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Chapter 176: Dinner Spectacle

Honestly, Kazuma himself didn't expect that Izumi would go along with his words for so long.

After all, didn't she know that he was just yanking her chain and wouldn't really have sex with her?

Still, he had to admit that being the one who made Izumi do all of this did make Kazuma feel quite proud and intoxicated with the control he had over her.

Unfortunately, even though he planned to make her do more demeaning acts, her mother came and interrupted the duo who had completely different reactions.

One of them was purely shocked from what they saw due to which they'd didn't move or speak at all and just stayed in the same place with their mouth wide open.

As for the other one, after they recovered from their shock a broad smile appeared on their face.

With Kazuma being the second one obviously, he soon ignored Izumi that was still on all four and looked towards her mother who was greedy for his attention.

"What a slut you are, slave. Were you getting jealous of your own daughter?"

"Ahhhh... Don't be like that, Master! I just.... "

Unable to finish her words since she herself didn't know what to say, Yuriko who was standing on her two feet chose to fall down to all fours just like her daughter and made Kazuma smile thinking her current appearance went along with this posture even more.

With a black collar around her neck that had a bell dangling to it, long stocking like socks from near her knees till the bottom of her feet that were white in colour and had black spots, and a similar patterned large training bra with two huge holes that revealed her breasts entirely, Yuriko already looked good enough to pass off as a human cow.

But with the addition of a butt plug that had a long white tail on the other end of it, Yuriko managed to make her own daughter speechless.

After all, even though Izumi knew that this woman that was walking like an animal on the floor was her own mother, she couldn't help but gulp hard and feel even more turned on.

Panting loudly from just looking at those marshmallow-like breasts which shook wildly with every step she took, Izumi had no choice but to admit that her mother's slutty appearance looked both sexy and more humiliating than when she was entirely naked.

"Mo.... What are you doing?! Is he making you do this?! I.... "

Ignoring the words of her daughter, Yuriko licked her lips as she continued walking towards Kazuma who was eagerly waiting for her.

"Master.... How is it? Do I look sexy?!"

Grabbing onto Yuriko's huge breasts as she stopped in front of him, Kazuma tugged on them and almost thought that milk would come out of them right now due to how she was dressed currently.

"As expected, you really look like a cow in heat right now."

Tugging on both of Yuriko's nipples in succession and in rhythm, Kazuma ignored Izumi who was looking wronged since she did everything he said but her mother was still the one he was touching.

"Ahhhhhh.... "

Moaning a little as her nipples were being played with, Yuriko suddenly said, "Dinner has been prepared, Master. You can eat it whenever.... Ahhhhhh.... "

Stopping midway since Kazuma pinched her nipples and caused her to moan, Yuriko heard him say, "I'll have you for dinner, slave. But we can't make your daughter wait for us, can we?"

Turning the question into a rhetorical one, Kazuma walked towards the table along with Yuriko who was crawling on the floor behind him and forced Izumi to follow him as well.

But, like her mother Kazuma didn't make her crawl on the floor which caused Izumi to feel both relieved and depressed at the same time as she sat down at the table where food had been set for all three of them.

Seeing this, Kazuma who was famished and craving the delicious food that Yuriko made almost put the cow woman beside and started eating.

However in the end, he managed to hold back that desire and made Yuriko climb the table with an excited expression.

Facing her own daughter even without being told to, Yuriko didn't need to wait for long before Kazuma got on the table as well and on his knees behind her.

Squeezing her plump ass which was made to be played with, Kazuma took his dick out and rubbed it between the two butt cheeks after he made them squeeze it.

"Ahhhh.... What an ass."

Praising Yuriko's ass which just like her breasts was something that he was sure he'd never get tired go, Kazuma didn't need to do much because he found that her pussy was wet and waiting for his dick.

Grabbing onto the white tail and yanking the dildo inside Yuriko's ass outside, Kazuma threw it away and placed his dick at the entrance of her pussy which she shaved every day nowadays. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"As a cow, you should know how you are supposed to moan, right?"

Not waiting for Yuriko's reply, Kazuma thrust his waist forward and filled the woman's insides in a single go.

At the same time, he smiled smugly while Izumi felt even more humiliated from what her mother just did.

After all, the moment Kazuma thrust his dick inside her, Yuriko despite being filled with an intense desire to moan chose to stay in character and said, "Moooooooooooo!"

Ero_Saint Ero_Saint

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