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Chapter 159: Special punishment Part 2

All she did was take one look inside the bag and the already silent and scared Yuriko turned even stiffer and almost ran away.

"What is it, slave? Did these toys scare you?"

Acting as if he was concerned with her feelings and opinion, Kazuma said, "Don't worry. In a few days, I'll make it so that you won't be able to live without them anymore."

Closing his eyes and putting his hand inside the bag, Kazuma after moving his hand around grabbed onto whatever it was and pulled it out.

"Ooohhh... A nipple clip? This one's going to hurt."

Taking out the second one to complete the pair, Kazuma now possessed what looked like two clothespins made out of metal with a ring on the end which was used to make the mouth open.

Licking his lips, Kazuma first stretched his hand and touched Yuriko's soft peaks to find her nipples very soft and warm to his hand.

Squeezing them and pinching them, Kazuma soon stretched her left nipple with one hand as the nipple clip was opened with his other hand. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Then, while Yuriko was looking at him with shaking wide eyes and about to start begging in hopes of making him stop, he placed her nipple inside the opened mouth and let go of his fingers which were keeping it open.


Along with a low muffled sound of the clip clamping down, the nipple clip bit into Yuriko's soft nipples while she herself screamed out loud from the never before experienced pain.

"Stopppp! Plessseeeeeeehhhhh... "

Taking the chance during which her mouth was wide open to use the open mouth ring gag, Kazuma tied it around her head before she could react forcing her mouth to stay open and unable to be closed even if she wanted to.

Looking at the shaking face of Yuriko with the mouth gag as her eyes were filled with tears, Kazuma almost pulled down his pant and plunged his erect dick inside her mouth through the wide ring which was keeping her mouth open.

Still, he once again forced himself to stop and continued.

Playing with her right breast for a while, Kazuma took his time in teasing her nipple with his hand and then with the metal texture of the nipple clip before finally placing it on it when she least expected it.

Ahhh godddd.... That expression she had when suddenly realized that the second nipple clip had been placed, how beautiful it was.

Once he was done with placing the second nipple clip as well, Kazuma suddenly remembered that he hadn't yet taken a photo.

Therefore, after taking a solo photo of her and then a selfie of him with her in the background, Kazuma took out the video cam he brought with him.

Turning it on and placing it between his legs since that was the best angle to continuously record Yuriko, Kazuma suddenly said, "Introduce yourself, slave."


"Introduce yourself properly to the camera, and I'll only use one toy. If not, I won't stop until I'm satisfied."

Knowing that trying to escape by looking at him pitifully won't work, Yuriko began seriously trying to do as he said.

"Ighhhhmmmm.... Yuuurukkkooo... Isssssssimoto Yurikooooo..... "

"Tsk! You failed, slave."

Not waiting for the question, Kazuma directly said, "You forgot to introduce yourself as my slave. So, I'm going to continue with your punishment until I'm satisfied."

Ignoring Yuriko's shaking head and her desperate attempt on pleading for a second chance, Kazuma once again closed his eyes and pulled out one more item from his bag.

Looking at the pair of long white candles wrapped in together inside a plastic sheet, Kazuma who had bought all of the items in his bag at once because they were a set and had read the book he got with them shook his head and put them back inside the bag.

"Putting a candle inside your pussy and lighting it up, it may be a bit too soon for you, right?"

Not saying anything else, Kazuma after looking at the expression on Yuriko's face which seemed to be saying it will always be too soon, rummaged inside his bag and pulled something else out of it.

"Huh... You and clips seem to have some unknown fate."

Chuckling as what he pulled out this time was a clit clip, Kazuma flexed what looked like a smaller and weaker version of the nipple clip.

Sensing that the bite it gave with its mouth was very much weaker than the nipple clips, Kazuma caught Yuriko who trying to turn around and run by the waist.

Pulling her back and forcing her to lie on the table, Kazuma first brought out a leg spreader from his bag.

Opening it wide and putting in the mechanism which would not allow the metal rod which was snapped open to close unexpectedly, Kazuma attached the two shackles to both of Yuriko's ankles making it impossible for her feet to ever come closer or move farther from each other.

They were perfectly four feet away from each other at all the time.

And at this distance, once Kazuma made her stand up, all she could do was squat like a crab while showing off the most precious spot between her legs at all time without being able to hide it no matter how much she wanted to.

But that was for later, because what Kazuma was focused on right now was Yuriko's pussy which she didn't bother shaving yesterday.

"You went against my words, slave. Not once, but twice."

Patting her pussy through her stockings as she shook her head desperately, Kazuma ripped a hole in her stocking to expose just her crotch.

Finding her pussy with more ease than yesterday, Kazuma who had noticed this a long while back didn't say anything and tugged on her clitoris before placing the clit clip on it.

Taking in the sound of Yuriko's pain-filled scream, Kazuma suddenly said, "Since you didn't follow my orders, maybe I should just use the candle, what do you think slave?"

Stopping her scream instantly, Yuriko forgot about the pain her sensitive nipples and clitoris were feeling.

A burning candle inside her pussy? Just the thought of it scared her so much that she didn't even dare shout no unless Kazuma suddenly decided to go through with it.

Instead, she began softly begging and pleading him incoherently that she would definitely do it today.

Ero_Saint Ero_Saint

NTR - Read ahead till chapter 44

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