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47.43% Sex System in Solo Leveling / Chapter 36: Chapter 36 Rank Evaluation

Chapter 36: Chapter 36 Rank Evaluation

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The man behind the grand desk was none other than Lucas Morningstar. An S-Rank hunter as well as the Vice Guild Master of the Berserkers Guild, The no.5 Guild worldwide and no.3 in the US.

"Heok! P..please, Can't b..breath..". The 26 year old, beautiful girl pleaded.

As Rose struggled to breathe under the oppressive aura, Lucas lessened the pressure, allowing her to regain her composure.

"Explain," Lucas demanded, his cold blue eyes fixed on Rose.

He leaned forward, his gaze piercing through her with an intensity that sent shivers down her spine.

"I... I apologize, Mr. Morningstar," Rose stammered, her voice shaky.

"I watched the footage of that Korean Mall's incident, and Azaroth seemed to be a B-rank Hunter.

Then, there are reports that he only emerged from the Dungeon Gate after Choi Jong-in and the Hunter Association intervened. I... I thought it was reasonable to assume he might be a B-rank—"

Lucas tapped his desk,

"— most an A-Rank," She said in a hurry.

Lucas's glare intensified. His expression turned stern, and the room seemed to grow colder. "And why does that matter? You see... Assumptions can be dangerous, Rose. You were instructed to contact him directly. The question here is..."

Rose looked down, her whole body trembling, she had a reason for not contacting Azaroth.

She 'was' in love with Azaroth, no, more like in love with his looks.

Every time she saw him leaving his dad's office with a sad look, she felt arousal.

At that time, he was 12. 

She brought him to ice cream shops, wiped his tears from her handkerchief, and then masturbated sniffing the same handkerchief while remembering his pitiful looks.

She was a pedo, but she had an image to maintain so she just masturbated or fucked some boys who looked similar to him.

After some years, she couldn't keep to herself, and on Azaroth's 16th birthday, she had proposed to him.

It had not even been a month since his parents had divorced. She thought he would accept her due to his mental imbalance at the time.

But she couldn't be more wrong, he rejected her, called her his father's dog, and left the country.

(A/N: That's just a small background story I thought for her. If you guys are up for some intense brutal sex, then tell me.

I'll write that with this bitch, coz we can't do murderous sex with the wifies :p)

"Don't bother explaining. You are fired. Now pack your bags."

Seeing her trembling posture, Lucas glared at her and said.

"F.. Fired..? M..Me..?" 


"Next, we will proceed with the measurements," Gu Gunhee announced. "Allow me to introduce you to Doctor Kim, who is Korea's leading scientist in Gates and Mana Stones."

Azaroth wasn't naive; he had his doubts about his abilities.

That's why he contacted the system help line beforehand to confirm if the people of this world could accurately assess his Rank.

He didn't want to be humiliated and fall into the tired trope of "lowly ranked but secretly powerful." Azaroth always wanted to make a grand impression.

His inquiry came right after trying his luck with his first Gacha.

The response he received was—' Only if the host wants'— that due to possessing the Monarch of Lust system, the radars in this world could measure his system's magic power, and he was guaranteed an S-Rank evaluation.

However, he needed to release his system's mana in moderation or the radar would either detect a surplus amount or malfunction altogether.

"Hello, Mr. Azaroth, I am currently working with the association and will be conducting your evaluation," Dr. Kim greeted him with a warm smile.

Dr. Kim's beautiful voice reached him and Azaroth returned her smile and shook her hand. "I am grateful to be under Dr. Kim's care."

They then led Azaroth to a spacious room where everything was being broadcasted on screens outside of the Association building for transparency purposes.

Before starting, the testing team and Dr. Kim took an oath to ensure unbiased results. Then they motioned for Azaroth to approach the large sphere placed in the center of the room.

Dr. Kim took a deep breath before beginning her explanation.

"This is a mana rank evaluator. It is made in the US which far surpasses every other evaluator and is the only one in Korea. It measures the mana density of a hunter and displays numbers on the screen over there," she pointed to a computer connected to the device.

