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Chapter 20: The Four Obsidian Domains!


Two Days had passed since Damon's impassionate speech towards his future subordinates and new allies. In these two days, he had been preparing himself and completing any extra work he had before he departed.

That's right, Damon was departing. From now on, he would constantly have missions that would require him to leave the Divine Demon Empire, so he decided he would leave and begin travelling all around Austonia, exploring the world and enjoying himself.

However, Damon wasn't just travelling the continent for fun. Not only was he planning to gain battle experience throughout his journey, there was also a second reason why Damon was leaving the Divine Demon Empire on this journey.

"Four Obsidian Domains." Damien whispered as he walked through the hallways of his house, preparing to meet his mother,which would be his last meeting before he officially left the Divine Demon Empire.

Four Obsidian Domains of Austonia were Four Legendary and Notorious locations which were each located in one corner of the World. However, these Domains were so Ancient and Powerful, that they could be spotted from anywhere in the entire world.

The Northern Obsidian Star Domain, Southern Obsidian Moon Domain, Western Obsidian Sun Domain and Eastern Obsidian Darkness Domain.

These Four Legendary Domains located in the four corners of the World were rumoured to be Trial Grounds for members of the Younger Generation back in the Ancient Era. The reason for this rumour was that anyone over the age of 16, no matter whether they were a DemiGod or even a Godly Avatar, once they entered these Domains over the age of 16, they would immediately perish.

This meant that only 16 year olds and under were able to enter these Domains and attempt to conquer them. Each of the Four Legendary Domains have trails that must be faced, and even the most talented of persons could easily die in these places. 10,000 years ago, a Divine-Level Talent in both Mana and Spirit Power was killed in one of the Domains, which showed just how terrifyingly dangerous it was.

Anyone who is able to pass the Trial Grounds of the Domain can leave their names on the Obsidian Roll. A Roll which detailed every single person who had managed to conquer the Domain, effectively immortalizing anyone who passed and granting them instant world wide glory. Clearing the Trials also gave incredible rewards that aided in cultivation.

Thus, for all of these reasons, Damon was aiming to clear the Domains and immortalize himself, which would be a big boost for not only his connections, but also his business FURIA, due to the fame he would obtain.

However, Damon was also trying to do something never before done in history. He was attempting to clear all Four ( 4 ) Domains. No-one in history had ever cleared more than one ( 1 ) of the Domains, yet he was attemtping to clear all four, immortalizing himself as a God among the Younger Generational Talents.

Damon continued thinking about his plans. Not only would he have to accomplish that near impossible task. Damon would also have to search and find out about who had placed the Talent Devouring Abyssal Curse on him and do all of that while steadily increasing his strength without underminining his perfect foundation.

"Hwahh, so many things to do, so little time. System, Sign-In please." Damon said.

[ Ding! Host has THREE ( 3 ) Sign-In Opportunities Charged! ]

[ Ding! Congratulations for Signing in the OmniVersal Language Mastery! ]

[ Ding! Congratulations for Signing in the Monarch's Aura . ]

[ Ding! Congratulations for Signing in the Seven Deadly Sins. ]

Damon looked at the description of these three Sign-In rewards.

[ OmniVersal Language Mastery - This reward gives the host complete and total Mastery over all languages that were ever present, are present and will ever be present in the entire OmniVerse. ]

[ Monarch's Aura - This is an overpowering Aura that affects everyone. Beings weaker than the Host would instinctively submit and agree with the Host or be terrified of the host. Beings at an equal level of strength with the Host can resist the aura slightly, only making them more inclined to ally with the host while still experiencing fear towards the host. Anyone too high strength above the host won't be affected. This aura also improves the power of all of the Host's subordinates when battling alongside the host and makes the host also be calm in mind.]

[ Seven Deadly Sins - The Seven Primordial Sins of the OmniVerse. The Sins are: Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Envy and Greed. The Host would obtain all of these sins, receiving powers from each of the Sins that will supplement the Host's strength and growth. Unfortunately, due to the Host's weak current strength, only two ( 2 ) sins will be unlocked currently, win sins being unlocked when the Host becomes strong enough to handle another. ]

Damon looked at the three rewards, licking his lips at them all. All of these Rewards would be incredibly useful in his goal to obtain supreme power in this world and destroy the Abyss.

Damon inherited the rewards, immediately feeling the changes. For one, his aura was much more profoud and powerful, and he could see the various Maid's and servants in the house looking at him with even more reverence.

Damon had also received two ( 2 ) sins.

The Sin Of Lust simply amplified Damon's Incubus powers, making him even more of a sex machine while also turning all pain any of his partner's receive into pleasure.

The Sin of Sloth allowed Damon to keep cultivating continuously. His cultivation techniques would run forever, always increasing his strength which would make his cultivation speed even faster, and his cultivation speed also doubled ( 2x ) when sleeping. Also, he would now be able to affect the dreams of those weaker than him, implanting Nightmares or Good Dreams into his enemies or allies.

He channeled his power, getting everything under control before entering the room in front of him. Damon immediately spotted his mother going over some documents and walked next to her, recognizing that the documents were related to the battle against the Abyss and the alliance with the Elves.

Damon waited by his mother's side, not at all bothering her as he knew how important her work was. After 5 minutes of waiting, Sapphire had finally completed her work and turned to him.

"Ready to go?" She inquired towards Damon curiously, a look of adoration and nostalgia on her face as she gazed at her son. She knew he would be leaving soon and couldn't help but be nostalgic at her memories alongside Damon while he was growing up.

"Yeah, I have prepared everything and will be leaving tonight." Damon responded, moving closer to his mother to give her a massive hug, knowing that she will be missing him and worried due to her doting nature.

Sapphire and Damon hugged in silence, both recognizing this would be their last in person meeting for at least a couple of years until Damon returned from his conquest to clear the Four Obsidian Domains. Sapphire knew the immense danger in Damon's task, but trusted his power as she had seen first hand just how talented and dedicated he son was to becoming stronger and knew she couldn't hold him back.

After 5 minutes, the two finally separated and Sapphire looked at Damon, her eyes slightly red.

"I can't believe my cute baby boy is going to be leaving soon, remember to stay safe." Sapphire said, her voice laced with the classic motherly tone.

"Yes mother." Damon responded, rolling his eyes at his mother's classic doting antics.

"Where will you be travelling to first?" Sapphire asked Damon.

" The first Domain I'm going to is the Northern Obsidian Star Domain. I'll pass through the Eternal Human Empire's teleportation portal to arrive near the Domain." Damon said as he informed his mother of his plans.

Sapphire's face slightly frowed and she muttered," Unfortunate, I was hoping you'd go to the Southern Obsidian Moon Domain and pass through our allies at the Elven Empire."

Damon's browns furrowed, " Is there something that I would need to be in the Elven Empire for?He inquired, curious as to why his mother had wanted him to take that route.

"Of course, it's to meet your fiance." Sapphire said, dropping a tactical nuke worth of information onto Damon.

"FIANCE?!?" Damon exclaimed out loud. He had never heard he had a Fiance, let alone one that was an Elf, and now his mother was dropping this bombshell.

"Of course, your Fiance is:

Feyola Evergreen, Princess and Future Elven Saintess!"

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