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Chapter 4: CHAPTER 4

The mom jumps towards Rinka. Rinka jumps away from her.

The dad runs towards Minaro. Minaro runs away from him.

Maya and her brother stare at each other menacingly.

The Mom summons strings from her hand and they head towards Rinka. Rinka slices all of them up with his katana.

Rinka appears right in front of the mom. He tries to slice her hand off.

The mom goes for a kick on Rinka's left leg. Rinka grabs the mom's foot with his left arm. His right arm keeps moving and his katana slices a bit of the mom's shoulder.

The mom makes an uncomfortable face. Strings wrap around Rinka's left arm.

The Mom does a roundhouse kick while Rinka is stuck holding her leg and slams him into the floor.

Rinka quickly slices the string on the Mom's leg and also cuts her little. He removes his hand from her leg and jumps away from her.


Minaro dodges a giant axe made of red string.

Minaro appears right behind the dad and tries to punch him.

The dad catches Minaro's fist with his left hand.

The dad throws Minaro into the air. Minaro gets suprised.

The dad dashes and appears right above Minaro in the air.

Minaro looks at the dad and summons a giant icicle above him.

The dad dodges it mid-air and grabs Minaro's leg. Minaro kicks the air with his left leg and propels him downwards. Minaro slams the dad into the floor.


Maya summons several red strings from her fingers and sends them towards her brother.

Her brother creates shurikens out of strings and slices up the strings coming towards him.

The brother dashes and appears right in front Maya. The brother kicks Maya in the stomach.

Maya grabs onto her brother's leg tightly. The brother smiles at her.

"You were always the weakest one Maya, you should stop trying to make decisions on your own, before you get seriously hurt" says her brother.

Maya lets her brother's leg go.

"I'll no longer let you or anyone else abuse me"

The brother's face becomes serious.

Maya attemps to punch the brother in the face. The Brother moves his head and the punch misses.

Maya jumps away from her brother, she summons strings. The strings morph into a spear with a rod that Maya can hold.


Rinka cuts more and more strings. Some of the strings from the mom go into the floor. Rinka looks down at the ground.

"They went underground?" Rinka thinks to himself.

The ground under Rinka explodes. Some of the rock from the ground cuts Rinka's face. Then a string rises from the ground and cuts some of Rinka's nose.

Other spots on the ground blow up and string rises from them.

Rinka turns around and slices all the strings. The mom dashes towards Rinka. She appears right beside Rinka ready to punch him. The mom smirks.

Rinka appears behind her and attempts to slash her arm. The mom turns around and trips Rinka before he can cut her.


The dad holds onto Minaro's leg, then he throws Minaro into the air. Minaro shoots ice balls out his palm while in the air.

The dad jumps up and slashes all the ice balls with his axe made of strings. Minaro kicks the air and propels himself towards the dad.

The dad grabs Minaro's leg and throws him towards the floor. The dad falls.

Minaro summons a giant icicle again and sends it up towards the dad.

The dad uses his axe to cut it in half. The axe strikes Minaro and slams him onto the floor. A little bit of black blood flies into the air.


Maya jabs her spear of string at her brother. The brother blocks the spear with one of his shurikens, then he throws a different shuriken behind Maya.

Maya tries to trip her brother with a kick. But the thrown shurikens come back and slice both of her achilles. She kneels on the floor.

The brother kicks her in the stomach and launches her away. Maya hits the floor.

"Well? Maya, are really gonna let yourself be abused like this?" Says the brother while walking towards Maya who was laying down grabbing her stomach.

"I won't let this opportunity go to waste, i want to leave this family, and this is my only chance" says Maya.

Several red strings wrap around Maya's achilles. Maya creates another spear of string.

The brother dashes and appears right beside Maya. He kicks the side of her stomach and launches her into the air.

Maya's eyes glow. She launches one of her spears at the brother while holding on to it.

The spear zooms by the brother and stabs the side of his stomach. Maya appears behind him and tries to stab him with her other spear.

