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91.78% Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group / Chapter 1596: The Transfer Student isn't normal?

The Transfer Student isn't normal? - Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group - Chapter 1596 by akikan40 full book limited free

Chapter 1596: The Transfer Student isn't normal?

After the failed confession, Elena had been lifeless all day and even though someone came to her, she couldn't even hear a thing, but no one could blame her, and rather they felt that she was quite pitiful, but it was also her fault for not doing more research on her target and directly confessed on Haru.

Haru's rejection was also normal, he had a girlfriend and his girlfriend was sitting next to him, of course, he was going to reject Elena's confession.

In the end, Elena laid on her table weakly with a pale face, and luckily, everyone seemed to feel empathetic toward her so no one bothered him that much or rather they supported her since the number of girls that confessed to Haru in this class wasn't low, but most of them weren't able to confess since all of them were using a love letter and the number of love letter on Haru's shoe locket was too much so it was normal to be ignored so when a brave valkyrie appeared before them and confessed directly to Haru, then rejected mercilessly, they decided to become a friend with her and also consoled her.

Haimura also talked with Elena, telling her not to mind, but he was ignored.

Haru, Jeanne, Satsuki, and Shizuno didn't talk too much to Elena since it was awkward to talk with the person that was rejected by Haru in public, and at the same time, Shizuno was quite wary of Elena so when the class ended, they immediately went to the training ground where the members of the Striker were training.

When everyone was training or rather a spar, Jeanne, Satsuki, and Shizuno were looking at Haru, who was searching for the information of Elena through his laptop. They knew very well that Haru was very proficient at computers and it would be effortless for him to breach the system of the Russian Branch of White Knight Order through his laptop.


Haru stopped and said, "I know that you're curious, but it will take some time before I get Elena's information, you should watch the match of Sophia-senpai and Taketsuru-senpai first." Even though he didn't mind that the three of them were very close to him, but they were in public and it also wasn't good to ignore the match between Sophia and Uisuke.

"Well, you don't need to worry too much, about your status, who is going to get mad at you?" Shizuno said calmly since she knew very well that in the Striker Haru was very revered, especially when everyone knew how he was able to blast the Fortress Class metaphysical with his fist.

"Anyway, when can you get her information?" Satsuki asked while resting her chin on Haru's knee, she seemed to be impatient and curious about Elena's information since she felt annoyed that her boyfriend was being confessed to suddenly.

"Satsuki, be patient, it will come out soon," Jeanne said calmly, but she was also curious about Elena's information since she didn't want something to happen to Haru. Even though she knew that he was strong, he wasn't immortal and he could die, and she didn't want him to be hurt.

Haru, who was typing on his laptop, glanced at the stadium where Sophia and Uisuke fought with each other and he saw how Sophia's clothes were shredded apart, but when he was about to look at Sophia's body for a while, but his eyes were covered by Jeanne, Shizuno, and Satsuki in an instant.

"Your eyes."

"Why don't you focus on your laptop?"

"Ignore the thing in front of you, Haru."


Haru didn't let out a sigh, but only quietly typed his laptop since he wasn't hungry enough to eat all the girls in the Striker or all the girls in the academy.

"It's done."

"Oh?" 3x

The three of them quickly gathered around Haru to see the information about Elena.

"Who is she?" Shizuno asked.

"She's quite a famous assassin who is known as "Man-Eater"," Haru said.

"Man-Eater?" 3x

They subconsciously glanced at Tokiko, who was also a "Man-Eater", but they knew very well that the meaning of "Man-Eater" of Tokiko and Elena was different.

Elena was fairly famous and she was known as the sword of Thunder Empress. She was also a well-known assassin, who had killed a lot of Saviors even when she was a child.

When that information was shown to them, their expression changed since they didn't expect that Elena, who was confessing to Haru, then depressed, and wanted to commit suicide before was a famous assassin.

"This...?" Shizuno's expression became serious since she could tell what Elena was planning to come here, and when she was about to stand up, she was stopped by Haru.


"Shizuno, don't be hasty and I know that you're worried about me, but you should believe in me," Haru said while staring at Shizuno's eyes.


Shizuno nodded gently then sat beside him again.

"You always have this bad habit of solving every problem by yourself. If you're hurt for helping me, then I will be hurt too," Haru said and caressed Shizuno's head tenderly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";t-normal_52228594209972601">;t-normal_52228594209972601</a> for visiting.


Shizuno kissed Haru right away, but she was stopped by Jeanne and Satsuki.

"Can we do this later?" 2x

Jeanne and Satsuki said at the same time, even though they understood Shizuno's feeling of wanting to kiss him, they also knew that it wasn't the time.

"So what do you plan with her, Haru?" Jeanne asked.

"Let's not do anything and see what she's going to do," Haru said.

"Why? She's an assassin, she's going to hurt you, are you going to leave her like that without doing anything?" Shizuno asked since, in her opinion, it would be better to solve this matter as soon as possible.

"Shizuno, in truth, besides her information as the "Man-Eater", you can see how unfortunate her life is," Haru said.

From the information that he got, there were a lot of details about Elena's information from her childhood until now. She was an orphan, without family then she was being brainwashed when she was told that she had a little brother even though she didn't have it, and this fictional little brother was the reason why the Russia Branch could control Elena easily and made her into a loyal dog.

"How cruel!" Satsuki was crying and wanted to help Elena right away, but...

Haru patted Satsuki's head and said, "We're going to save her, but not in hurry, I am sure that she has a companion who is controlling her, so you shouldn't show compassion toward her, Satsuki."

"Huh? Why?" Satsuki was confused.

"Satsuki, you're a very kind girl, but you should know that if the enemy realizes that we have known their information, they might do something unexpected and that unexpected thing might hurt Elena," Haru said.

"What?! How can they do that?!" Satsuki was furious.

"Then Haru, what's your plan?" Jeanne asked.

"Well, my plan is to let her enjoy the school, then after a week or so, I will talk about how the Russia Branch has manipulated her along with her fictional little brother, which is why, Satsuki..." Haru looked at Satsuki and said, "Be your stupid self and teach Elena how to enjoy school life."

Satsuki nodded with a smile and said, "Yes, I will make her enjoy school life!" But then, she realized something and became furious.


When Satsuki and Haru started to bicker with each other, Jeanne and Shizuno smiled and thought that it was wonderful that they could talk happily and enjoy their time like this forever.

akikan40 akikan40

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