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28% Shinobi Life! / Chapter 6: 6 Start of the Academy

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Chapter 6: 6 Start of the Academy

Outside the Academy, there was a crowd of adults that was just a little bit away from the crowd of children. These were the parents of the kids that were just starting their first year of the academy.

One man looked at his wife as she waved back at his son's friends. He looked at her and asked "Hm, who are you waving at?" Shikaku Nara, Shikamaru's father and the current jonin commander as well as the Nara clan head asked.

"I saw Choji pointing over here and look. Theres Shigi-kun, I haven't seen him for sometime and he's already grown taller" Yoshino said as the pointed towards Shigeo.

During the past 2 years, Shigeo had already met the parents of both Shikamaru and Choji since they sometimes asked him if they wanted to join him for dinner. Though since he upped his training a year ago he hadn't had the time for any visits.

Shikaku looked over and saw the young boy from afar. He stood out because he was not only a little taller than his age but also for the fact that he was quite handsome. They were quite surprised when they found out that he was actually an orphan and since then they would sometimes invite him for dinner.

"Ah Shigeo huh, yeah he did get taller huh. Man Shikamaru should follow his example and not be so lazy" Shikaku sighed. He quite liked Shigeo because he was smarter and more mature than those in his age group. Back when he used to visit he would often play shogi with him or Shikamaru.

"What are you guys talking about?" Two other males walked over. They were the clan heads of the Yamanaka and Akimichi. One was Inoichi Yamanaki who was one of the important members of Konoha's T&I department. The second was Choza Akimichi, Choji's father and a jonin of the leaf.

"Ah, we were just talking about a friend of our son's" Shikaku told Inoichi. As Choza looked over and spotted Shigeo.

"Is it Shigeo-Kun? I haven't seen him in ages, Choji said he spends his time training now to catch up to the clan kids" Choza said.

"Yeah it is, they were just looking over here" Yoshino said.

Inoichi looked over at the group of his friends sons and saw another child among them. Looking at the black haired boy with green eyes he was quite shocked. "Is it the black haired boy with green eyes?" He asked

"Yeah why?" Choza asked.

"This is quite shocking, he already has reserves that are more than most genin and equal to most chunin." Inoichi said as he was a sensor.

"What?! Really, that's quite surprising" Choza said as Shikaku just looked over with interest. Although it wasn't too amazing compared to their resident jinchuriki it was still shocking since they knew he was not only a civilian but an orphan.

"Looks like he is a good seedling for a future pillar of the leaf" Shikaku said as the others nodded.


Shigeo who was talking with both Shikamaru and Choji looked around to find many other kids from different clans. He saw some kids from the Hyuga, Aburame, and Inuzuka as well as the girl from the Yamanaka clan.

But he also saw Naruto, the blonde who the series was named after as well. He was currently on a swing that was tied to a tree far away from the crowd. He felt sad for him, but he really couldn't do anything to help him so he could only sigh and shake his head.

Soon after the third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi a powerful shinobi that was hailed as the "God of Shinobi" of his time. He was not only the disciple of the second hokage but also held the moniker of the 'Professor' because he was said to have mastered all forms of shinobi arts of the village. It was also stated that he mastered all chakra nature transformations.

'So that's the third hokage huh' Shigeo thought as he stared at the old man. He had learned various things from his memories as well as learned about the man from the books in the library. 'He is indeed strong, I'll need to be wary of him.' He thought

Soon the third hokage made a speech telling all of the kids about the history of Konoha and how it was a place of peace. He then went on to say how everyone in the village was family and that they as the next generation was tasked to protect that peace.

"I hope all of you carry the will of fire that Lord First Hokage carried" The third Hokage said as he ended his speech.

Soon after the hokage left the teacher told the students to look at the names posted on the walls for their names and classes. He looked and was quite saddened to see he was in class C and not in class A with Choji and Shikamaru.

He was quite bummed out since he knew it was because he was a civilian. He looked at the names and saw that everyone in class A were from clans.

"Hey Shigi which class are you in?" Choji asked.

"*sigh* Unfortunately, I'm in class C. It's probably because I'm a civilian." Shigeo said as he sighed.

"Ugh, I'd rather go to your class. Our class is full of clan kids so their will be bound to be even more rivalries trying to show which clan is the best. How troublesome" Shikamaru said.

"Yeah right, you just want it to be peaceful so you could sleep all day" Shigeo thought as Shikamaru smiled a little. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_18359837305361905/6-start-of-the-academy_49387710372172027">!_18359837305361905/6-start-of-the-academy_49387710372172027</a> for visiting.

"That's the point"

Soon after they were talking they heard the teachers telling the students to go to their class. Seeing this Shigeo sighed and bid farewell to the two since they were going to say bye to their parents.

Making his way over he saw that the class only had a few students because the others were still saying goodbye to their parents.

He looked around and saw no familiar faces from him orphanage so he just went to the back and sat on the table. The tables were quite long and it could easily fit three students in it so he sat on the furthest back near a window.

As he waited for class to start he drifted to his thoughts. 'I should try and make a taijutsu style for myself' He thought, since he had general knowledge of his past life he knew of different martial arts styles. As far as he knew there was no such thing as boxing or karate in the world of Naruto and was more of a mixed martial arts many different moves.

'I should try to make a taijutsu style that combines some of the martial arts from my past life' Shigeo thought. He wanted to incorporate the knee kicks of Muay Thai, head height kicks and fast spin kicks of Taekwondo, the fast punches and jabs of boxing, blocking and striking of Karate, and the defensive and offensive manner to kill or subdue from Jujutsu into one taijutsu style.

As he thought of this the class soon began to begin to be filled with people and soon their chunin teacher arrived.

UchihaFanatic UchihaFanatic

I don't think he is too op since there are others that can fight genin level students. For example was Sasuke who could already fight chunin level opponents like the demon brothers despite being freshly graduated.

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