The brother summons a spike of strings that stabs Maya's stomach. But Maya also managed to impale her brother's stomach with her spear at the same time.


Rinka slices more and more strings as he gets closer to the mom. Rinka pressures her. Rinka appears right in front of her. The mom panics. Rinka tries to swing his katana at the mom's neck.

His hands tremble.

"I can't do it" Rinka thinks to himself

Rinka slices a bit of the mom's stomach instead of killing her there.

Red strings rise from the ground. Rinka moves and they slice his arm instead of his head.

The Mom punches Rinka in the stomach.


Minaro tries to punch the dad. The dad blocks the punch and swings his axe at Minaro.

Minaro dodges it and tries to freeze the dad's legs with his hands. Minaro gets punched by the dad and is launched away.

The dad walks towards Minaro. Minaro stares at the floor.

"Sh*t, I barely have enough energy to keep moving" Minaro thinks to himself.

The dad creates another axe of string. He is dual wielding axes.

Minaro slowly lifts himself up. He's breathing heavily.

The dad swings his left axe towards Minaro's face. Minaro catches it with both of his hands and holds it. The dad swings his right axe towards the side of Minaro's stomach.

Minaro raises his leg and pushes his foot against the axe to stop it from moving closer.

"I can't use any skills anymore, f*ck" Minaro thinks to himself.

The dad smiles.

"Well, I guess you die here right?" says the dad.

Strings come out of the dad's back and head towards Minaro. Minaro can't do anything.


Maya and her brother stare at each other. blood comes out of their mouths.

"Ultimate Skill, Spider Knight" says the brother.

Maya gets surprised. she is thrown away by a bunch of strings.

Two holes form on both of the brother's forearms. Teeth form within the holes and strings come out of them.

"Crap, I can't use my ultimate skill, I'm too tired from trying to stop myself from bleeding out! What do I do!" Maya thinks to herself.

Before Maya can think of anything, a string shuriken slits her throat open a little. Maya falls to the floor. Her brother smiles.

"I didn't cut all the way through, stay alive so the family can beat you up like we use to." Says the brother.

The brother walks away from Maya.

Maya cries and closes her eyes.

"Why did i have to be so unfortunate, why did i have to have a family who hates me?" Maya thinks to herself.

"I really wished one day I would have a loving family, but I guess I won't get to see that day".


Rinka holds onto his stomach, he looks around.

Rinka witnesses Minaro get chopped in half by an axe.

Rinka is mortified.

"What? Did Minaro just die?"

Minaro's lays in front of the dad, in a puddle of black blood, not moving.

The mom summons a spear of string. It heads towards Rinka.

Rinka uses his ultimate skill but the spear doesn't stop. The mom has a deranged smile on her face.

Anyone stronger than Rinka will not be affected by his ultimate skill.

"F*ck!" Rinka thinks to himself.

The spear stabs the side of Rinka's stomach. Rinka falls to the floor.

Rinka can see the dad and brother walking towards him. The mom smiles at him.

The family looms over him. The family laugh hysterically.

"I guess you 3 weren't enough to beat us" says the dad.

"We'll be getting stronger tonight thanks to you and your blood" says the mom.

"I'm not scared, why? I should be scared I'm going to die." Rinka thinks to himself.

"I feel more regret than fear. Regret that I didn't kill the mom when I had the chance, regret that I couldn't help Minaro or Maya"

"Why can't i kill anyone, Why am i so scared to kill people especially when they deserve it?"

"It's because i don't want what happened back then to happen again".

Rinka gets a flashback. Rinka is holding a knife covered in blood. several bodies are around him. He stares at the at the bodies emotionless.

Rinka's eyes close and he stops breathing.

The brother, mother and dad celebrate the kill. They dance around cheerfully. They cheer and yell about drinking black blood.

Rinka's hand twitches.


Both of Minaro's eyes open. His eyes are now entirely dark purple and his pupils are white bright stars.

