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Chapter 18: 18 Rewards

a/n: I rushed writing this chap :)


When Shigeo woke up it was already about to be daybreak. He remembered what happened last night and smiled a little. Naruto would also become a ninja but not only that, he had also gotten many jutsu's.

One being Tsunade Senju's chakra enhancing technique to which could make one's strength soar to monstrous levels. This is done by storing chakra into one's hands or feet, and releasing it onto the target with pinpoint timing.

Another was the Flying thunder god. When he first saw it, he was shocked as the idea was closely related to the theory of relativity by Einstein, from his first life. He was shocked by how the Second Hokage made such a jutsu, he was truly a genius. Even the Fourth Hokage who further completed the jutsu was insane.

The second hokage made the jutsu with the theory of how time could stretch and contract, and through that theory made a jutsu that could make the user move so fast that time itself could slow down. To do this he then made various experiments and found that falling from a higher point is slower than falling from a lower point.

This was further perfected by the Fourth Hokage that tested that the faster you move through space the slower you move through time. In which placing teleportation seals from one place to another would act like a gate. In which time would stop but not the user as he travels from one point to another.

{a/n: did I just really do that?... Yes yes I did}

'Damn, to think I would ever see the theory of relativity in this world' Shigeo said as he laughed. 'But I need to have some proficiency in fuinjutsu before I could use it, I trained in calligraphy but not in fuinjutsu' He thought to himself after all it was hard finding anything on fuinjutsu.

Shaking his head he changed clothing, put his weights and headed out. But as he was going to exit his apartment he used his observation haki to search the surrounding and found an anbu spying on him from 50 meters away.

He took a deep breath and exited. As soon as he did so, just as expected an anbu appeared in front of him with a flicker. He had to face his surprised expression as the anbu told him.

"You're presence is required by lord Hokage" the anbu said as he nodded.

Like last time the anbu grabbed him and flickered towards the Hokage's building.


Inside the hokage's office the duo appeared in the middle with a gust of wind.

Like last time the anbu kneeled and flickered away when the hokage dismissed him.

"Shigeo-kun, you must be wondering why you are here again?" Hiruzen asked as he looked at the boy. He hadn't had the time to properly sense the boy last night but now that he was in front of him, he sensed that the boy had reserves more than most chunin and could also tell by how the boy carried himself that he probably would also win in a taijutsu match with most chunin.

Shigeo only nodded and waited for the Hokage to continue.

"Due to your information last night we were able to catch a traitor of your village. You inform me of it before even our own leaf's ninja's found out about it. Like last time I shall reward you" Hiruzen said.

"I see, but is that really necessary? I was merely in the area when I heard Mizuki-san but since lord hokage is generous then I might as well accept" Shigeo nodded as he thought onto what he should get as Hizuren's smile twitched.

"Also, since you have graduated and become a genin, I will no longer pay for your rent" Hiruzen said as Shigeo nodded. "Now have you thought of a reward?"

'I don't need money right now, and I have techniques for both water and lightning from the Scroll of Seals but I will get questioned on how I know those techniques' Shigeo thought before he decided. "Yes, I am a genin but I only really excel in taijutsu. I already know my nature affinities, which are water and lightning. Though since I am a civilian I don't have much access to them, for my reward I would like water or lightning style jutsu's"

Hiruzen nodded slightly as he opened a drawer from his desk and took two scrolls. Checking both of them he nodded before he threw the scrolls to Shigeo.

"Both of those scrolls contain C to B class ninjutsu. The yellow scroll is the water style ninjutsu and the red scroll is the lightning style ninjutsu. You are dismissed, train hard I expect a lot to you kids from the future generations" Hiruzen said as Shigeo nodded.

Hiruzen looked at the boys back as he left and nodded. He could have just given the boy one or two techniques but he chose to gamble. From what he learned, Shigeo was just naturally gifted, he gambled that maybe Shigeo was also a genius in ninjutsu. He had given the similar feeling of Minato and Itachi.

He would of course be disappointed if he wasn't as gifted, but it was a small price to pay. Besides, a taijutsu expert is good as well, after all Gai was a prime example.


