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98.43% Shīzōng / Chapter 126: Chapter 125

Chapter 125 - Shīzōng - Chapter 126 by Chezilla full book limited free

Chapter 126: Chapter 125

"Still not letting go?" Zhou Hua Fan irritably gave Liang Zhong Zemin a sharp look, but the young doctor merely flips to the next page of his book looking like the very picture of an elegant scholar with his legs crossed and his expression warm but distant. Only, one hand was holding a book and the other was holding onto her hand resting onto of the bedsheets. Since she had semi recovered and was able to speak in a louder voice without sounding like a heavy smoker, Zhou Jian Kong had relaxed his watch of her and moved back to his study making her relieved. Only, a week had clearly passed but a certain someone still refused to allow her out of bed saying that she was still too weak.

She was obviously dissatisfied with this arrangement, unlike before where he would yield after she tolerated his actions for a while, for some reason Zhong Zemin was especially strict with her. And the nourishing herds he had her intact had also increased much to her displeasure, but when she refused or even showed a face of reluctance Zhong Zemin's face would twist up with worry making her unable to scold him or utter a single complaint. It was not like consuming them would kill her... But each time he would shove a bowl of steaming bitter-smelling medicine in her face she would silently feel like throwing a tantrum only to be faced with his panda eyes dousing the childish impulse to express her discontent. The days grew longer and longer locked in her room, and but whenever she asked him for the time she felt a sense of restlessness and unease the more time she spent wasting "recovering".

It was uncomfortable, eventually, she even started mistaking her bedroom for the white room when she woke up in the mornings thus scaring herself. Hua Fan attempts to fling off his hand which results in him switching him letting go as if he never held her hand in the first place, she furrows her brows and was about to scold him when the door opens and one of her maids brought in breakfast. "Young miss, this morning Housekeeper Shuang personally baked some egg tarts from that popular bakery you said you were fond of before. He even especially made the cream the way you like it due to young master Liang's request." The woman smiles brightly while presenting the porridge she was supposed to reluctantly finish and then the precious egg tart on the tray beside it while sending Zhong Zemin a pleased look.

The young master is really thoughtful towards our miss! Although she was on a strict diet and he would usually not allow her to indulge in these overly sweet foods, he had specifically asked housekeeper Shuang to add a dessert for breakfast this morning just to make the miss happy. It really made her feel at ease to have such a thoughtful and gentle person besides their young miss every day. If it weren't for the young master everyone would have flown into a panic and suffered from the old master's temper that day. Since Zhong Zemin had managed to reassure the old master and take care of the miss so well once more the staff's opinion of him grew again.

The "thoughtful" and "gentle" young master gave a half-smirk that was only visible to Hua Fan while sneaking a glance at the sour-faced girl. "...Hmph." Her irritation was soothed away for the moment as she silently and secretly savors the sweet-tart in front of her. Zhong Zemin had placed his book aside from a while ago to also take his breakfast from the maid who received a warm smile from the man. Only once she had left with prep in her step leaving them alone again did Hua fan speak. "Leaving my room.."

She starts off again, he awaits her to finish her words but unexpectedly she doesn't say what he thought she would say and instead compromised for once. "I will not go out for now, but since Ye Ye is in his study. Bring "him" here for me." "Impossible." Zhong Zemin's tone was cold startling her as he had never shown his resentment for Huang Gou Heng before. When she looks up in her surprise she was also stunned to see the hostility and rejection on his face.

Her brows furrow, although she expected rejection at first, for him to also make his hostilities known as a shock. No, for him to have hostility toward Gou Heng was the most unexpected part. Did those two have an argument before? She still recalls the fact that Zhong Zemin had taken part in helping Huang Gou Heng during that one attempt kidnapping episode. Li Chen Ai wouldn't lie to her with those photos, so although those two didn't have a close relationship they should still have a neutral stance. Right?

Unless...She frowns at him, "Are you blaming him for what happened? That was my choice, not his, do not blame people who are innocent." Zhong Zemin gave her a hard look, he was debating silently before ultimately giving a half-lie hand truth seeming calm but determined. "...You're well aware of why I don't want him around you."

"-It's not that I dislike him, I am just looking out for you. Weighing the importance of two people, isn't it only natural I will feel concerned for you rather than him who was the cause of your outburst?" And near death. She sent him a look of disapproval feeling a bit disappointed with Zhong Zemin. "The things between him and me, didn't I tell you not to stick your nose into it?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hua Fan." He became serious and took her hand not allowing her to pinch him fiercely anymore and looks the girl in the eyes. "You tell me the truth, you lied to old man Zhou but you cannot lie to me. Do you plan on being together with that boy in the future?" "!?" Choking on her spit Hua Fan gave him an incredulous look then calms down quickly and fixed her expression into one of indifference and annoyance.

Though her heart skips a beat, "Impossible!" Her answer was the exact same as his was just a few moments ago. Zhong Zemin did not look convinced and his handsome face shows a frown of disapproval, "Then why did you lose it when you saw his contract in the hands of the Li family?" Her mouth opens and closes as words try to leave her but fail each time, he could see the struggle in her heart and felt even more gloomy. "That night on your birthday, you caught a fever because you heard he had arrived and wanted to help him leave before your grandfather knew. And that box you wanted me to deliver, it was for him, wasn't it?"

Hua Fan met his heavy gaze upfront with pursed lips, neither denying nor admitting. The young man's gaze shook when he saw the firm unyielding posture she took with him and whispers softly. "Life or death..does your life truly lay in his hands?"

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