrow pointing at her pussy from it.

Beside him, Midori who managed to see what Yui sent him cursed at how slutty she was. While she also ran inside her home to do the same thing.

For the rest of the night, Kazuma was unable to do a single thing properly, as his phone kept on ringing nonstop with sexual images being sent from both Yui and Midori.

In fact, he couldn't even eat his meal in peace due to the constant temptation of wanting to open his phone and see what new pictures he received.

Finally, due to how much turned on he was from the pictures which became more obscene by the second, Kazuma masturbated for the first time ever since he started having sex.

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