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Chapter 15: Kazuma's Plan

It had been a week since Kazuma had sex with Midori, and he hadn't visited her pussy ever since then.

This wasn't cause they decided to end their relationship or any such thing. But just because their timings didn't work.

When Midori's husband was off at work, Kazuma was at school. And when Kazuma was free and back at home, her husband was right there with her.

However, the wait was finally over as her husband was on another business trip and Midori had told his mother that she was willing to look after Kazuma and she could work the night shift if she chose to.

Despite feeling weird that Midori was doing a favour when she didn't even ask her for, Sakura immediately accepted it giving Kazuma the perfect reason to spend the night over.

In the past week, even though Kazuma still regularly had sex with Riho, and even slept with Akane on Sunday, he just wasn't able to get Midori off of his mind.

There was even that incident, where Kazuma tried to have rough sex along with name calling when he was with Akane. But all he got in response was a blank look after which Akane said that she wasn't into such things.

Though light spanking wasn't something she'd reject, the others, were completely a no go.

Learning this Kazuma didn't feel sad or disappointed, since he knew that every woman was different. And it wasn't like he only loved to have bondage sex, per se.

It was just that feeling of wanting to do something cause it was new.

After all, Kazuma still loved to have sex with Akane, even though it was regular sex.

Anyway, after waiting for a week, it was finally time to be with Midori again. And Kazuma couldn't wait to put his perfect plan into motion.

Over the week Kazuma realized that he didn't need to use special drugs and have a ten hour long erection to please Midori and keep his dominance over her. All he needs to is fuck her at the right time. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-plan_40322268424880795">;s-plan_40322268424880795</a> for visiting.

And that was after he turned her on so much, that just putting his dick inside her would make her cum.

If this was a normal woman he was dealing with, such a feat might be impossible. However, considering the type of woman Midori is, such a thing was very possible.

And then after she experiences the back to back best orgasms of her life, would she ever be able to forget him?

If anything she should be even more enthusiastic to serve him, and even willing to try out things she originally didn't.

Thinking about all the things he could possibly do with her, Kazuma couldn't resist a huge grin forming on his face as he rang the bell to Midori's house.


Watching TV while lazing on the sofa, Kazuma let his eyes drift onto Midori who was in front of him and began appreciating her as if looking at the best looking painting in the world.

Because the current Midori in front of him was definitely worth taking the time to appreciate. Even more than what she deserved regularly.

Right now Midori was completely naked and squatting on the floor with her hands cuffed behind her head.

A double penetration dildo was inside her pussy and ass which was continuously vibrating. And a vibrating egg was taped to her clit.

Furthermore, her legs were forced to stay apart due to the spreader bar he used, and both of her nipples had clamps on them with weights dangling to them.

And finally, her mouth was forced to stay open due to the ring gag he put on her.

Looking at Midori like this, Kazuma couldn't help but think that he was in an av shooting.

An AV shooting?

As he thought about something Kazuma took his phone out of his pocket, and started filming Midori who was continuously shaking her waist due to her both holes being played with.

At the same time, Felix used the remote control in his hand to increase the speed of the vibrating egg which was taped to her clit.


Moaning, and uncontrollably letting saliva flow out of her mouth and cover her breasts in it. Midori felt like her boobs were being stretched out due to the weights pulling them down.

Luckily the weights were not too heavy, and just 200 grams each.

"You love being filmed don't you slut?"

Desperately shaking her head, Midori began nodding when Felix further increased the speed.

"Don't you feel shame shaking your waist like that? You're acting like a bitch in heat!"

"Ummmmm.. Ddnnnt sssay thhhhttt..."

Speaking incoherently due to her mouth which was forced to stay open, Midori's eyes were gradually losing focus since her eight orgasm was washing away everything else she cared about.

"You deserve to be treated like this, don't you?"

Hearing Kazuma, Midori nodded her head with a grin that showed no signs of disappearing.

"Come here, slave."

Hopping very awkwardly because she couldn't stand up due to the spreader bar, Midori reached near Kazuma.

"Good pet. This deserves a reward."

Saying so Kazuma removed his dick out, and held her head after which he placed his dick in front of the ring gag and began fucking her mouth.

Grabbing Midori's hair Kazuma started pushing her head towards his dick, due to which his balls slapped against her chin repeatedly.

"Want to taste my cum, slut?"


Not actually caring about Midori's opinion, Kazuma increased the strength he out behind her head making his dick go even deeper down her throat.

However just as he was about to cum inside her, Kazuma pulled his dick out of her mouth.


Taking the ring gag out, Kazuma focused the camera on Midori's face.

"If you want me to cum inside your slutty mouth, then say what I tell you to..."

Listening to what Kazuma said, Midori's eyes went wide as she regained some clarity and started shaking her head.

But before she could reject, Kazuma used his dick to slap the sides of her face with it and pushed the speed of the vibrating egg to the max.

Once again grinning from the pleasure, Midori who herself knew what a masochist she was, immediately nodded her head.

"My name is Midori Yoshinaga. And I'm a slutty housewife that loves to cheat on her useless husband, with Master Kazuma who owns my body!"

"Now please cum inside the mouth of your personal semen tank, Master..."

Saying what Kazuma wanted her to, even Midori couldn't help but blush, which covered her till the neck.

Smiling from how things were working out so well, Kazuma began thinking that maybe she'd allow...

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