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Chapter Thirteen - Shīzōng - Chapter 13 by Chezilla full book limited free

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen

"Cha-Chairman Zhou!" The man stutters while turning around to bow deeply to the frowning old man who had a dark expression on his face. He bit his lip anxiously as a pair of dainty feet rush across the room towards the angry Zhou Jian Kong. "Ye Ye was the meeting boring? Fan brought Ye Ye lunch and also made sure to pack Ye Ye's favorites." The haughty and arrogant girl had turned into an innocent and filial child who went to hold Jian Kong's hand with a pleasant smile.

Hua Fan had changed out of her school clothes before arriving and wore a cute summer dress that was a dark navy blue. It was a heavy contrast to her snow-white skin and made her look more fragile than she already did. Her large chocolate eyes stare up at him with love and sincerity that could melt even the coldest of hearts. She really resembled a porcelain little doll. Jian Kong's tight frown was replaced with a softer one and he could not help raising a hand to pat her head affectionately. "What are you doing waiting here? Next time you come it would be better for Hui Ning to call and tell my assistant so you were not bored waiting instead."

Hua Fan smiles innocently and pulled at his hand on top of her head, full of charming youthfulness she sincerely told him. "Fan just wanted to surprise Ye Ye for lunch. I didn't know Ye Ye's meetings would take so long." She gave a tiny frown to herself as if she had miscalculated, but who knows if she did or didn't. Her eyes show she didn't yet her actions said differently. Jian Kong knew she was playing for others to see and fondly pinched her cheek stunning the child into giving him a wronged look. Jian Kong's frown turned upside down and he chuckles gently. "Alright, grandfather will eat with Fan'er now. Be good."

His assistant smartly plays a blind eye to this affectionate grandchild and grandparent pair and raises a hand to push up his glasses at the still anxiously bowing secretary. Although young and talented at business Wan Xu Xing had suffered many setbacks due to purposely being suppressed by others who hated him for his calm and youth. Originally he had also been just a simple secretary but who knew one day he would be graced by the gods and made a good impression on the great Chairman Zhou who directly hired him as an assistant. Though he had only been with Chairman Zhou for two years he knew his place and did his job well satisfying the old man into trusting him a bit more with larger projects. He had never thought he would be able to make it to the elite world so easily.

As with just a single sentence, his life had gone from a suppressed nobody to a powerful figure who stood behind Jian Kong to help him take care of his empire. It was not an exaggeration to say he owed Zhou Jian Kong a lot and did more to help the man's burdens taking him as an elder. He clears his throat making the secretary jump again, "Secretary Ding, wait in my office for me." His tone neither overbearing nor yielding causing the secretary to know, it's over. His fists clench at his sides and fury boiled in his heart, he refused to go like this. If he did he will give make sure to expose that little brat with him.

Assitant Wan saw his bad thoughts and narrowed his eyes at him, but the other man seemed to not notice his good intentions and directly straightens back up to address Jian Kong directly. "Chairman Zhou! I was only reminding the young miss to not mess with your documents! I have done nothing wrong but kept in mind your privacy and thought the miss was playing with your papers. As an employee of Zhou company, I found the young miss's actions too haughty as she even dared to throw these files across the room at me. All I did was ask the miss to sit elsewhere but she even threw a tantrum and purposely made trouble. I ask for Chairman Zhou to be fair and judge the situation correctly."

Assistant Wan sighed in his heart and covers his face with a single palm seemingly exasperated. This idiot... Hua Fan also raises his head from her grandfather's suit and sent the secretary a tiny smile while her grandfather's tiny smile turned back into a frown. Seeing the old man's cold pair of eyes the secretary felt something was not right. Wasnt the relationship between Zhou Jian Kong and his granddaughter Zhou Hua Fan not good? Jian Kong only spent a few seconds looking around the room once before addressing Assitant Wan behind him in a neutral tone. "Assistant Wan."

Respectfully stepping in front of him with his head lowered the man answered with deference. "Yes, Chairman?" Jian Kong leads Hua Fan with one hand out of the office without another look at the pale-faced secretary, his expression cold. "Clean up this mess." Assistant Wan glances at the secretary and sighed again in his heart but he is not sympathetic. If not for this, the secretary would have been dismissed eventually so he did not think much of the girl's actions.

Wan Wu Xing had just not had time to bother with him till recently. It was long known that this person had converted to be one of Zhou Feng Meng's people due to being bribed with many benefits. As long as he followed Feng Meng and provided him with information on the chairman's movements of course. Who knew that the chairman's granddaughter would give them the opportunity to teach this turncoat a lesson before they could. His impression of the beautiful pale-skinned child got better and he reminds himself to never offend Zhou Hua Fan in this life. She really was the tiny female version of Jian Kong. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The pale girl did not know she was being labeled as a "poisonous child" in the hearts of others and hung onto Jian Kong's hand with a beautiful smile. Well, even if she knew there was no doubt Hua Fan would have just laughed at him and wouldn't deny his accusations. "Ye Ye the food must have gone cold in the car by now. Fan told driver Yang to wait for Fan at the parking lot but who knows if he was smart enough to reheat it." Hua Fan seemed a bit troubled by this but Jian Kong was not.

He only hummed lightly in an unconcerned manner before saying, "Is that so? Then let us eat out instead." Hua Fan smiles at him and tugs his hand to get his attention feeling happy to spend more time with her grandfather. "Ye Ye, Fan heard from housekeeper Ning that Ye Ye has a restaurant he is fond of. Let's go there instead then!" Jian Kong blinks once and looks down at the child to ask her with a hint of surprise.

"He told you this?" She tilts her head and gave him an even more brilliant smile, "Mhmm!" Jian Kong was a bit startled that Hui Ning would have actually told his granddaughter anything at all. He knew that the man wasn't fooled by the girl's act and that he was not too fond of her at the start either. Even if he felt bad for her and sympathizes with the girl since she was still a child. But for one as intelligent and scheming as Hua Fan, Hui Ning no doubt had his doubts and suspicions. Perhaps he had a change of heart one day? But when?

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