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72% Shinobi Life! / Chapter 17: 17 Graduation

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Chapter 17: 17 Graduation

In Konoha, one could see that the carved faces of the previous hokage's were vandalized all painted on.

"Oi, Naruto! What do you think you are doing!" A chunin said

"We are going to bring you back to lord third!" another ninja yelled as they chased a blonde haired boy.

"Hahaha! Stupid, you all will never catch me!" A blonde haired boy said as he ran away from the ninja's chasing him. Leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

This was a reoccurring event in the village hidden in the leaves.

The blonde boy managed to escape but was later caught by his sensei, Iruka Umino. Who brought him back to the academy.

Now in front of the class, said blonde was tied up. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_18359837305361905/17-graduation_49551482575440666">!_18359837305361905/17-graduation_49551482575440666</a> for visiting.

"Darn it Naruto! You failed the transformation jutsu again! You shouldn't be fooling around you fool!" Iruka yelled to which Naruto only turned his head.

Angry, Iruka turned to the rest of the class as he said to them "We're going to have another review on the transformation technique!" causing the whole class to complain.


"Sakura Hurano!" Iruka said as said girl went to perform the transformation jutsu.

"Pass, now Sasuke Uchiha" He said as the boy also perfectly did the jutsu.

"Now, Naruto Uzumaki!" Iruka called out as Naruto transformed into a naked blonde female causing Iruka to fall back with blood spewing from his nose.

"Hahahah! I call that one the sexy jutsu!" Naruto said laughing causing Iruka to fume and use his big head jutsu.

"You idiot! Don't invent such a dumb jutsu!" Iruka raged

"Heh, only Naruto would make a jutsu as stupid as that" Shigeo said as he chuckled.

"Geez, what a drag. Because of Naruto we all had to be tested again" Shikamaru said as he grumbled to the side.

"Well, it was funny though" Choji said as he looked at Naruto and their sensei bickering.


"Alright Class, to graduate you mast take a written exam as well as a practical exam" Iruka said to the class. "The written exam is easy, you all just need to know what you learned the past 4 years in the academy. As for the practical exam, you are needed to perform the 3 basic ninjutsu. The clone jutsu, transformation jutsu, and substitution jutsu."

"Alright once you are handed a test paper, you are to start" Iruka said as he handed the test.

Once Shigeo got his he looked over his paper and found it easy. He felt that even an idiot like Naruto could pass no problem. After about ten minutes, he had answered all the questions from front and back.

He looked around and also found that Shikamaru had finished. Following the boy's lead, Shigeo decided to just sleep as majority of everyone was still taking the test.


"Alright, now if your name is called, all of you have to come to the front and do the three basic ninjutsu" Iruka said

"Sakura Hurano!" Iruka called out.

"Yes Iruka-Sensei!" The pink haired girl said as she first performed the clone jutsu, followed with the substitution, and finally she transformed into a perfect replica of Iruka.

"Perfect, Sakura Hurano, you passed! Heres your ninja headband" Iruka said handing her the headband.

"Yes! Did you see that Sasuke-kun?! I passed!" The pinkette said as she showed the raven haired boy her headband. Though said boy wasn't even bothering to listen to her.

This went on as everyone else who were called passed.

Ino Yamanaka, passed

Choji Akimichi, passed

Shikamaru Nara, passed

Shino Aburame, passed

Sasuke Uchiha, passed

Kiba Inuzuka, passed

Hinata Hyuga, passed

"Shigeo Murakami!" Iruka said as Shigeo nodded and stepped forward.

He first performed the substitution jutsu as he was replaced with a log, then transformed into Iruka, before he performed the clone jutsu, causing 3 perfect clones appear next to him.

"Perfect, here Shigeo-kun. You earned it" Iruka said as he gave Shigeo the headband.

"Thanks, Iruka-sensei" Shigeo said as he nodded and headed back.


"Congrats, Shigeo-kun. I knew you would pass" The platinum blonde haired girl said cheerfully

"Thanks Ino, you too" Shigeo said as he also greeted the other two.

"Look, it's about to be Naruto's turn" Choji said as he also returned Shigeo's greeting. They all turned as Naruto was called by their sensei.

"What do you guys think will be the result?" Shigeo asked.

"I think he will fail. He never trains, he's always goofing off!" Ino said angerly as she stared at her fellow blonde.

"Now Now, calm down Ino. Don't tell me you still have a grudge against him?" Shigeo asked. Ino was actually a victim to one of Naruto's pranks. He dyed her hair all sorts of colors causing it to look like a rainbow.

"W-what?! No! I'm j-just stating facts" She said as she turned her head away from head.

"Tch, how troublesome. I have to agree with Ino, Naruto still can't do the clone jutsu" Shikamaru said.

They watched as Naruto performed both the substitution and transformation jutsu but failed the clone jutsu.


Now it was the end of classes as outside the academy there was a huge crowd. Many children along with their parents were gathered as the children showed off their headbands to their parents.

"OH! Look how all of you had grown!" Yoshino said as he took a picture of the four children Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, and Shigeo. Before she began to pinch their cheeks.

"I think that's enough, look at how embarrassed they look" Shikaku said as he sighed at his wife's antics.

"Still, you all made it. Now you are almost officially genin" Inoichi said as Choza nodded.

"Now all of you just need to be assigned to your own squads" The akimichi clan head said.

"My how time flies by so fast. I remember when all of you were all just kids. Even you Shigeo-kun, I remember when Ino first brought you to our shop like she was bringing over her boyfriend" She said as she reminisced about the past.

