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Chapter 11: Will you train me?

Putting the baby carrot which was drenched in Midori's pussy juices into his mouth, Kazuma honestly tasted it.

Other than the regular carrot taste and texture, after having been marinated inside Midori's pussy it had an extra flavour to it, which tasted both sweet and sour at the same time.

"How is it?"

"Delicious... Just like you..."

"Fufufu, is that so?"

Which woman didn't like to be complimented?

"Hey, Kazuma."


"Will you train me?"

Not expecting such a question Kazuma could only stay silent, not knowing what to say. After all, he didn't even understand what the question meant.

As if understanding the confusion Kazuma was feeling, Midori told him to go at sit while she prepared dinner using those baby carrots which were stuffed inside her.

Despite feeling reluctant to, Kazuma didn't have another choice. He couldn't just force her to do whatever he wanted to anyway.

It didn't take long for Midori to finish making dinner after which she sat down opposite to Kazuma on the table and ate while explaining what she meant by training.

Listening to every word Midori said with completely focus, Kazuma couldn't even believe what he was hearing.

When he felt that luck had struck for the third time, he only expected to be able to have sex with Midori. But, never did he expect for his luck to be this good.

Turns out the training that Kazuma thought about, was the same training Midori meant. Because not only did she look like an AV actor, she even behaved like one.

The story wasn't actually an interesting one, and sounded very generic due to how many hentai videos he had seen. But being on the listening side of such a thing for the first time ever, Kazuma felt that every word out of Midori's mouth sounded like the sweetest music ever.

Anyway, the story was that Midori always knew that she was a masochist, but she didn't do anything about it and waited until she was married, when she revealed it to her husband.

However, unlike what she expected her husband didn't react to it positively. Instead, he said that she was just thinking too much, and that such things were just made up by men to make porn interesting.

Furthermore, he said that even if such things were real, and she had such tendencies, he didn't. And therefore he'd not encourage such things, when they only needed to have sex for reproduction.

Totally disappointed at how her husband wasn't like she hoped for, and instead a man who cared more about his job and money.

Midori decided to just live her life as an ordinary housewife, because she didn't want to have an adulterous relationship.

However, after she saw Kazuma for the first time. And noticed that he was interested in her body, she decided to try and see if Kazuma would be willing to do what she wanted to.

Because at the end of the day she really really wanted to be in a masochistic relationship, for at least once! But, if even he rejected her, she'd just stick to her original plan.

Having finished what she wanted to say, and eating as well, Midori stared at Kazuma's face anxiously.

"You want me to train you?"

Nodding her head at what was a pointless question, when she told him that. Midori was still waiting for an answer

"Train you any way I want to?"

Midori once again nodded her head.

Still unable to believe how good his luck was, Kazuma didn't want to be an idiot who'd reject this god given opportunity.

And which sane teenager didn't ever have a dream about training a woman? Especially in this age, when such content was very popular on the internet.


Hearing Kazuma's answer, Midori felt very happy. It seemed like her dream of having a masochistic relationship wouldn't remain a dream forever.

Also, Kazuma looked even more handsome than her husband, which further reduced the guilt she should feel.

"I don't have any problem with it. But are you sure? Because once I start, there won't be any stopping."

Trying to sound dominant, Kazuma didn't do anything other than making Midori laugh a little.

"Was it that obvious?"

"Who do you think you were kidding Kazuma? I'm sure that this is your first time anyway."

"Humph! I've already had sex with two women!"

Rolling her eyes at Kazuma who raised his puffed up chest proudly, Midori felt that choosing Kazuma was a good decision because it turned out that he wasn't a virgin.

"So... Um.... What now?"

As Midori awkwardly managed to say those words out, Kazuma felt his body stiffen not knowing what to do.

Indeed he saw many AV videos, and a lot of Hentai, but never had he been in such a situation. So he truly didn't know what to do next.

It wasn't as if she just wanted to have sex. Midori wanted him to train her as a masochist.

The next few minutes were truly the most awkward minutes of both Kazuma's and Midori's life, as they just blankly started around them.

And whenever their eyes met, they'd instantly look away to not feel even more awkward.

"Midori... Since you were the one who suggested this... Shouldn't you have an idea on what to do?"

"Tsk, shouldn't you as the man take the lead?"

The two of them once more turned silent.

'AAAAAAAAAAA! Whatever happens will happen!'

Not willing to stay like that for the rest of the night, Kazuma decided to go all in.

"Do you at least have some BDSM tools and toys?"

Finally finding a question she liked, Midori excitedly nodded her head and ran to her room and came back with a huge 3 x 3 feet black box.

Putting the heavy box on the table with a thud, Midori enthusiastically opened the box and started showing the things inside it.

Inside the black box were more BDSM toys than Kazuma had ever seen or expected for.

There were dildos, butt plugs, nipple clamps, various whips, vibrators, y chains, and even more which he didn't even know what they did.

How long had she been collecting these? Before Kazuma could even ask that question, Midori herself informed him.

"I've been buying these toys since I was 17 years old."

Given that she was 26 years old now, it seems that she had been buying these things for 9 whole years. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Taking a deep breath and looking at all the tools in front of him, Kazuma decided to not eat more than he could chew. And instead, start off simple.

Thus he picked...

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