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Chapter 1: Prologue

A black-haired man is floating around the void. His name is Kenneth Black. A former soldier lives a miserable life.

His life as a kid is miserable as he always best up by his drunken parent. That become worse when he became a teenager when some debt collectors will best him up as his parent did not have enough money to pay it.

He runs away from his house and rent a really cheap apartment. He becomes a soldier less the happiest moment in his life as he gets a relationship with a beautiful named Kate but his life turn worse as he catches Kate cheated with his best friend David.

He still remembered how he brutally killed David by choking him until death. That caused him to be jailed and he chose to commit suicide by choking himself very hard.

Now he finds himself floating around the void before felt being pulled and see he is sitting in a room against an old man that looked like Genryuusai Yamamoto from the Bleach.

The old man noticed him and showed a smile at him."Hello young man, it is nice to meet you." The old man greeted him.

"Nice to meet you too." He greeted me."Um, who are you?" He asked the old man."Just call me Unknown." He said and Kenneth just nodded his head.

"Why I am here?" Kenneth asked."You are here because you are chosen to be transmigrated into another world." Unknown replied.

"But why me? I am just an ordinary man." Kenneth replied.

"No. You are not ordinary. Kenneth Black, a really tough human who has lived through his life full of miserable things happen to him. But eventually, you become broken and decided to suicide yourselves. It is such a pity to see you lives through your day with many bad things happen in your life." Unknown said to me.

"So you picked me because you pity me?" He asked Unknown."Yes and no. No, because you have a strong soul and will that I have never seen." Unknown replied.

Kenneth hearing this just sigh. He, of course, know about this transmigration thing. One of his soldier friend who is an Otaku made him read those reinvention light novel, animes and even the fanfiction.

Kenneth, of course, liked Dragon Ball, Naruto and Seven Deadly Sins as those anime had many amazing battles scenes.

"Fine. Now tell me, which world that I will transmigrate to?" Kenneth said to Unknown who smiled hearing that.

"DC world. " Unknown replied making Kenneth felt surprised hearing this. Of course, he knows the DC world where many godlike heroes lived.

"And you will take over the place of the other " you" in that world." Unknown said to me.

"The other " me"?" He asked."Yes. Though I had to say he died because of suicide like you do." Unknown said to me.

He then showed me a video of the other "me" life through television.

The video shows the other "me" got into a relationship with Wonder Woman but eventually, the heroine left him to get a relationship with Batman.

But not only that, the heroine even said that he is not fitted to be with him as he is just some ordinary man.

Then another video showed him how Black Canary cruelly end his relationship with him as the black-clad heroine die to get back into relationship with Green Arrow. He still remembered the smirk of Oliver Queen when Black Canary kissed him in front of him.

Being left by her 2 lovers, he stabbed himself using a knife. He died and no one knows about him as he is an orphan and ordinary salaryman who just got fired.

Kenneth had to pity him as his life is not better from him though being left by 2 women surely left him a bad taste.

"Now you have reviewed, this video, do you really want to proceed to transmigrate into his body?" Unknown asked him.

"Yes. I want to transmigrate into his body." Kenneth said to him making Unknown nodded his head.

"Now, I will let you decide on what powers do you want. Be warned as you only have 5 wishes to be granted by me." Unknown asked me.

"Okay. First. I want a very fast learning rate." Kenneth said to him.

"Acceptable. Now for the second one." Unknown asked him."Can I ask the power, ability, skills and weapons from anime characters?" Kenneth asked him.

"Yes, you may But you can only choose 4 characters that let you left only one wish. I die fed to give you one more anime character as I pity you. Now please choose the anime characters that you wanted.." Unknown replied."Good. Then I want Jiren, Meliodas, Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Madara." He said to Unknown who nodded his head.

"Okay. Now for your final wish." He asked him."A personal dimension that acts like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber which I can set the gravity in it with many training equipments in the dimension." He said to Unknown.

"That is easy. Now you will transmigrate to that world taking the place of the other " you" in that world. Lead a good life in that world, Kenneth Black." The old man said to him."I will." Kenneth then sees his body disappear in particles of light and his vision goes black.


I woke up feeling sticky all over my body. I sit up to see a knife beside me which has blood on it. Right, this"me" just got himself killed.

Then my body felt hot and my eyes felt a twitch. Then, a crimson aura appeared around my body with a black mark appeared on my forehead and my eyes become red with black dot spinning in them.

"Fuck. I need to go to my personal space dimension." Kenneth said before a hole appeared beneath him and he disappeared from his room.

Now in his personal space dimension, he is yelling in pain as his body is constructing himself.

His bone slept breaking but then healed and his body is changing. He withstood the pain for hours before passed out.



