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Chapter 155: Say cheese

"Wow, no wonder your daughter turned out to be a whore. With a slutty mother like you, what else would she become other than a whore?"

Raising his phone after opening the camera app, Kazuma smiled and instantly took a picture which along with the flash caused Yuriko to tremble from shame and fear as she realized that her picture in this position had been taken.

"Mast... Master?!"


Unable to phrase a proper question immediately since she was afraid of him slapping her once again, Yuriko took a while before she finally said, "That photo... What are you going to do with it, Master?"

Smiling a little, Kazuma said, "That will depend on your performance. Be my obedient little slut, and this will just be a memory stored inside my phone. But if you try to go against me, God knows how many likes this will get on the internet."

Trembling as she felt herself fall deeper and deeper into an inescapable abyss, Yuriko could only nod her head and promise that she would never go against him and do everything he told her to.

"Really? In that case, let's test how loyal you are to me."

Walking away while ordering Yuriko to stay in the same position, Kazuma came back with a wooden knife stand which had a total of seven knives inside it.

Though all that could be seen were the black hilts, each of them was of a different size making it possible to guess which had the longer blade.

Bringing the entire knife stand close to Yuriko's pussy, Kazuma began rubbing each of the hilts against her pussy lips.

"Out of all of these, choose the one you want me to put inside you."


Not bothered with her shock, Kazuma once again touched her pussy with the seven hilts.

"Choose. Weren't you the one who said she'd never go against me and do everything I told you to? I'm even giving you a choice right now."

Acting as if he was offering her to choose a superpower, Kazuma continued touching Yuriko's with the knife hilts while her entire body trembled nonstop from fear.

He wasn't going to insert the blade right?

Shivering even more from just the thought, Yuriko was so scared that she couldn't squeeze any words out of her mouth despite wanting to.

Therefore, after continuing to do the same thing for a while, Kazuma finally said, "Since you won't choose, I'll choose for you. Let's just hope the knife I choose has a short blade."

Pulling a knife out while saying so, Kazuma showed it off to Yuriko who in a single look could tell that this was the longest knife she possessed.

"Master.... You're kidding right, Master?"

Smiling while not saying anything, Kazuma truly enjoyed the stiff forced smile on Yuriko's face as he brought the knife in his had dangerously close to the woman's pussy.

He even went as her as to let her pussy lips feel the side of the cold blade and make Yuriko almost break into tears.

Miraculously though she didn't move an inch of said anything else and continued to maintain the same humiliating posture making Kazuma feel quite happy.

Putting the knife back inside the stand, Kazuma smiled and said, "Of course I wasn't going to do anything to spoil this treasure of yours, but your loyalty is truly admirable."

Smiling and patting the still trembling Yuriko's pussy with his hand, Kazuma instead of the knife took out something from his bag.

It was a small plastic flag which was completely white.

Writing the words 'Kazuma's Slave' on it, the boy used his finger to push her pussy open and penetrated it with the small flag. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Now his art was truly completed.

Smiling at the fact that this was, Kazuma licked his lips and said, "Say cheese, slave."

Following Kazuma's orders, Yuriko with her tongue still outside her mouth did her best in saying cheese as Kazuma continued taking pictures from various angles until he was completely satisfied.

Complimenting Yuriko that this look suited her after he ended the perverted photoshoot, Kazuma said that she was free to clean herself up after he left.

He also told her that he'd come back tomorrow due to which it would be in her best interest to stay at home unless she wanted to be punished.

Opening the door, Kazuma suddenly remembered that he missed something due to which he went back inside to see Yuriko who just sat up removing the flag inside her pussy.


Standing up out of fear that she removed it too fast, Yuriko was just about to try and put it back inside her when Kazuma waved his hand and stopped her while feeling a little awkward.

After all, even though he was trying his best to take revenge and everything, it was his first time doing such a thing as well making it impossible to possess an answer to every possible question.

Therefore, he just decided to say whatever it was that he came back to say and leave.

"Since I'm coming back tomorrow, make sure to clean yourself up properly slave. I don't like a woman who has hair anywhere other than on top of her head."

"And remember, from today onwards, you belong to me, Kazuma."

Ero_Saint Ero_Saint

NTR - Read ahead till chapter 40 -

P.S - Check out my newest novel the Astral Womanizer if you have time.


P.P.S - I'm going on a vacation due to which there wont be any releases for the next 7 days.

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