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Chapter 153: Women are beautiful creatures

Unable to even breathe properly because all Yuriko felt right now was fear despite seeing the devilishly handsome smile in front of her face, she felt that maybe things weren't as simple as she thought and hoped for them to be.

"I.... "

"What is it hag? You look quite scared right now. Aren't you ashamed of being slapped by someone half your age?"

Licking Yuriko's cheek which has a very slight impression of his hand on it, Kazuma trembled in ecstasy from seeing the woman's entire body tremble as she tightly shut her eyes.

"I love seeing this expression on your face."

Breathing shakily, Yuriko fell back to the ground as Kazuma removed his grasp over hair.

Still looking at the teenager with just fear and nothing else, Yuriko for an instant even forgot why she was doing whatever he was ordering her to do.

After all, the impact of being slapped in her own home while she was kneeling left a very deep impact on her.

"Now where were we?"

Not saying anything as she truly couldn't remember, Yuriko instinctively inched her head backward as if she was sure that Kazuma would slap her for not remembering.

Luckily though he didn't do such a thing.

Instead, he patted her head and said, "Don't be too scared. Though I love how you look when I slap you, I won't do it for no proper reason."

Nodding her head while gulping hard, Yuriko almost begged him to let her go but managed to stop herself.

"Ah right, I was just about to punish you for not raising this whore properly. Right?"

Nodding her head once again, Yuriko couldn't believe that she was agreeing with someone who was calling her own daughter a whore.

At the same time though she also felt that all of this was Izumi's fault.

If it wasn't because she was sleeping around and sharing her naked pictures, some random boy wouldn't have slapped her.

"Nodding your head, slave? Learn to be more respectful to your new master."


"Yes, what?"

As Kazuma once again grabbed Yuriko by the hair and tugged her head upwards, the woman hastily said, "MASTER! Yes, Master!"

Smiling from being pleased, Kazuma left her hair and patted her head as if praising an obedient dog.

"Now tell me, what am I punishing you for slave?"

"Because... I... "

While looking pitifully towards Kazuma since she didn't really want to say those words, Yuriko could only give up and do as he wanted to since his eyes turned dangerously narrow.

"Because I raised a... The whore properly.... "

Biting her lips in humiliation at the end of her sentence, Yuriko found it hard to believe that she was actually behaving in such a way.

If not for the still burning pain in her cheek, Yuriko would've been sure that this was all a dream.

No, not a dream.

A nightmare!

"Good. The first step in accepting your punishment, is to accept your wrongdoings."

Almost nodding her head, Yuriko quickly said, "Thank you, Master."

"Good. Since you're a fast learner, I'll give you the opportunity of deciding what your punishment should be for today."

Almost choking and breaking out in tears from hearing the word 'today', Yuriko quickly came back to her senses to try and give an answer.

But.. What should she say?

A punishment?

If it was up to her, that slap should be more than enough punishment.

But, she was sure that the boy in front of her definitely didn't think in the same way.

"Ummmm... I'm fine with any punishment which master decides."

Deciding to just get in his good graces while hoping that he would go easy on her, Yuriko even showed a wide smile on her face as if to show that she really meant it.

"Really? In that case, come here and give me a blow job."

"Huh? I.... "

Almost shaking her head, Yuriko kept up the act despite knowing that Kazuma was kidding due to the obvious smile on his face.

Knowing the same thing, Kazuma didn't bother hiding anything and said, "Don't worry my slave, since this is your first day I won't punish you too much. Just strip naked for now."

"What? I.. Please?"

Speaking incoherently, Yuriko only managed to squeeze the word please out of her mouth which had no effect on Kazuma's decision.

"Don't make me angry, slave. You should know that there are many worse ways I can punish you."

Gulping and not even daring to ask what other things he ha din his kind, Yuriko helplessly looked around since she knew what was going to happen once she removed her clothes.

Unfortunately, she had no other choice because Kazuma slowly began narrowing his eyes which reminded her of the earlier slap.

Therefore, she stood up and very slowly pulled off the loose t-shirt first to show her near-naked upper half with a simple white bra covering her breasts. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Still, she used one hand to hide them from Kazuma's view and continued by stepping out of her skirt to show off her similar plain white panty.

Gulping in excitement as his breathing turned hard, Kazuma beckoned Yuriko near him by gesturing with his finger.

Hesitating and dragging her feet, Yuriko other than fear couldn't help but admit that she was a little turned on from standing like this in front of such a young boy.

Moving near Kazuma, Yuriko felt that he'd greedily pull her hands aside to look at her bra and panties which she was hiding, but instead he used his hand to press against her stomach.

Showing an expression of disgust, Kazuma said, "I like admiring beautiful things, slave. So do something about this ugly loose stomach of yours."

While saying such words and causing Yuriko to. Blush furiously from shame and humiliation, Kazuma hid the fact that this was the first time he was ever seeing a half-naked woman in real life when being mesmerized at how beautiful Yuriko looked.

Just seeing her blushing face while she tried to hide her breasts and pussy was making Kazuma want to change his mind and have sex with her right then and there.

Ero_Saint Ero_Saint

NTR - Read ahead till chapter 38 -

P.S - Check out my newest novel the Astral Womanizer if you have time.

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