I open my eyes for the second time while feeling dizzy for a second as the memories of Jiren, Sasuke, Meliodas and Obito entered my head.

I stand up and take a deep breath. I notice my body become different from before. Before I had an average body but now I have a packed body with muscles.

I grip my hands trying to bring out the KI and chakra. Then I see a crimson aura appeared on my right hand and blue aura appeared on my left hand.

I then remembered about the demon mark and tried to summon it. Soon I feel the demon mark appeared and felt my body got a little bit stronger.

I then send chakra on m eyes making my eyes have a better vision than before. Good. Now I really have all those anime characters powers.

Time to train them. Screw the Justice League. I will deliver Justice in my own way. I grin in excitement upon thing those godlike enemies that I will face in the future.


After spending 50 years which equal 50 days in the real world, I managed to train my power properly.

First, I now have Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan without the side effects as I have Senju Blood thanks to Madara's character.

Second, my weapon mastery arts is really good thanks to the memory of Meliodas, Sasuke and Obito.

Third, I now have a really huge amount of chakra with perfectly controlling them making me able to do many high ranking Jutsus. Even the Senjutsu and Sealing arts have been practised by me.

Fourth, I now have 40% of Jiren's power making me very powerful but my Ki is different as my aura is dark like my demon mark.

Fifth, I am able to recreate all those characters' attacks completely using Shadow Clones.

And finally, I had unlocked Assualt Mode though I can only maintain it for an hour before I don't control myself. Even Susano though I unlocked the Purple Coloured Susano.

I open the hole to the real world. Not to forget, now I am wearing Black Goku's cloth. I discovered Unknown put many things in my personal dimensions such as foods, drinks, money, toilet, bathroom, dining room and clothes. Even the anime characters weapon are here such Lostvayne and Kusanagi.

I am also now wearing Obito's White mask since I did not want the superheroes to know my real identity.

I take a deep breath upon the room I lived before. I put many personal items into my personal space dimension.

I then flew out of my apartment and goes flying around New York, the city that never sleeps.

I flee around the city and can see I have gained many attention from the people of the city. I ignored that and continue to fly before I see smoke spread on the air.

I sped flying to the smoke and sees a building is on fire.

The firemen aren't here yet. My hands then do hand sign."Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu." I said and a water dragon appears out of nowhere around me. Then the water dragon goes to the fire and extinguishes the fire.

I landed on the burned building before I made another hand sign."Shadow Clone Jutsu." I said and 6 clones appeared."Search for survivors and bring them down there." I said to the clones who nodded their head.

In a minute, all the people who are trapped in the building who already are not on fire has been brought out of the building.

My clones and I approached the injured building."Do not worry. I will heal your injury." I said to the injured man making him nod his head.

My hand glowed green and the injury he had has gone. That applies to the other victims. They all had a happy expression on their face seeing their injury has been healed by me. Seeing this made me smile.

I then walk away and decide to fly off before the same man stopped me."Wait. Who are you? Are you a hero like Superman?" The man asked me making me think for my name before a name appeared in my mind.

"You can call me Zero. As for the hero stuff, you can say that I am like those heroes." I said to him before flown off.

Soon my eyes turned into Sharingan(3 tomoe) and see a police car is chasing a van. I flew down and landed in front of the van.

I hold my hand out and the van made contact with my hand. The van abruptly stopped causing the 2 robbers hit their head on the front window.

I then lift the van easily causing the robbers to jump out of the van.

I put back down the van and looked at the van.

They take out their gun and shot at me. The bullets hit me and I did not feel any pain. I let them shot me.

They shot me until they run out of the bullet."My turn." I said and my eyes shined in black.

Both robbers got hit on their stomach by an invicible force. They fell unconscious after being hit by my attacks.

I flew off leaving the police to arrest those robbers.

I stopped patrolling the city before I go back to my house.

"Okay. Tomorrow, I will leave this damn house and probably buy a mansion outskirt the city." Kenneth said before slept on his bed.

The next morning, he woke up and immediately take a bath. I then wear a nice cloth and goes find me a mansion to buy.

During my walk, I think about this world. Justice League has been formed but the worse enemies they faced are a group of villains led by Lex Luthor.

No Darkseid or Brainiac invasion. This world even did not get invaded yet. So many enemies still did not invade those earth yet.

I must use the time to properly train my power. I swear that I will slay those cruel enemies that I found. My eyes turned into Sharingan when I said that.

Never I know that my action last night has caught the attention of the superheroes and villains.

Just what kind of enemies I will face in the future? Just thinking about it makes me felt excited. I can not wait to see how my strength fare against the villains of this world.

killller4555 killller4555

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