Walking out of the Hokage building, Shigeo was grinning from ear to ear. After all he received tons of new jutsu's. Now he doesn't have to worry about showing his capabilities.

Although they weren't any S or A class jutsu, it was fine. He no longer needed to limit himself to D or C ranked ninjutsu. After all even though he sometimes would get some jutsu's from Shikaku or the other two clan heads, it was just low level jutsu's. They were mostly D ranked jutsu and while Gai had a lightning affinity, he was a taijutsu master and didn't focus on ninjutsu so he didn't really have much to give him.

He looked at the time and saw that it was already late and he had no time to run. He wasn't all that bothered since he now had Seimei Kikan which could condition his body for him, he only still ran because it had been his routine for such a long time.

He headed home and got changed. But not before he opened up the lightning jutsu scroll to have a look. After all he could use lightning as easy as breathing, so he doesn't need to train in them to master these low level techniques. He wanted to learn them so he could no longer hide his lightning abilities.

After about learning eight jutsu's that were mostly C ranked he changed clothes and headed to the academy. It was the day he was getting assigned to his own team after all.

'appraisal' He thought as he looked through his status window


[ Shigeo Murakami ]

[Age: 12]

[Status: Healthy]

[Chakra : 13200/13200]

[Will: 6600/6600]

[Chakra Control : 89%]

[Strength: 146]

[Defense: 148]

[Speed: 155]

Kekkei Genkai(Bloodline Limit):

[Goro Goro No Mi](Advanced 23%),


[Conqueror's Haki](Un-awakened), [Observation Haki](Advanced 12%), [Armament Haki](Intermediate 51%), [Soru](Master 32%), [Rankyaku](Master 23%),[Tekkai](Master 4%), [Geppo](Master 25%), [Kami-E](Intermediate 94%), [Shigan](Master 47%), [Rokugan](Intermediate 58%),[Seimei Kikan](Intermediate 78%), [Balanced Fist Style] (Master 14%), [Kunai Mastery](Master 34%), [Shuriken Mastery](Master 29%), [Water Ninjutsu](Intermediate 87%), [Lightning Ninjutsu](Advanced 23%)


'I really need to try to master Kami-E. I haven't really progressing that much since I just rely on Observation Haki. But thinking again, combining Observation Haki with Kami-E would make me impossible to hit. That and it would most likely enlighten me with how to further the power of the Rokugan' Shigeo thought deeply.

'I'm about above average compared to most chunin. Most chunin either have 100 to 130 in their parameters. There are a select few who are above 150 to 200 but those are probably the more skilled and experienced chunin who have yet to be given the title of jonin.' Shigeo had been observing the past few years. He had mostly observed those with different kinds of flak jackets as the lighter shade symbolized chunin and the darker were jonin.

{a/n: idk if I'm correct on that}

'This is good, this level of strength should be more than enough to protect myself in C ranked missions, even if a mission were to go wrong like turn to a B rank, I am already at the strength of a chunin while with all my other skills into account, I could at least combat a low jonin' Shigeo nodded.

After all he still had his ability to turn into lightning, as well as all of the rokushiki techniques and his haki. Not to mention since he had reached the advanced level on his mastery over his devil fruit ability, all lightning related technique's chakra costs were also reduced. He would probably be able to spam C or B ranked level techniques without barely feeling anything. Which is good since in the future, he could guess that if he were to perfectly master his lightning human abilities, it would probably either take miniscule amounts of chakra to use or none at all. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_18359837305361905/18-rewards_49563628222872568">!_18359837305361905/18-rewards_49563628222872568</a> for visiting.



Now onto the idea about plagiarizing shit from his first life like board games to get rich... I totally freakin forgot about that tbh. Maybe on the future chapters...

Onto the whole theory of relativity and flying thunder god explanation... Bruh I watched a youtube vid and thought it wolkd work well with explaining the jutsu. If not and it made me look stupid af... blame youtube not me


Appreciate all of you helping point out mistakes or correcting me. Please continue to do so since my knowledge of Naruto is pretty rusty.

UchihaFanatic UchihaFanatic

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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