"MOM!" Ino said as she blushed

"Now, Now, don't embarrass her. And besides, she's too young to get a boyfriend hahaha!" Inoichi said causing everyone else to laugh awkwardly.

"Now why don't we all celebrate?!" Yoshino asked as everyone else agreed. Just as Shigeo was about to walk away Ino stopped him by grabbing his arm as she asked "Where do you think you're going Shigeo-kun?" She asked with a smile.

"Err, it feels rather awkward for me to join in" He said as he scratched his head.

"Nonsense! We've known you for years, we've practically watched you grow!" Yoshino said as everyone else nodded.

"*Sigh* fine" Shigeo said though his smile indicated otherwise.

He turned to see a familiar blonde alone on a swing. Just as he was about to go talk to him, he was stopped by Shikamaru.

"He needs to be alone. I tried to talk to him earlier but he wasn't in the mood, give him his space" Shikamaru said as Shigeo sighed and nodded.


By the time Shigeo got back to his apartment, the sky was already dark. He took his weights off as he sat cross legged.

It was a daily routine for him to train on his lightning human observation haki, or Mantra as Enel of One Piece called it. Quickly activating it as well as using his lightning human abilities, his range had extended from 250 meters to the whole leaf village and more.

He calmed his breathing as he closed his eyes. He focused out on the voices and emotions of the people in Konoha as he had somewhat gotten used to them. It still gave him a headache but to the point where he could endure it.

Becoming a lightning human had advantages like being able to manipulate his element and turn into it as well as other things like better memory that might as well be photographic and fast reaction time but also it's downside such as the widened range of his observation haki, but in time he should be able to train to control it to the point where it shouldn't bother him anymore.


I gave him better memory... for the sake of convenience... it ain't canon, the goro goro no mi does not give the user near photographic memory, its purely bs I wrote for the sake of my story}

He was listening to pointless conversations until he heard two familiar voices.

"Do you remember what to do?!" The electromagnetic waves and vibrations of the air helped Shigeo hear. It was a voice that was familiar but he couldn't remember who it was.

"Yes, leave it to me. Hehe, don't worry Mizuki-sensei, I'll pass and finally become a ninja!" Naruto's voice sounded off.

'This is...Naruto's voice?! And he said Mizuki... that was the same person who brought me to the academy... and the same person who used to give Naruto sabotaged tools!' Shigeo thought as he remembered the white haired man. 'He was probably one of the teachers that were punished since he disappeared from the academy... why is he with Naruto?' Shigeo thought as he focused on hearing their conversation.

"Right, remember this is an old and forgotten way to graduate. But if you give me the Scroll of Seals I will tell Iruka about it so he could pass you" Mizuki said.

"Okay!" Naruto said.

Opening his eyes, Shigeo narrowed his eyes before he disappeared from his room. He made his way to the Sarutobi clan compound since the Hokage was no longer at the Hokage tower. Entering the clan compound via Soru along with body flicker. He sensed the third hokage's signature before he arrived at the enterance to the third's home.

*Knock* *Knock*

After he knocked he waited for a while until it opened to reveal the current acting hokage.

"Shigeo-kun? What are you doing here so late?" Hiruzen said.

"Lord Hokage, I overheard a conversation, as soon as I heard I immediately came to find you" Shigeo said urgently.

"Huh? What is it?" The third said as he questioned the urgency of Shigeo's voice

"I overheard a conversation of a former academy teacher, Mizuki, tricking Naruto into getting him the Scroll of Seals by telling him that it was another way to graduate and become a genin!" Shigeo explained.

"What?!" Hiruzen said before more ninja's came.

"Lord Hokage! The Scroll of Seals was stolen by Naruto Uzumaki!" One of the ninja's said.

"This... Shigeo-kun, thank you for telling me but you can rest easy, we will take care of this" The kage said as he dismissed the boy.

Shigeo just nodded as he left. Once he was out of sight he disappeared and headed to the location of where he sensed Naruto's, Iruka's, and Mizuki's signatures.

Just as he got there he saw that Mizuki was just about to kill Iruka. Quickly acting he manipulated lightning as a 3 meter field of lightning surrounded Mizuki. Though he only did that to stall the man as he didn't finish him off since he sensed Naruto dash towards Mizuki's location.

"What?!" The silver haired man said as he was suddenly surrounded by lightning not only stopping him but shocking him and numbing his body before he was punched by Naruto.

"You damn demon, you surprised me!" Mizuki said as he forcefully got up.

"If you ever lay a hand on my sensei, I'll kill you!" Naruto said as he made a hand seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He yelled as hundreds of copies of Naruto appeared.

As Naruto was busy beating Mizuki up Shigeo couldn't help but laugh until he spotted the Scroll of Seals. Without the others noticing he took it and decided to open it.

'Might as well try to learn some of the jutsu's inside' He though as he looked through the scroll. Trying to imprint some jutsu's into memory. He found some useful ones like the Shadow clone jutsu, Great clone explosion, as well as A to S ranked water ninjutsu.

'This is! The Flying Thunder god jutsu!' Shigeo inwardly exclaimed. He saw that there were two parts to it, the first by the second hokage and the second part by the fourth hokage. As he finished burning them into his memory he glanced to see Iruka giving Naruto his headband.

He smiled as he used Soru to put back the Scroll of Seals where he found it. Sensing more signatures heading this way he headed home avoiding ninja's that were coming towards their direction.

The first thing he did when he got home was write down all the jutsu's he burned to memory before sealing them into a storage scroll.



You can tell I rushed this...

anyway enjoy the chapters


Appreciate all of you helping point out mistakes or correcting me. Please continue to do so since my knowledge of Naruto is pretty rusty.

UchihaFanatic UchihaFanatic

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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