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Chapter 27: Everyone is jealous

Later in the evening, when it was time for everyone to go home, Izumi rapidly packed her back and rushed near Kazuma as she boldly declared that she'd wall home with him.

The instant she said those all boys looked at Kazuma with jealousy, while the girls secretly scolded themselves for being too slow and letting Izumi grab the chance.

Thanking Izumi for helping him, Kazuma also packed his back and wrapped his arms around Izumi as the two of them strolled out while conversing continuously.

Looking at Kazuma who was leaving school while hugging Izumi, Mochi who saw this for some reason gritted her teeth and left with a snort.

On the other hand, Nagisa felt as if something close to her was being taken away. But all she could do was look and not do anything about it.

Enjoying his whole time with Izumi, given how she was smart and funny, Kazuma lost grasp on time as he failed to even notice when he got on the train, got down from it and was very close to his home.

In fact, the both of them were so lost in each other, that neither of them noticed the jealous looks they were getting from all the men and women on the train, and on the side of the road.

Unfortunately, this state didn't last long, because standing in front of him was Midori with an unexplainable expression. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Did you get hurt Kazuma?"

"Yes, I did."

Answering on his own, Kazuma didn't even notice Midori until Izumi pointed at her.

"Ah.. Midori."

Resisting her mouth from twitching at how she was for the first time ever ignored by Kazuma, Midori said, "Does it hurt?"

"Ummm.. No. Izumi helped me the whole day."

"I've never met you before. You are?"

"I'm Izumi. Izumi Haruko. Kazuma's... Kazuma's girlfriend."

Enjoying how Izumi's voice turned soft towards the end from shyness, and the cherry blush on her face, Kazuma's failed to notice how Midori's face was scrunched up from hidden anger.

"Oh, girlfriend? I didn't know that Kazuma had a girlfriend."

Finally noticing that Midori's voice seemed different, Kazuma saw that her face looked a little angry and jealous.

"So where are you coming from Midori?"

"Me? I'm just coming back from shopping. I planned on making someone a special dinner, but that selfish and self centred bastard can forget about it."

Saying so Midori turned around and walked towards her house with heavy footsteps.

"Who is that woman? She's weird."

Hearing Izumi's voice, despite how soft it was Midori almost tripped. But managed to continue walking at the same pace.

"She's my neighbour Midori. And she isn't weird. I guess she's just having a bad day."

Since Kazuma spoke in a loud voice deliberately to let Midori hear, she felt a little better. However, the jealousy showed no signs of dying down, because even after going inside her house she peeked through the window staring at Kazuma and Izumi.

Feeling a little awkward since she could see that Kazuma's neighbour was staring at them through the window, Izumi moved even closer to Kazuma as they were in front of his house.

Opening the door, Kazuma had just shouted that he was back home when he noticed that there was an additional pair of shoes. And after he had seen them before, he knew that his aunt was inside.

At first, nothing happened and everything went by smoothly. But just as Kazuma and Izumi were one step away from getting on the stair and going upstairs, Sakura and Akane came out of the kitchen.

"Oh my god! Kazuma who's that girl?!"

"Why is she hugging you?!"

As two nervous questions came out from Sakura and Akane respectively, Kazuma rolled his eyes at how they didn't even care about his injury.

"I'm fine by the way, thank for asking."

Speaking sarcastically, Kazuma introduced Izumi to them and walked upstairs with her because he was very eager to lie on the bed and rest his leg.

Looking at Kazuma who was going upstairs, while his new girlfriend was hugging him both the sisters had various emotions going through their heads.

Akane was jealous at how Izumi and Kazuma could be in love and let everyone know, while even though she had feelings for him, she could never let him know about it.

As for Sakura, she felt that both angry and afraid at Izumi, at how she trying to take Kazuma away from her.


Entering Kazuma's room with him, Izumi helped him lie down on the bed as she finally spoke with some hesitation.

"Ummm Kazuma... Is it just my imagination, or is every woman I see angry at me?"

"Why do you think that Izumi?"

"Because not only was that weird neighbour of yours angry at me, but I'm pretty sure that your mother and aunt don't like me either."

"Don't think too much about it Izumi. Come here."

As Izumi crawled into his bed and lied beside him shyly since he called for her, Kazuma pulled her into her embrace.

"I don't know about others, and I don't care about others either. I love you. And that's all that matters."

These words that Kazuma said weren't something he came up with, but he did mean every single one of them.

Despite having only spent a few hours together with Izumi, Kazuma could honestly say that he truly loved her and cared for her.


As Kazuma nodded his head, Izumi felt very happy and was just about to kiss him, when Sakura and Akane rushed in the door with snacks and drinks in their hands.

Smiling at how they successfully interrupted Izumi from kissing Kazuma, since they were eavesdropping since the beginning, Sakura and Akane started making plans of their own.

While Sakura was thinking that maybe she should have a talk with not only Midori but Izumi as well, Akane was thinking that she should just come clean to Kazuma about how she feels about him.

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