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Chapter 2: Flux Energy Awakens

Translator: Mercurial_ Editor: TheRealSeal

Unbelievable! Even if he was stupid, at this moment, he clearly realized that he had stumbled upon some kind of miracle.

"Oh my god, is this game supposed to be like this? This is not a dream, is this real ahh...…"

Li Yunmu’s widely opened eyes were fixed on the screen, where the shadow could be seen among the grass, encountering an "enormous" ant. The shadow raised its fist and attacked it ferociously.

[You have attacked the ant with your full strength, causing it 7 points of damage, but because your strength is too weak, it could only cause a minor injury to the ant.]

[Your leg has kicked the ant’s head, because of attacking its weak point, the ant has suffered 26 points of damage, causing serious damage to the ant.]

[The ant has begun its counterattack after entering a near-death state. Lifting its pincers, it crushed your right arm, resulting in you losing most of your military strength.]

[You bellowed in pain and launched a kick. Because you were extremely angry, this kick has caused 'furious strike', causing the ant 19 points of damage, the ant has been killed by you.]

[Congratulations, you have successfully killed the ant. You have gained 1 experience point and 1 ability point, but you have also caught the attention of the ant colony, beware of their revenge.]


Li Yunmu was astonished.

The ant was dead! It had really been killed by his shadow!

It must be known that this was only one ant from the real world. Even though it was minute, it was still a life, was this really only a hack system, only a software?

Li Yunmu was filled with excitement and suspicion.

But regardless of whatever he felt, the hack system still continued its work. Not long had passed, when the shadow in the dense "grass forest", encountered yet another ant. However, this time there were no surprises and the shadow which had already lost its right arm got killed immediately by the second ant.

When the shadow was crushed, it transformed into countless black dots and passed through all obstructions from the lawn downstairs as it returned back inside Li Yunmu’s body.

Another message popped up on the screen:

[Shadow has died. After ten minutes, your shadow will resurrect and continue to advance automatically in the hack system. You still have two more chances of resurrection for today, please cherish them.]

[Reminder, the system has detected some kind of strength inside your body, do you want to use your current experience points to awaken it?]


Li Yunmu didn’t think too much about it. He was already dizzy from the big meat pie that had fallen into his lap, so he subconsciously agreed. Within an instant, he sensed a kind of warmth in his body, traces of heat collected in his chest from his four limbs and hundreds of bones, a kind of strength seemed to come forth from deep inside.

"How is it possible? Is this flux energy? This sensation seems like the first sign of flux energy awakening!"

Ahh flux energy, an ordinary person would forever remain unfamiliar with these words, because these words represent strength in current new dimension era.

It represents the wide gap between ordinary people and those who have this innate talent. However, this wide gap was like a great wall which ordinary people could never ever scale over.

It was rumored that in the year 2020 AD, a huge shooting star had crashed into the earth from outer space.

This shooting star from the space was precisely the one known as "Dimensional Shooting Star" to the later generations. It was responsible for the transformation to humankind to the current new age.

At that time, when the Dimensional Shooting Star crashed into the earth, in a flash, the earth’s entire continental structure was shattered. A large number of countries and countless people perished because of it.

Of the earth’s entire population of 7.6 billion at that time, only several hundred million had survived. The rest were wiped out in a flash.

But that was only the beginning of bad things to come. Within three days after the Dimensional Stone had descended, large amounts of mighty higher dimensional energy spread over the entire earth, filling each and every nook and cranny of the earth.

Once the dimensional energy appeared, its influence did not only stop at people. Animals, insects, plants, fishes, even including the entire human race, all of them started to evolve.

In just one night, all the wild animals transformed and became more formidable. Humanity’s machine guns and artillery shells couldn’t rival them anymore. The human race was no longer the most dominant race on earth.

In less than three months, most of humanity’s armies were destroyed. The entire human race sunk into great despair because of the threat of annihilation and it could only depend on the troops stationed in the major cities to defend them till death. This was humanity’s first time losing the territories outside of major cities. Vast stretches of land turned into the backyard of mutant beasts and dimensional beasts.

That year would be famously known as the first year of dark ages to the later generations. From then on, humanity’s era entered into the abyss.

After the continental structure shattered, only six continents remained. Humanity kept struggling at death’s door for the first three years of the dark ages. When the first of humankind finally experienced the three year long evolution and began to awaken the flux energy, only then did a ray of hope dawned on humanity.

From then on, the human race turned into a civilization which placed flux energy cultivation above all else, compared to science and technology from before. After 227 years of great efforts by the elders, humanity once again regained the position of earth’s master. They fought with dimensional beasts and mutant beasts and managed to reclaim more stretches of land for survival, finally establishing the new dimensional age, bidding farewell to the dark ages.

At the same time, on one day, the six continents formally established a grand alliance, known as the Humankind Alliance. The continents were the Central Continent, Northern Ocean Continent, Southern Pole Continent, Holy Continent, Desolate Continent and Higher Dimensional Continent. These continents constituted humanity’s remanent forces.

The Central Continent was where Li Yunmu was currently living. It was formed from the majority of the former Chinese nationals and several countries at the periphery of Asia. In terms of influence among the six continents, it was considered the most formidable.

Next in the Alliance was the Holy Continent, which was dominated by the Vatican authority of religion from before the dark ages. Formed by gathering several powers from Western Europe, its strength was only second to the Central Continent. It was rumored that this Holy Continent, that was formed on the firm belief in religion, also had another mysterious power apart from flux energy.

Next in terms of strength were the Desolate Continent and the Higher Dimensional Continent, which had the weakest influence in the Alliance. Especially the Higher Dimensional Continent, it was the most severely impacted continent when the Dimensional Shooting Stars crashed into the earth. Even today, the Higher Dimensional Continent still produces a constant stream of large numbers of dimensional monsters. As for the people of this continent, rather than saying they were a force of humanity, it would not be wrong to say they were just leading an ignoble existence.

Thus, in the new dimensional age, the genuine forces of humanity were only the four continents, the Central Continent, Northern Ocean Continent, Southern Pole Continent and Holy Continent. But if you must include the pathetic survivors of Higher Dimensional Continent and Desolate Continent, then that would make up the six continents in the Alliance.

Naturally, the bitter historical experiences of these continents all digressed from one another.

But it cannot be denied that flux energy was very significant for humanity as it provided humanity formidable strength. Therefore, only the people who could use flux energy were considered genuinely superior existence.

These people who could use flux energy would receive the best treatment in every continent. They had the best lives, the most spacious houses. They enjoyed the best which humanity had to offer, enjoying the least contaminated food and were at the top of humanity’s hierarchy. Everything they got was simply not something that an ordinary people could hope to receive.

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