All the black blood splattered on the floor starts to move, it heads towards Minaro. it seeps into his wounds.

Minaro stands up. He was expressionless.

"What the f*ck!?" yells the brother as he points at Minaro.

Black blood passes by the family's feet. They look at where the black blood was heading. It goes into Rinka's wounds.

The brother, mom and dad all get slashed in the chest at the same time.

Rinka was standing, holding his katana up, His katana was enveloped in some sort of opaque black gas. His eyes were entirely black and he was also expressionless.

The family is suprised.

"How are they alive!?" yells the mom.

"Not sure! But we're gonna have to kill them again!" yells the dad.

"Ultimate skill spider king" says the dad.

A giant hole appears on the right side of the dad's face. Teeth are inside it.

"Ultimate skill spider queen" says the mom.

A giant hole appears on the mom's left leg. it has teeth in it.

The dad swings his axe at Rinka. Rinka cuts the axe in half and cuts a bit of the dad's face and eye.

Minaro dashes and appears right behind the mom.

Minaro punches the mom into the floor, his entire hand goes through her stomach. The mom spits out blood and hits the floor. Minaro looks at the dad.

The dad is worried now, He looks scared. He tears up a little.

"Did you just?..she's dead...You killed my f*cking wife, You piece of sh*t!" The dad thinks to himself while looking at Minaro.

The brother stares at his bleeding mom, he's traumatized.

Minaro appears behind the brother. An icicle forms and comes out of Minaro's palm. The icicle impales and rips apart the brother.

"My son too! I'll kill you dammit!" yells the dad. He tries to dash to Minaro, but he realizes his legs are now frozen to the ground.

Minaro appears in front of the dad and freezes the rest of him.

Minaro punches the frozen dad and shatters him completely. All the ice shards and flesh fly into the air.

Minaro stands over the shards.

The grey at the bottom of Rinka's eyes returns. Minaro's eyes also return to normal.

Rinka takes a seat on the dirt, He's confused.

"What the f*ck just happened? Didn't I die?"

Rinka looks at Minaro. Rinka looks at the floor.

"How am I alive?"

Rinka looks at his sword.

"I was still in control of my body, just that everything I did was faster and stronger."

Minaro walks towards Rinka. Rinka stands up and looks at Minaro.

Rinka: Minaro, how are we alive, what happened?

Minaro: I'm not sure. I'm also confused.

Rinka looks around and spots Maya laying on the floor.

"Sh*t, Maya!" Rinka thinks to himself.

Rinka runs to Maya, Minaro runs behind him.

Rinka kneels besides her and places his hand on her back.

"She's breathing" Rinka tells Minaro.

Minaro: Are we gonna help her?

Rinka: Of course! She helped us!

Rinka puts Maya on his back.

Rinka: Cap Driver can probaly help her.

Rinka stops himself from looking at the dead bodies of the family members.

Rinka: We should just leave, though people might find these bodies.

Minaro walks towards the corpses of the brother and mom and freezes them entirely.

Then he stomps on them until all of the bodies are almost invisible.

Minaro looks around.

Minaro: Nothing is left for us to do here, so let's go find Cap Driver.

Rinka is suprised but doesn't ask anything.

Rinka and Minaro start to walk away from the area.

"Hey you two!" Says a serious woman's voice.

Rinka and Minaro turn around.

A female wearing a baggy dusk blue hoodie and dark grey pants walks towards them. In her right hand, she's has a pistol. Her eyes were pink with some darker pink at the bottom of them.

Rinka and Minaro could not see her hair because her head was covered by a hoodie.

"You two have black blood. So just want to ask a few questions."

Marlini_The_Writer Marlini_The_Writer

Chapter 4.

Figured out that when i want to tell you a character goes somewhere abnormally fast, i can use the word, appears. also dashes is right.

pretty cool

also quick question for you readers, do you prefed censored curse words or raw curse words?

I'm censoring them now but i might stop soon.

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