"This is the Association's special device meaning this device is only used for high rankers, so it starts from B-Rank. If the device shows 50, that means you are a B-Rank; 100 means A-Rank; and if it shows 200 or close, that means you are an S-Rank."

"So are you ready?" She asked.

Azaroth hummed, this device was different from the one he had seen in the Manhwa, but 'meh.' There wasn't a Berserkers Guild in the Manhwa.

"You don't need to be afraid, this device is tested and not harmful in any way. Just place your hand here." She tried comforting him seeing his look.

"Oh, not at all Doctor, I was just mesmerized by your beauty~" Azaroth gave her a wink and placed his hand on the sphere.

'Being young is good.' Gu Gunhee who was standing near the screen coughed a little, 

"A..Ah, Ok." She became a little flustered after hearing that, but as a diligent woman, she nodded to her team and they turned on the switch of the device.

Choi Jong-in and Senior Choi looked through the glass from the other room.

Azaroth took a deep breath and smirked, as various patterns emerged on the spear.

The sphere started glowing.

The screen attached to the device lit up and started counting.

When JinWoo in Manhwa had done the testing, the sphere had shown "error" indicating he was an S-rank.

But this was not that normal sphere...

"Look Dr."

The number on the screen touched 50-B rank, After a second it showed 100-A-rank, 

"Oh! It's increasing more and more!"

"110 -> 145 -> 160"

"Ah.. after all these days w..will Korea get a new S-rank..?" Chairman Gu muttered and started praying for the numbers to increase.

"185 -> 191"

"It's here! It's close to 200! Hurray! We get a new S-Rank!" Many of the testing team members cheered.

Even if someone crosses 180 in this advance machine, he'll be considered as an S-Rank.

"Oh My God! It's still increasing!" Dr Kim shouted in excitement.

"198 -> 201 -> 206 -> 209... "

"M-My number was 196 and Hunter Cha's was 194 when we had got curious and tested the machine after it got imported from US..." Jong-In said in disbelief looking at the number 209.

"Heh, That's my grandson right there!" Senior Choi said while wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"209 -> 211 -> 213"

"Hey! What was the highest mana density recorded by Christopher Reeds?" 

"214, Sir"

'Heh,' Azaroth scoffed and, 

"214! Wait! Will it increase even more!?"

"214 -> 215"

Azaroth thought it was enough and stopped. Although the device only counted the mana density it wasn't like he had become the strongest.

Like how Jong-in's density was higher than Cha Hae-in's but Hae-in was stronger because of her warrior skills or like how, Christopher Reeds' was higher than Thomas Andre's.

The measurement finally stopped and the large screen showed the number "215" 

"I... It's not an error, right?" Several team members muttered looking at the number.

The young man in front of them had defeated the National Level Hunter's Mana Density. 


"HELL YEAH!! A Miracle!!"

Gu Gunhee extended his hand toward Azaroth, a hearty smile on his face. "Congratulations, Mr. Azaroth! You've just become Korea's newest S-Rank hunter. This is a momentous occasion, and everyone in our nation will be thrilled to have a new hero of your caliber."

'This cunning man' Azaroth thought. 

 "Your achievement will bring pride to Korea, and I'm sure you'll be a symbol of inspiration for many aspiring Korean hunters." Gu Gunhee continued.

The use of the word "Korea" again and again....

It seemed Chairman Gu had already started buttering him so that he didn't return to the US.

Due to Azaroth's background, there was always a possibility of him returning to America in the future.

Gu Gunhee was aiming to cultivate a sense of loyalty in him, encouraging him to align with Korea's interests rather than his father's guild in the US.

"Thanks, Mr. Chairman. I'll try," Azaroth replied.

"Haha, such a down-to-earth man, Mr. Azaroth. Your success is Korea's success. I'm confident that with your abilities, we'll witness a new era of strength and influence for our nation's hunters." Chairman Gu's flattery was not stopping.

Kuku, don't worry Chairman, I'll surely use you and your association for my future endevours~

"Now, Let us proceed towards the Skill testing area."


Author Note:

Tell me what to do with Rose! I can write a great forced ehm-ehm with her


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