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Chapter 28: Advanced Stage of the Mahayana Realm!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Chen took the book on puppet refinement and went to his cave abode.

Ye Chen spent some time learning the method of puppet refinement. Very quickly, he grasped the method of puppet refinement.

His fourth senior sister was right. Puppet refinement was similar to refining medicine and refining weapons. However, there was an important process in puppet refinement. That was to draw one's own aura into the puppet and dribble one's own blood essence.

Only such a puppet would stop its own command.

The stronger the Qi, the stronger the puppet that was refined.

Ye Chen did not stay any longer. He directly took out the materials to refine a puppet from his storage space.

He began to refine a puppet.

The initial process of refining medicine and refining weapons was similar. It was to use fire to refine the materials into the appearance that he wanted to refine. After that, he would add in the Qi to draw.

Ye Chen controlled the temperature of the fire, constantly using fire only by relying on this material.

Ye Chen was now in the mahayana realm, and he could easily condense true Qi to form a flame.

Although only those who had fire spirit roots could use fire, Ye Chen had a god spirit root, and he could cultivate all kinds of attribute cultivation methods.

Therefore, Ye Chen could casually condense a flame.

A piece of high-level material was directly melted by Ye Chen's fire.

Next was the molding.

Ye Chen's Qi was pulling, continuously molding the appearance of the puppet.

As for the appearance of the molding.

In his previous life, Ye Chen had seen many goddesses in movies and TV shows.

The molding process of the puppet was similar to the process of pinching the face in the game.

In addition, Ye Chen had learned music, chess, calligraphy, and painting from his fifth senior sister, so his grasp of beauty was naturally not bad. A few hours later.

A goddess of national style appeared in front of Ye Chen.

Making a puppet was a very complicated process.

Many people made puppets that were either mannequins or rough men.

But Ye Chen was different. Ye Chen's attainments in making puppets and sculptures were excellent, so the puppets that Ye Chen made were lifelike, just like a real person.

After pinching his face, he soon made this puppet lifelike, just like a fairy jumping out of a painting.

Ye Chen looked at this beautiful fairy. He finally experienced the pleasure of pinching his face in the real world.

Next, it was the traction of Qi.

Ye Chen slowly put his Qi into the puppet.

The stronger the master's Qi was, the stronger the puppet would be.

Moreover, this kind of puppet was refined using the master's Qi. In other words, this kind of puppet could be upgraded.

As the master became stronger, the puppet would also gradually become stronger.

Ye Chen continuously injected Qi into the puppet's body.

Instantly, thousands of Qi were like silk threads, continuously injecting into the puppet's body.

The technique that Ye Chen used to create the puppet was called the Thousand Thread Guide.

In other words, it condensed Ye Chen's Qi into tens of thousands of threads and guided the puppet.

In an instant, the puppet formed tens of thousands of connections with Ye Chen.

As long as Ye Chen willed it, the puppet would pass through the tens of thousands of strands of Qi and flow according to Ye Chen's will.

The injection of Qi was complete.

A beautiful woman stood elegantly in front of Ye Chen.

The beautiful woman stood in front of Ye Chen. If it was not for the fact that she was a puppet, ye Chen would have fallen in love with such a beautiful woman.

However, the puppet was a puppet and not a real person.

Ye Chen bit his finger and condensed his blood essence. Then, he gently pointed at the center of the puppet's brows.

Instantly, the blood essence continuously condensed into a beautiful mark and imprinted on the center of the puppet's brows.

The puppet instantly opened its eyes and looked at Ye Chen.


The puppet's naked body called out in front of Ye Chen.

Right now, this puppet seemed to have come to life, as if it was a real person.

In addition to the fact that Ye Chen had made it extremely beautiful when he was sculpting, even ye Chen was a little excited when he saw it.

Ye Chen immediately took out a piece of clothing and let the puppet put it on.

Ye Chen looked at the puppet. Because the puppet was wearing a Green Robe, Ye Chen smiled and said indifferently, "From now on, you shall be called Green Robe!"

"Yes, master!" The puppet replied.

After Ye Chen refined the puppet, everything became more convenient for him.

There were many things that he could hand over to the puppet to do.

It was equivalent to Ye Chen having a servant. However, aside from the fact that Green Robe did not have any emotions and did not need to eat, sleep, or go to the toilet, everything else was just like a normal person.

Anyone who looked at her would think that she was a normal person.

After that, Ye Chen began to test Green Robe's various attributes.

Because Green Robe was a puppet, she did not have the realm of a human. Even a very powerful expert would not be able to tell what realm Green Robe was in.

Green Robe did not have any spiritual energy fluctuations on her body, so Ye Chen had to test Green Robe's attributes personally.

Ye Chen tested Green Robe's various attributes.

At this moment, Ye Chen discovered that Green Robe was equivalent to a human expert at the insightful emptiness stage.

The insightful emptiness stage was a very powerful existence even in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land. Only those at the Elder level could reach it.

Ye Chen would let Green Robe do things that were inconvenient for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen continued to hide in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land to sign in.

[Host signed in under the Tianqi Peak's saint statue and obtained the true dragon precious technique!]

[Host signed in the Tianqi Peak's medicinal garden and obtained the longevity technique!]

[Host signed in the Tianqi Peak's Scripture Pavilion and obtained the Great Dao true interpretation!]

Ye Chen continued to change his appearance and sign in at the Tianqi Peak, and his strength continued to increase.

He quietly signed in and quietly cultivated, and his strength increased day by day.

One year later.

Ye Chen sat cross-legged and slowly opened his eyes as he cultivated.

At this moment, Ye Chen let out a long breath. He let out a breath of turbid air and slowly stood up. He said indifferently, "I've finally reached the advanced stage of the mahayana realm."

Cultivation was a gradual process.

The further one progressed, the harder it was to cultivate.

In the beginning, Ye Chen could advance several realms in a few months.

But now, Ye Chen had cultivated for a year and had not directly broken through to the deva realm.

But the current Ye Chen could be considered invincible in this Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

As far as he knew, Sect Leader Yuxiao of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land was only in the middle stage of the mahayana realm.

Zhao Qiyang was still in the early stage of the mahayana realm.

Although Ye Chen was only 13 years old, he was almost invincible in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land.

At this moment, Ye Chen suddenly received exciting news.

A while ago, his eldest senior sister Xu Qiuya sent him news that she had finished her journey and was about to return to the mountain gate.

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