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Slayer Knight: Survive The Undead

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#dystopia #scifi #politics #conspiracy

“Consider all of my actions an act of mercy. I will end you swiftly, so you won't even know when it happens," Alina murmured coldly.

"Someone, please, carry my sister. I will bear the weight," Hobe asserted firmly, stepping forward to intercept the swing of Alina's blade.

The others stared at Hobe with a mix of curiosity and disbelief. They remained silent, secretly hoping that Alina would end the man's life swiftly. One swift strike would solve the problem, and their lingering guilt would fade away.

"My sister is not heavy," Hobe insisted, his voice filled with determination.

Alina locked eyes with Hobe. "Playing the hero, huh, Hobe?"

Hobe was taken aback, his gaze fixed on Alina. It was in that moment, as he stared at her, that Hobe realized she was Miyagome, the girl he had crushed since two years ago.

"Miya..." Hobe whispered.

!!!Explicit adult content above chapter 49 and will be informed at the beginning of the chapter. Please refrain from accessing the chapter if you are underage. Thank you.!!!


Hobe Satsubasa, an ordinary high school student who worked at a fast-food restaurant in a small mall, lived his daily life taking care of his 5-year-old sister, Hari Antsumi, when a deadly zombie virus outbreak struck their small town.

For a year, Hobe managed to survive alongside his sister by accessing food supplies and other necessities through the mall where he worked.

Hobe believed they could continue to live peacefully like that forever. However, Hari got infected by the virus, and Hobe learned that he could find the cure in the nearby big city, Zad Town.

There, he coincidentally reunited with his high school friend and his crush, Miyagome Natsujime. She went by the name Alina The Wolf and survived by becoming a Slayer Knight.

Miyagome told Hobe that he could have anything he wanted if he joined the Slayer Knights.

But how was that possible? Why could the people known as the Upper Society provide anything they desired? Where did they live? And why did the Upper Society seem to be safe from this epidemic?

- 18+ above, please be wise
- content warning will be cautioned at the beggining of chapter
- the cover is commissioned

No One 17 and Under Admitted


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    Hi, this is me, Tizzz. Please don’t read this if you don’t like spoilers! This is my first sci-fi novel with a dystopian future setting, where the world is ravaged by the spread of the Montagne virus. In my imagination, this truly apocalyptic world was no different from our world. A select few people would control the resources – the upper class, shadowy figures even more influential than presidents or any national rulers. They have deeper access to havens, and I've dubbed them the Upper Society. However, to ensure their comfort and shield themselves from suffering, they undoubtedly need civilians, ordinary people like you, me, and Hobe to carry out dirty deeds. They're given the illusion of power, making choices that seem could make a difference to the world, as if they are on a path to reach the Upper Society's level one day. But, of course, it's all just a political illusion. Hence, they created the Slayer Knight system. A new capitalist system. Lol. The illusion for us, peasants stayed work for their benefit. We are no more than a tool to be controlled, organized, and oppressed. But as usual, a freewriting type of writer like me never knew how a story would unfold and conclude. So, I also didn't have much knowledge about the course of this tale; everything was left to the characters that emerged.

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    LV 10 Badge

    I wish it get contracted so the author update regularly

    Reveal Spoiler
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    I have rate your story (five star) because that's look Amazing, but i should go back to episode 1 because i want read it properly. Thanks for made this gorgeous story!

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    LV 10 Badge

    Hidden gem indeed. Very good writing even though not everybody’s favorite.

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    great book author. read a few chapters and I'm already in to it, it's really easy to understand and very intriguing 👍👍👍👍

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    LV 13 Badge

    Many smuts you like it fufu fufu fufu fufu

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    In sincerity, I'd advice any sci-fi lover to read this... it is beautiful... I'll keep reading it then ~Linda Light

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    This was a gem! truly interesting and really hook me up. im still at the middle of the chapters but will provide this review already and add to library to comeback for more. goodjob author and congrats for having a top ranking status. this novel deserves it.

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    This is not a proper review will write one if this novel is for me. Will there be any yuri in this not a fan?

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    This story expertly weaves together apocalypse, zombies, gaming, survival, systems, and high technology, creating a thrilling and surprising reading experience.

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    Author Tizzz