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Chapter 52: Chapter 52

"I'm busy, so maybe later "

Lucas was now standing on some island in the east blue. Facing him, Zoro who was putting his bandana on his head.

"It won't take a minute of your time, I will finish you off before you can even feel it" Zoro' eyes showed exciting flames. His desire to be the swordsman in the world is now giving him a strong spirit to challenge this man in front of him.

"Right, It won't take a minute "Lucas's eyes turned cold. the current Lucas is far stronger than the time he fought with Arlong, and more skilled as well.

So because of the power difference between him and Zoro, he won't get much XP if he defeats him now.

"Go Zoro" Luffy supported Zoro from the corner along with that woman who is apparently in their crew.

Zoro smirked and took his three swords from their sheath, he put a sword in each hand and a sword in his mouth. Today he would prove that he is the best swordsman in the east blue, after that he would find the hawk's eye, defeat him and become the best swordsman in the world.

"Okay, just move " Lucas somehow felt Zoro's fighting spirit, but he didn't take his sword off, instead, he relaxed his hands.

"Take your sword "

"I will take it when I need it"

"Don't regret it when you get cut " Zoro got triggered seeing that Lucas isn't taking him seriously.

Zoro who was only 3 meters away from Lucas. He crossed his arms making the two swords in his hand drawing X shape: " Santoryu (three swords style) ".

Zoro charged with high speed toward Lucas, as soon he was close enough, his swords turned to a streak of light and hit Lucas. Lucas used his feather footwork and created three afterimages before using Stealth footwork and move somewhere else.

Zoro sword's hit an afterimage, as he looked around and saw two afterimages. By Logic, Lucas would be one of the two images. Now Zoro can wait for a second so the afterimage vanishes before attack, however, waiting would make his defense open.

Zoro quickly reacted, he opened his arms and twisted his body spinning 360 degrees. as Zoro stopped after he hit the after images and looked around, but Lucas was nowhere to appear. But then, from thin, Lucas appeared on Zoro's side.

The two on the side we're stunned from Lucas's speed. Only Luffy's face still normal.

Zoro saw the shadow of Lucas on the ground. Zoro was about to wave his sword but before he even has the chance to act, Lucas took a boxing pose and gave Zoro an uppercut on his chin.

Zoro got a very heavy blow. After Lucas reached level 12 in boxing, his basic boxing skills improved as well to a high degree, Also, now Lucas can claim that he has a physical body stronger than Arlong's.

Zoro flew in the air and fell to the ground unconscious.

[Ding, defeating Zoro

+100 accumulated XP

Boxing +10 XP]

"K.O," Lucas said looking to Zoro who fell down. He felt some pity for him since Zoro was a good character. But well. Maybe Lucas had helped Zoro by giving him a motivation to train and making him realize that he has yet to become the strongest swordsman.

Lucas was about to move forward, but suddenly, few knives hit the ground in front of him, it was warning to not hit Zoro anymore, Lucas looked around and saw that it was thrown by that woman. She had some wariness in her eyes.

"You need to relax your tits beauty, " Lucas said looking at that woman and winked.

"HEYY. Watch your tongue." The girl blushed and yelled at Lucas

"Katya, It's fine " Luffy extended his hand and stopped his crewmate from acting harshly. "Zoro challenged him and lost"

"But captain "

"No need to worry. Beside, Zoro would not like it if we fight someone he wants to challenge " Luffy said as he walked forward and lifted the unconscious Zoro. Zoro looks like he is having a good sleep now but he isn't that hurt.

"not worth that much " Lucas said as he looked to the XP he got. Apparently, he needs to move to the grand line if he wants to become stronger. Lucas turned to leave.

Luffy than looked to Lucas:" Oy, One day, Zoro would become the best swordsman and defeat you. And I will become the pirate king "

"I didn't ask you about your dreams though " Lucas turned his head to Luffy and wanted to laugh. He found it funny how Luffy is saying this to anyone without regarding anyone.

Saying that he will become the pirate king in this world is the same when a person from the earth that he will become the terrorist king publicly.

"I just wanted to tell you, chechehce" Luffy grinned and laughed. And the atmosphere suddenly changed. "Anyway, you have a delicious looking cow from behind "

Lucas frowned: "It's not for eating " but then he thought of something and smiled: "But I have some food if you want "

"Oh really "

"Luffy, we shouldn't trust him" Katia, next Luffy said, it's not good to trust strangers, especially handsome ones.

"It's okay"

It's not like Lucas would have poisonous food with him all of the time to give to strangers right.

"I have no ill intention, if I want to kill you than it is easy for me to use my hand "

His words convinced them. After all, he could defeat Zoro easily and obviously he has confidence that he can do that, so he won't use tricks.

Lucas ran above the water and the two on the island dazed from his speed. Then he brought some food with him.

What Lucas wanted to do is to buy some time for Garp to come here. So Lucas made some delicious food that would make them sleep for two-three days. Lucas gave them the food and then he left.

After tasting the food, Luffy, Katia, and even Zoro woke up stunned from how delicious it is. Luffy wanted to make Lucas his cook, but then, Lucas already left. Before leaving, Lucas saw their boat and stored it in his storage. Now, they would stay on this island until Garp comes here.

"Too bad that I won't be here to see this new parody " Lucas now was lying down on his cabin.


After a half-day, Lucas finally arrived at Logue town. Now, he is sending his sea monster away.

"Okay Lucci, take this with you "

Lucas held a huge sack of food, near as big as a ship, but to Lucci, it wasn't even big as half of her head, but it was more than enough.

"From today and onward, I won't be around "

"Moo" Lucci frowned seeing that they will depart from here. What would she do without Lucas petting her forehead?

"No, I can't take you with me, If sea kings saw you, they will eat you "

"Moo" The cow showed a cute sad face as her eyes became wet.

Normally, Lucas likes to eat sea monsters, but Lucci has been his mount for a month, so he can't just ignore her, but can't take her either. Sea monsters would eat her alive.

Lucas jumped and stood on her nose, then he started massaging it. :" I'll be gone for a short trip, it would be only some months okay until then wait for me here and be a good girl "

"MOO" Even though his hand was keeping her calm a bit. Lucci couldn't stop her tears, but eventually, she had to understand. Lucas left the food sack and entered Logue town. Eventually, the cow took the food sack and went down the sea with some sad look.


walking on the streets of Logue town, which was like any town with many houses and stores around, and obviously, a marine base in the center.

Lucas checked his storage and found that he is lacking some cigarettes. So he decided to shop before leaving. Lucas now is rich now, so why not.

Lucas went through the market of Logue town and bought everything he thought that it may be a handful one day.

After that, Lucas went to some smoking shop that sells anything related to smoking be it cigars and cigarettes with all of its kind.

"you are here "

Lucas turned when he saw someone patting his arm. It was Smoker who was her to buy some cigars

"Mister smoker, we meet again," Lucas said.

"I didn't expect that you would arrive today "

"Well, I'm finally going to join "

Smoker nodded, he put two cigars in his mouth and lit them up "Good, I can prepare you a ship to the headquarter, if you don't have a place to stay, you can stay in the base"

"No thanks, I will sleep at the hotel and tomorrow I will pass by you"

"Do as you like " Smoker left the shop leaving Lucas buying almost everything here.

(the first volume is over )

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